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TEXAS LARGEST 5K RACEWALKJanuary 1st, 2011Liberty Middle School, Pharr, Texas 

From:  USATF Junior Elite Race Walk – Olympic Development Camp, Pharr, Texas


Two-time Olympian Tim Seaman fought back the challenges of Sweden’s Andreas Gustafsson and Texas high school star Alejandro Chavez, to capture the USA’s first race walk competition of the new year.   Seaman’s winning time was a modest, for him, 22:07.5 but it was Chavez, racing on the wide boulevards of hometown of Parr who nearly stole the show.  


A high school senior at PSJA High School in Pharr, Alejando Chavez lead several times during the race by a stride or two before Seaman surged to the win.  Chavez, of the South Texas Walking Club, faded slightly in the final straight but held on to score a new personal record of over a minute with his third place finish in 22:18.  Gustafsson, a 50 kilometer specialist who trains in San Diego California, edged Chavez at the line in 22:17.


In the women’s race Canadian Rachel Seaman, New Yorker Miranda Melville, and Mexican Nirvana Zolba went win, place show.   Seaman defended her 2010 victory by walking the 3.1 mile distance in 22:48.   Rochester New York’s Melville, a senior at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside, also realized a personal best with her second place time of 24:02.  Third went to Chihuahua, Mexico’s Nirvana Zalba in 24:24.


Also breaking the 25 minute barrier with career bests were Katie Burnett from William Penn University in Iowa and Hong Kong’s Jessica Chin.   Burnett was 7th overall in 24:49 with Chin, a student at Lindenwood University in Missouri, a step behind in 8th at 24:50.


Ohio was represented by a pair of Miami Valley TC athletes.   Erika Shaver, a student at Furman University in South Carolina, was 9th out of the field of 37 participants with a time of 25:14.  Brickson was the second HS male across the line with his tenth place finish in 25:22.


 1) Tim Seaman (M38) New York AC                          22:07.5

 2) Andreas Gustafsson (M29)  Sweden                       22:17

 3) Alejandro Chavez (M17) South Texas WC              22:18

 4) Rachel Seaman (F24)  Canada                                 22:48

 5) Miranda Melville (F21) U.of Wis.-Parkside             24:02

 6) Nirvana Zolba (F17) Mexico                                    24:25

 7) Katie Burnett (F22) William Penn U., Iowa            24:49

 8) Jessica Ching (F23) Hong Kong (Lindenwood U)  24:51

 9) Erika Shaver (F18) Miami Valley TC (Oh)              25:13

10) Mitchell Brickson (M17) Miami Valley TC (Oh)    25:22

11) Jonathan Hallman (M17) Pickens HS (SC)             25:37

12) Janelle Brown (F22) Cornerstone U (Mich)            25:38

13) Aleks Jakobsen (M20) Ashland U (Iowa)               26:52

14) Rachel Zoyhoski (F19)  R.I.T. (NY)                       26:56

15) Molly Josephs (F16) Garden City HS, NY             27:53

16) Lila Haba (F15) Lynbrook HS, Ca.                         28:43

17) Katie Michta (F14) Sachem North HS, NY            29:27

18) Annie Schide (F17) Gardiner Area HS, Maine       29:36

19) Geraldo Flores (M14) South Texas WC                  30:03

20) Mallory White (F16) Lakeland Christian HS, Fla   30:33

21) Ellerie Lagerhauser (F17) Dobson HS, Ariz.           30:33

22) Emily Reed (F18) Farmington HS, Maine              31:59

23) Kasandra Rodriguez (F12) South Texas WC          32:11

24) Ruth Barless (F16) WHHE, Katy, Tx                     32:33

25) Jonathan Aguilar (M10) South Texas WC              33:53

26) Dianita Flores (F16) South Texas WC                    35:07

27) Desiree Espericueta (F12) South Texas WC           35:15

28) Katrina Aggelopoulos (F54) Sinton, TX                 36:24

29) Norman Izard (M78) Weslaco, TX                          36:58

30) Ryan Hernandez (M10) South Texas WC               38:44

31) Abisa Aguilar (M13) South Texas WC                   39:55

32) Olga Bazan (F58) McAllen, TX                              43:04

33) Joe Castor (M65) Carvieter, KS                              44:08

34) Gracie Olabarriete (F53) Pharr, TX                         45:47

35) Brenda Rodriguez (F39) Mercedes, TX                  47:20

36) Connie Haluska (F61) McAllen, TX                       48:10

37) Thelma Lanfrancz (F58) Pharr, TX                         48:11

~~~ ~~~


5k Run Results:


 1) Carlos Serna (M24) Alamo, TX                                16:37.6

 2) Luis Reyes (M18) Edinburg North HS                    17:13

 3) Christopher Garza (M19)  McAllen, TX                  17:22

 4) Rick Arellano (M14) Harwell M.S., Edinburg         18:22

 5) Eddie Caraver (M18) PSJA North HS                     19:22

 6) no card                                                                     

 7) Hector Gomez (M16) PSJA North                           20:56

 8) Javier Escamillo (M47) McAllen, TX                       21:27

 9) Leo Cartes (M34) McAllen, TX                               21:43

10) Stephen Walker (M63) Canada                               21:45

11) Miguel Juarez (M50) Reynosa, Mexico                   21:48

12) Joey Berry (M15) Clement HS, Missouri, TX         22:01

13) Brian Rodriguez (M27) Donna, Tx                         22:17

14) Esteban Garza (M38) McAllen, Tx                         22:18

15) William Lopez (M52) Weaver, Al                           22:42

16) Rolando Garza (M57) Premont, Tx                         23:19

17) Dora Hinoins (F35) Weslaco, Tx                             23:27

18) Felipe Garza (M32) Tampico, Mexico                     23:42

19) Lupita Munoz (F45) Brownsville, Tx                      24:12

20) Ricardo Gonzalez (M51)  Elsa, Tx                          24:18

21) Rafael Vazquez (M37)  Pharr, Tx                            24:30

22) Luis Romo (M20)  St. Mary’s University                24:30

23) Noe Alverey (M49) McAllen                                  24:31

24) Ernie Rosalez (M26) Pharr, Tx                                24:51

25) Brenda Willex (F56) Canada                                   24:51

26) John Praska (M44) Laredo, Tx                                24:59

27) Albert Guerra (M36) McAllen, Tx                          25:03

28) Mark Nering (M58) Edinburg, Tx                           25:08

29) Daniel Hiniojosa (M32) Weslaco, Tx                      25:31

30) Evelyn Scoto (F15) HEC HS, Hildalgo, Tx            25:31

31) Acuha Josefina (F47) Reynosa, Mexico                  25:40

32) Iaaac Chavarro (M31) Alamo, Tx                            25:56

33) Mario Theres (M39) McAllen, Tx                            26:41

34) Luis Romo (M50) Mission, Tx                                26:52

35) Sandra Gallardo (F31) San Juan, Tx                       26:53

36) Eloy Rosalez (M26) Rio Grande City, Tx.              26:54

37) Quetzal Toren (F11) Veterans M.S, Alamo, Tx      26:59

38) George Bladey (M59)  Edinburg, Tx                      27:15

39) Carlos Losoyn (M53) Pharr, Tx                               27:34

40) Nora Alicia Rivera (F37) San Juan, Tx                    28:11

41) Lloyd Buenett (M62) McAllen, Tx                         28:32

42) Renee Sauer (F37) Weslaco, Tx                              28:49

43) Roy Fernandez (M56) Alamo, Tx                           29:37

44) John Lonsway (M63) San Benito, Tx                      29:55

45) Leslie Guzman (F26) McAllen, Tx                          30:21

46) Jackie Gillos (F55) HGH                                         32:47

47) Wayne Ames (M49) Brownsville, Tx                      32:51

48) Severina Toren (F44) Alamo, Tx                             33:34

49) Elaine Dispo (F29) Our Lady of the Lake Univ.    33:38

50) Lila Saenz (F35) Mission, Tx                                   33:43

51) Judy Lonsway (F66) San Benito                             44:56

13 & under and over 23 welcome at the Texas Winter Race Walk Camp.  

US Olympian Tim Seaman and Coach AC Jaime have extended the camp to include youth under the age of 14 and adults over the age of 23 for the annual training camp from Dec 26th thru January 2nd, 2011.

All athletes will be allowed to train together.  However, a special free 1 and 1/2 hour period will be set aside daily to train children under the age of 14.  Exact dates and times will soon be determined. 

All youth under the age of 14 are able to stay at one of the local hotels with an adult from the child’s club or family member who will be responsible for transportation between the hotel and Coach Jaime’s house.   

For those over 23, they are able to stay at one of the local hotels, either by themselves or we will try and find a roommate for them to share expenses.  Local transportation to and from the training sites and to and from the McAllen or Harlingen airports.   

For both groups, all meals will be included with the $150 eight day camp cost for those staying in one of the local hotels.   

Please also contact me if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way to come to the camp. Coach AC Jaime

Just an update:

For those COLLEGE ATHLETES who have to pay for their own stay at the hotel will be able to pay a reduced rate for the training camp.  Instead of $250, we are now only charging $150. That way, the other $100 that you would have spent on the camp fees, can be redirected towards paying for the hotel.  If we are able to secure a sponsor to pay for your hotel, then the camp fee will go back up to $250.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



This is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for the annual USATF Jr. Elite Race Walk Training camp conducted by the South Texas Walking Club.

The dates will be from Dec 26th thru January 2nd.  The cost is $250 and it includes transportation to and from the McAllen airport or Harlingen Airport.  It also includes housing for the first 20 high school athletes who contact us.  Meals are also included.

For the college aged athletes, or those older athletes that wish to join us, we have locked in 10 rooms at a cost of $39.99/night for two double beds for you. Each additional person will cost $10/night.  You should be able to fit 2 to 4 athletes in each room.  The name of the hotel is the San Juan Inn and it is just a mile away from Coach Jaime's house. The address of the hotel is 112 W. Expressway in San Juan, TX.  Their phone # is 956-782-1510.  Please mention "USATF Elite Race Walk Camp" to get the discount.

If the high school kids do not fill up all of the slots at Coach Jaime's house or his son's house, then you will be more than welcome to stay there to save money. 

Please contact Coach AC Jaime at acjaime "at" if you have additional questions.  Please send your checks to:

South Texas Walking Club

621 N. 10th Street, Suite C

McAllen, TX 78501 

Please advise Rachel Seaman if you would like to attend.  Her address is seaman.rachel "at" 

Please note - the "at" is "@"