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Huntsville High School Band Parent Association

2018-2019 Officers and Committee Chairs






Carolyn Drake

1st VP – Chaperones

Jeff McCluskey

2nd Vice President – Fundraising

Sandra Moore


Paula Lindon


Liz Boykin


Angela Davis


Melissa Labella

Credit Keeper

Jennifer Applebaum





Elizabeth Butz

Media Coordinator

Ben Boles

Trip Coordinator




Erin Boles


April Chapman

Color Guard Liaison

Marcia Flatau

VBC Liaison

Jen Skupien


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HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Huntsville High School

Band Parent Association Meeting

April 17,2018

Huntsville High School Band Room


Carolyn Drake called the meting to order at 6:05pm.



Carolyn Drake, President: Welcomed everyone to meeting.  First order of business is to approve minutes. All BPA minutes have been posted to website. No changes to minutes were noted. Minutes were approved.


Susan Boothe, Treasurer: She passed out budget. Asked if anyone had questions. No questions asked. We have been over some items under expenses but under on others. She will be getting last financial statements out soon, especially seniors. The budget will be filed for audit.


Stuart Tankesley, Director: We are in audition season. Percussion auditions are next week. Our spring concerts are May 2 and 3. The week of May 7 is color guard, drum major and concert band auditions.  Then we have a week to get ready for graduation. Then we will be starting into next year with rookie camp.


Carolyn Drake, President: Mr. Tankesley said what she was going to say. She passed out football schedule and pointed out few important dates. There is only one Thursday night game and that is the first game of season.


1st Vice President- Chaperones: Carolyn reported for Jeff McCluskey, as he could not be at meeting. He asked that she remind everyone that we need lots of support for band camp. There will be email coming out soon with information for band camp.


 2nd Vice President- Fundraising:  Carolyn reported on this as Jen Applebaum was unable to be at meeting. She announced the Planet Fundraiser and passed out information card. It was explained that you download the app and it works similar to the Publix card. You can refer a merchant to this app and talk to them about joining. You scan you receipt and band will get a credit from this purchase.  When you travel turn on locations in the app and you will find merchants were you are that participate. It was asked it they company tracks your purchases to target you with ads. We don’t know. It was also asked if out of town folks could use it. Yes they just put in HHS Band.


Committee Reports


Carolyn Drake Communications:  She requested that you make sure you information in Charms is correct and up-to-date. This is how we communicate.


 Machelle Fletcher, Concessions & Pavers:  Please get your brick orders in. We are laying some in May. 

This committee has been moved to fundraising next year instead of a standalone.


Gena Black, Hospitality: The band banquet is Friday May 11 at the Stone Center. Bubba’s silver spoon catering will be providing the meal. The cost will be $20 per person. The band association will pay for senior’s student meals.  Reservations must be made by May 4. We will have forms available at the spring concerts on May 2 and 3. This is a special night to recognize our seniors and have some fun.


Ben Boles, Media: He wanted to let everyone know they are awesome. We had great communication from Orlando trip. Thank you. We will have highlights of the year at the banquet. We are still deciding if we will need baby pictures. Also if you have any videos or pictures please let him know.


Liz Boykin, Uniforms: She will be collecting formal wear after the May 3 concert. Please clean the uniforms before turning them in.


Jen Skupien, VBC Liaison: She needs wrist banders for Monster Jam. There are four shows. Please sign up on the When I Work app or you can email her. We are coming up on our slow season for the VBC.


Melissa LeBella, Nominations and Elections: She presented the proposed slate of officer and committee chairs for the 2018/ 2019 school year. The recommendations were as follows:

For office of President: Carolyn Drake

For office of 1st Vice President Chaperones: Jeff McCluskey

For office of 2nd Vice President Fundraising: Sandra Moore

For second slot for office of 2nd Vice President Fundraising: No Candidate

For office of Secretary: Angela Davis

For office of Treasurer: Liz Boykin


For committee chairs, which are appointed by the President with approval of the board, are as follows:

Communications Committee Chair: Melissa Labella

Credit Keeper Committee Chair: Jennifer Applebaum

Equipment Committee Chair: Brian Ragan

Hospitality Committee Chair: Elizabeth Butz

Media Committee Chair: Ben Boles

Trip Committee Coordinator: Shannon Doherty

Uniform Committee Co-Chairs: Erin Boles and April Chapman

Color Guard Liaison: Marcia Flatau

VBC Liaison: Jen Skupien



            Brian Ragan who was nominated for equipment chair has with drawn himself from the nomination. We still need some one for the second slot of fundraising and also an equipment chair if you are interested or know anyone who maybe interested please let Carolyn know by end of year. Nominations were closed and approved as presented.


There was no new business.


Announcements: Band banquet will serve as our May meeting.

On Tuesday the HHS Brass Quintet will play at the Huntsville Council of PTA’s at which Vivica will be receiving a scholarship. This information will be in Sunday’s email.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:25pm.



Respectfully submitted by

Angela Davis






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HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Huntsville High School

Band Parent Association Meeting

March 13, 2018

Huntsville High School Band Room


Carolyn Drake called the meeting to order at 6:03pm.


Carolyn Drake, President:  

            Welcomed everyone to meeting. She discussed minutes from January’s meeting. We will be posting those to the website by the end of the week. We will vote on these minutes at the next meeting. 

            A Volunteer and Fee Review committee was formed consisting of Carolyn Drake, Mr. Tankesley, Liz Boykin, Ben Boles and Jen Skupien. This committee is going to be working to decide if we need to raise band fees and to see about how to encourage people to volunteer for VBC and at our other needs as they arise.  We welcome input on this matter.


Susan Boothe, Treasurer:

            She passed out the budget for review. She asked that everyone please get their band fees for this year in and also your trip fees. Both of these payments can be either placed in the bandbox or mailed to the PO Box. The budget will be filed for audit.


Roxanne Carroll, Chair for Nominations Committee:

             She presented the proposed slate of officer and committee chairs for the 2018/ 2019 school year. The recommendations were as follows:

For office of President: Carolyn Drake

For office of 1st Vice President Chaperones: Jeff McCluskey

For office of 2nd Vice President Fundraising: Sandra Moore

For second slot for office of 2nd Vice President Fundraising: No Candidate

For office of Secretary: Angela Davis

For office of Treasurer: Liz Boykin


For committee chairs, which are appointed by the President with approval of the board, are as follows:

Communications Committee Chair: Melissa Labella

Credit Keeper Committee Chair: Jennifer Applebaum

Equipment Committee Chair: Brian Ragan

Hospitality Committee Chair: Elizabeth Butz

Media Committee Chair: Ben Boles

Trip Committee Coordinator: Shannon Doherty

Uniform Committee Co-Chairs: Erin Boles and April Chapman

Color Guard Liaison: Marcia Flatau

VBC Liaison: Jen Skupien

            We need some one for the second slot of fundraising if you are interested please let her know by end of year.

Mr.Tankesley, Director:

            Thanked everyone for coming tonight, we will be hosting MPA for the next two days. He hopes everyone will get a chance to come watch their kids play.

            He then talked about the trip. One of the biggest hurdles for trip is medication for the children. The rules being presented tonight for medication were not set by himself or Nurse Glass. These rules are set by the city and the state. They are made for the safety and protection of everyone involved.  He then introduced Nurse Glass.


Nurse Glass:

            She introduced herself. She has been here for 6 years as the nurse and will try to make things easy for you as possible. We have four sheets that are prefilled in for you they are for Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), and Dramamine. These are over the counter medications they require only a parent signature for you child to be given them during the trip. There is also a blank for that you will need to fill out for any other medication prescription or over the counter that your child takes. This blank for m will need to be filled out by your doctor and signed by him/her. If your child already has medication here at the school that is signed in it will automatically go with them on the trip. If you as a parent are going on the trip you can medicate YOUR OWN child and NOT anyone else’s child. She is not going on this trip and the nurse going will be Melissa Lebella. She will get with Melissa and go over each medication for each child with her about a week before the trip. If you send an email with the picture of the medication your child takes she will fill out the form for you and fax to your doctor. She is here at the school by 7:30 in the morning and leaves around 4:30 in the afternoon. The medications need to be turned into her in a new unopened bottle. If you have Rx and have extra bottle you can send just the amount your child needs for the trip but the label on this bottle must match exactly how the sheet was filled out.   If your child takes an herb or supplement that is not FDA regulated she does not want to know about it.  She would like all medication in before the end of the month. If your child gets sick or injured week before the trip its ok we will get this medication in a taken care of.


Mr. Tankesley, Director:

            He talked about the trip. All things for the trip have been finalized.  The kids have already signed up for their roommates and chaperones have been assigned. All students will get a t-shirt that has been ordered for this trip. Chaperones will have a meeting Tuesday April 3 from 6:00 to 7:00 to go over details of what is required of them. He then went over the itinerary. They will have mandatory stops and driver changes. When the kids pack they need to have two bags one for under the bus and one to carry on the bus. The kids need to have their clothes for Thursday packed in their carry on bag as well as anything they need to freshen up for the day. The kids will be required to wear their green show shirt on the first day on trip, trip shirt on second day and HHS spirit wear on third day. There are some meals included in the trip and some that are not please see bottom of your itinerary for this information. The kids will have two days at Universal; their tickets will allow them to move between the parks. They will be at parks until 9:00 each night. The performance is Friday at 7:15 this will be an early day. Awards ceremony will be late Friday afternoon. After the awards ceremony they will go to Fun Spot.  On Saturday they will be at park until park closes then will load busses to head home. They do plan to stop for breakfast Sunday morning. At this time we do not know when we will arrive home. He will send out a text saying when they have started out for home and the ETA through Remind. He also stated that they have found out that Universal will allow a water bottle to be brought into the park. He is making sure that each child will be handed a bottle as they head into the park each day. The kids will be allowed to break from the chaperones with the rule that they must be with a partner at all times. They are never to be alone. They will be required to do a selfie check in. Everyone must follow the rules or they will be attached to an adult for the remainder of trip. Chaperones will have about eight kids with the exception of one who will have twelve. If you think of anything else please let us know.

 He also stated that he would have a brief MPA volunteers meeting immediately after this meeting tonight.


Jeff McCluskey, 1st Vice President- Chaperone:

            He stated that we still have needs for MPA. There are some spots on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday the biggest need is the sight-reading room each shift this day is half-day shifts. All these needs are on Charms and you will need to sign in at registration table when you get here for your shift.  We never turn down help, so if you can only help for an hour please come help.


Jen Skupien, VBC Liaison:

            The VBC has given us a raise! We will now make $8.25 per hour when we work. That means you will get $6.00 per hour to your child’s account and $2.25 will go to general band fund. Wrist banders and concessions volunteers are needed this weekend.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:43pm.



Respectfully Submitted by:

Angela Davis

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HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Huntsville High School

Band Parent Association Meeting

January 30, 2018

Huntsville High School Band Room


Carolyn Drake called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.


Carolyn Drake, President:

         Welcomed everyone to meeting. She discussed the minutes from last meeting in September. She asked if there were any corrections to be made. No corrections were noted. Ben Bole moved to approve minutes. Tracy Lovik seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

         Carolyn reported she appointed a nominations committee to create a slate of officers for next year’s board. Roxanne Carroll is chairing the committee, along with Melissa Labella and Stephanie Winters to identify potential candidates. Additionally, there is one committee chair open. If you are interested or know someone who is please let these ladies know. We will present and post to Charms those slated for the 2018/2019-band board in March. We will vote on these positions in April.

         She then noted that Mr. Tankesley has sent out the spring 2018 calendar. Some of the events to note are Winter Band Camp, MPA, Pre-MPA concert, Spring Trip, and the Band Banquet. We will be sending more information on these events as their times come closer.

         The proposed amendments to the HHS BPA constitution and By Laws & Standing Rules were posted to Charms and website. They were also emailed out for review. She proposed that it be changed in its entirety and asked if anyone had any additional changes t propose. Ben Boles moved to approve as amended. The changes were unanimously approved.


Susan Boothe, Treasure: The budget was passed out for review. It will be file for audit. There were no questions about budget.


Jeff McCluskey, 1st VP- Chaperone: He stated that next event we need volunteers for would be MPA. MPA is a big deal and we want to make our school look good. Sign up for this event will be on Charms. MPA is March 14 and 15 all day. Places we need volunteers are at table registration, hall monitors, and assist the judge in sight reading room. Most shifts will be two hours each. Please consider helping us. He will send out an email soon.


Louise Strutzenberg, 2nd VP Fundraising:  The next fundraiser she is working on will be Plan It. This works like the Publix’s cards but is an app for your phone. When you use it you will get a percentage back. This event does not require a 501C. There were no questions for fundraising.


Stuart Tankesley, Director’s Report:  

         The next few weeks are busy for us. We had two groups preform at the state music conferene. We had eight students make all state band and one Honor Band of America. We also had 13 make district honor band.  He told names of student who made the honor bands. Both wind ensemble and symphonic bands are working on their music pieces for MPA.

         Winter band camp is very important and valuable time for our students. We have some special clinicians coming in to work with our students during this camp.  We have Dr. Sean Murray from UAB who will work with wind ensemble and Mrs. Emily Parker who will be working with symphonic band. He stated he would answer questions on this after the meeting.

         The next BPA meeting will be March 20. We will be inviting the 8th grade parents and students to this meeting. Our students will talk with the 8th graders and answer their questions while parents are in meeting. We will try to give them general information on what we are about. Please come help greet these incoming perspective band members and their families.

         MPA is March 14 and 15 this is a Wednesday and Thursday. This is a time to show off to the district. This event gets passed around is our turn to host it. Please consider signing up to volunteer. We will need people helping at registration table, hall monitors, assist sight-reading judge, and to give score to the band directors at the end. We will have students helping on stage and hosting other bands. We will have a volunteer meeting so everyone knows what is expected.


Jen Skupien, VBC Liaison: She stated that the February calendar for events is posted on Charms. She is not sure how well the When I Work app is functioning. We need wrist banders and concessions for these events. Please consider working the VBC.


Karen Parker, Trip Coordinator: She stated that next payment due is February 1,2018 for $200. March 1 will be when final payment is due at this time we do not know what the amount due will be. A sign up sheet for roommates is being put up in band room this will help determine number of rooms needed for the trip. Once we have number of room figured out that will determine final cost. Everyone going on trip will leave April 11 and travel overnight to Orlando.  They will be leaving to return home Saturday night. The itinerary for the trip is still a work in progress. If you with drawl from trip now you will $250 of the fee. If you with drawl from the trip between February 12 and March 12 you lose $400 and after March 12 you lose full amount of trip. Any questions should be emailed to Karen.


Liz Boykin, Uniforms: At this time we are collecting marching uniforms. Please turn in with receipt from dry cleaners with uniform. She will begin taking inventory of uniforms mid-February. Formal wear for concert season has been passed out.


Gena Black, Hospitality:

         This coming week is very busy with winter band camp. We have Taco Momma and Ted’s BBQ being brought in for the kids. Each meal is $10 you can put money in bandbox or pay at band camp.

         For MPA we will need donations of water bottles, coffee, other drinks and snack foods.

         We will be having the band banquet at the Stone Center. More details will be coming out as the time draws closer. At this time we do not know what the cost per person will be, we will get this information out as soon as possible.


Roxanne Carroll, Machelle Fletcher, Concessions/Brick Pavers:  We are advertising in newsletter. We also have fliers out for the bricks by the flagpole. We have two sizes available. The small brick is $50 and has two lines of print on it.  The large brick is $100 and has 3 lines of print on it. The goal is to have orders placed by mid-June so that the bricks can be placed by flagpole by late August early September.  Anyone can purchase a brick. The question was asked if students get an incentive for selling brick the answer is yes. You can also order on line.

Ben Boles, Media: He first wanted to say he loves the band and making the videos. He also said thank you for all the likes and comments when pictures and videos are posted. He thanks Liz for the ideas of making DVD for the winter concerts. That was a hit. He then asked for help with taking pictures for next year. If you are interested come talk with him.  Karen Parker thanked him for recognizing the other bands in his posts. Carolyn thanked him for the Facebook live feds and being an ambassador to other sports at our school.


Questions: There were none.


Other information:

         Band camp starts Thursday   and concludes Saturday with a concert at 12:00.

         Please send in drink donations.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.



Respectfully Submitted by

Angela Davis

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HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Huntsville High School

 Band Parent Association Meeting

September 19,2017

Huntsville High Band room


Carolyn Drake called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.


Carolyn Drake, President


Carolyn asked that everyone introduce themselves to someone they do not know. Band is a family and we should get to know each other.


Angela Davis, Secretary


Angela presented meeting notes from July 2017 meeting and posted them to website. I will try to get these notes on website with in 2 to 3 weeks.


Susan Boothe, Treasurer


Susan passed out budget and explained what we have taken in for student fees. Will report fan cloth on next months report. She will be sending out a statement from Charms and it will show fees and credits from fundraisers and volunteer work. There may be delay in some credits showing as it has to go through the proper channels. If you want to use some of money in your account for fees or band trip you must let her know what you would like her to do. She cannot post partial band fee payment will wait until full amount is there to cover it.  You can email her at email listed on band website. She will be here tonight to take money for pizza on Thursday or you can pay at stadium.


Mr.Tankesley, Director


Mr. Tankesley stated this is very busy time of year with bed sheet sales, mattress sale, March on Madison and Little Panther Night this Thursday.  He has really been building up this Thursday with the kids as we have 40/50 middle school band members coming.

March on Madison

March on Madison is on September 26 there is limited seating. We have ticket on sale tonight for this event. Tickets we sell now profits go to our band and tickets bought at gate profits will go to Bob Jones High School Band.

He thanked volunteers and has been hearing good things. He has been asked about our social media page. Our kids are working hard and they have closer on field most of the way.

Frequently ask Questions

Rehearsal Times: Mr. Ivey had said rehearsal would be shorter because of schedule changing. School start times have changed and that has bumped everything by 30 minutes. We are doing what most schools in our area are doing as far as practice times. It is a time demanding activity. We are behind due to weather related issues.

Snacks at games:  I promise kids will not starve as a member of the band. They need to eat before game. Reasons I don’t allow food in stands is due to trash and don’t want stuff getting in or on instruments. He does not know of other schools that allow food in stands. He will try this and see how it goes, as he knows in past it has been allowed.


A band parent asked about policy for lightening and/or thunder. We will go in if lightening is within 5-mile radius.


A band parent asked about previous Friday night game where kids were like sardines in the stands. One student got hit in mouth at this game.  Mr. Tankesley was unaware of the student who got hit and will in future in small stadiums will look at spreading kids out more.


Band Trip

This year’s band trip will be to Universal Studios Orlando. He has approved this trip but Mr. Ivey started this trip planning. This trip is more low key then the last 2 trips have been and less expensive. He passed out sheet explain the trip and it showed the deadline dates and fees. The trip will be from April 11- April 15. We will leave at night on April 11 and travel over night. We will have 2 days at Universal Studios, 1 day at Disney Springs and 1 night at Fun Spot which a small amusement park with unlimited rides. There will be pizza party at Universal with competition being held there. We will have 1 to 2 ensembles preforming it will depend on number of kids going. We will preform Friday night or Saturday morning with an awards ceremony after the competition. We will leave Saturday night and ride over night and arrive back on Sunday. Right now we do not have an itinerary as it is too far out for it to be published. We are using a company called Your Tours and he has worked with her before. HE did look at other companies all were comparable. The price is $640 and this is just approximate. The color guard is welcome to go but will not be preforming. This is optional trip but encouraged. We will be looking into the international trip soon, which is just few years away.


Mattress Sale Fundraiser


Mr. Tankesley introduced the mattress sale. He explained that a mattress is something people need and is not a door-to-door event that it happens here at our school. This fundraiser has been successful for other bands in our area. He then introduced Charlie Colewell.


Charlie Colewell, Custom Fundraising Solutions

Charlie talked about our new fundraiser the mattress sale. He asked what our first thoughts were. He stated he only works with one program per school and was recommended to us by Grissom Band director. Most organizations make about $5000 in profits.  This works because 10% of people will buy a mattress. They will buy it somewhere why not here and help the band. We just have to get the word out that the sale is going on at the high school. This also works because people can come here on November 19 and get a name brand mattress for 30/50% less then at a chain store. He can sell them for less because he has no overhead. Yes they are name brands. Another reason this works is our organization is not asked to sell or collect money they just have to come here to the freshman cafetorium on November 19 from 11:00 to 5:00 and it will look just like a store. They can lay on the beds and try them out. The mattresses are made fresh when they are ordered not found in a warehouse. How do we get the big check? Get the word out and make it important, give out referral fliers that have your child’s name on the bottom. Your child’s name needs to be on the bottom of the blue referral slip to get their credit. The yellow sheet that you receive will have directions for social media and what your child will receive for the sale of a mattress. He has his personal cell phone number and email on all  papers. There is discount for military and faculty members of $100. Everyone else that brings in blue referral paper will get $50 discount. They deliver mattress here and out of state if someone needs it. He does have a warranty for all mattresses he sells. He will take care of it.


Jeff McCluskey, 1st VP- Chaperone


Jeff thanked everyone for chaperoning. He asked for everyone to please check Charms for events to help with. There is something for everyone to do and nothing hard. Every event you volunteer at you will get credit towards your account.


Roxanne Carroll and Machelle Fletcher, Concessions and Brick Sales


Roxanne stated that we made about $3000 to $4000 for the band during the Grissom game. We have to bid on the games to get them. We generally need 18-28 people per game if we do not get that number we have to forfeit the opportunity. We may have other opportunities that pop up for concession through out the year. Also they looked into concessions at A&M Stadium but found that concessions there are given to student organizations. Brick sales we are working on getting the website up and running. We are working with a new company as the previous company went under. You could get a brick for your student as a Christmas or graduation gift. They will try to place them near other family members brick in courtyard if possible.


Jen Applebaum and Louise Struztenburg, 2nd VP Fundraising


Jen talked about Fan Cloth the orders will be in tomorrow and should go home with student on Thursday or Friday. She then talked about the Simply Sheets sale that is going on now. Orders forms for sheets are due in by September 29. Also new this year sheets can be ordered online with our group id number throughout the year.

Louise talked about the media guide. We don’t have media guides yet there was an issue at the printers. They are being reprinted and hopefully they will be available for sale at this week’s game or the next. We will have an opportunity to help with sales at games this year. We get part of the sale from the media guides and will pass on info as soon as she knows. Louise explained what the media guide is and stated does not know price right now.


Gena Black, Hospitality


Gena Talked about this Thursdays Little Panther Night. Donato’s will be providing personal pizzas for the students. They are $5 and you can pay tonight or at the game. Next Tuesday for March Over Madison we will provide a snack before leaving and before getting bus to go and before getting back bus to come home. She is asking for donations of water cases as we provide water to visiting bands at the games.  She also mentioned October 21 and 28 competition day and December 7 which is winter concert and we made need food and/or water for these events.


Ben Boles, Media


Ben thanked everyone for their likes and comments on our social media pages. We now have an official YouTube page it is He is trying to get everyone’s face in the videos. He also thanked April Chapman for the photos that are being placed in the albums. He asked for ideas for the social media pages. He also asked for 6 people with iPhones to help make a video at this week’s game of stand tunes. He also showed how he wanted the phones to be held to take the videos.


Mary D’Arienzo, VBC Liaison


Mary talked about wrist banding and concessions as a great way to make money for your child’s account. Havvoc and UAH hockey will be starting soon as well as a number of concerts. Her email is on the website if you are interested. There will be a responsible vendor class in October. They will be offering to times to take the class she does not know the dates yet but will pass that info on as soon as she knows. She will have the opportunities to volunteer listed in the Sunday emails that go out. She will also try to send a separate p email if you respond to volunteer. Student can help but must be 16 years or older.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:13pm.