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Year - League - Record - Manager

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RCBL (Rockingham County Baseball League)

2009    RCBL    3-27   Manager Chris Smith

2008    RCBL    2-28   Manager Chris Smith

2007    RCBL    4-26   Managers Todd Stroupe(3-13) & David Comer, Jr.(1-13)

2006    RCBL    4-26   Manager Jeremy Morris

2005    RCBL    4-26   Manager Bill Michael

2004    RCBL    4-26   Manager Lee Roberts

2003    RCBL    3-27   Managers Nate Strickler(0-13) & A.C. Jenkins(3-14)

2002    RCBL    7-23   Manager Nate Strickler

Totals            31-209

AVBL (Apple Valley Baseball League)

2016    AVBL    0-0     Manager David Comer, Jr.

2015    AVBL    0-0     Manager David Comer, Jr.

2014    AVBL    8-5     Manager David Comer, Jr. (AVBL Regular Season Runner-Ups)

2012    AVBL    7-6     Manager Tim Hall (AVBL Regular Season Runner-Ups)

2011    AVBL    3-11   Manager Tim Hall (AVBL Pennant Runner-Ups)

2010    AVBL    6-3     Manager - South Team - Tim Hall (AVBL Regular Season Runner-Ups)

2010    AVBL    2-7     Manager - North Team - Chris Cubbage

2006    AVBL    7-12   Manager Todd Stroupe

2005    AVBL   10-5    Manager Todd Stroupe (AVBL Pennant Champions)

2004    AVBL    5-10   Manager Toby Balsley

2003    AVBL    2-11   Manager Toby Balsley

2001    AVBL  12-7     Manager Kirk Comer (AVBL Regular Season Runner-Ups)

2000    AVBL    9-6     Manager Kirk Comer (AVBL Pennant Runner-Ups)

Totals            71-83


Sunday May 18 Shenandoah @ Elkton
Friday May 23 Shenandoah @ Clover Hill
Saturday May 24 Shenandoah @ Montezuma
Tuesday May 27 Shenandoah @ Stuarts Draft
Saturday May 31 Shenandoah @ Bridgewater
Sunday June 1 Shenandoah @ Broadway
Thursday June 5 Broadway @ Shenandoah
Saturday June 7 Shenandoah @ New Market
Sunday June 8 New Market @ Shenandoah
Wednesday June 11 Montezuma @ Shenandoah
Saturday June 14 Clover Hill @ Shenandoah
Sunday June 15 New Market @ Shenandoah
Saturday June 21 Elkton @ Shenandoah
Monday June 23 Shenandoah @ Broadway
Friday June 27 Shenandoah @ Bridgewater
Tuesday July 1 Shenandoah @ Clover Hill
Thursday July 3 Shenandoah @ Elkton
Sunday July 6 Bridgewater @ Shenandoah
Tuesday July 8 Shenandoah @ New Market
Wednesday July 9 Shenandoah @ Montezuma
Saturday  July  12  All-Star Game  @  Shenandoah
Sunday July 13 Clover Hill @ Shenandoah
Wednesday July 16 Stuarts Draft  @ Shenandoah
Friday July 18 Broadway @ Shenandoah
Wednesday July 23 Shenandoah @ Stuarts Draft
Saturday July 26 Stuarts Draft  @ Shenandoah
Tuesday July 29 Montezuma @ Shenandoah
Wednesday July 30 Elkton @ Shenandoah
Saturday August 2 Bridgewater @ Shenandoah

Game Time 7:30pm

Playoffs Begin August 4th


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2007 Summer League Season

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Big Gem Park of Shenandoah

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Currently the Big Gem Park offers fishing, picniking and hiking. This will one day be the furture home of many cool things including a future ball park!!! Contact the Town of Shenandoah if interested in helping with developement of the park. Visit the Big Gem Park on-line AND in person to find out what all the talk is about! BLOCK BY BLOCK... We now are accepting cinderblock donations that will go towards the rebuilding of our ballpark at the Big Gem Park! Old blocks or new blocks are accepted and can be dropped off at our Town's newly established Parks and Recreation Maintenance Office located near the Shenandoah River Bridge. For more information contact Juanita Roudabush at (540)652-8164. WANTED: WE ARE REBUILDING OUR TOWN'S BALLPARK AT THE BIG GEM PARK!!! We are seeking pictures of the old ballpark in Shenandoah formerly named Veteran's Memorial Stadium to use as construction progresses. Veteran's Memorial Stadium was located on Junior Avenue was once home to the Indians from 1950 to 1987. The Shenandoah Recreation League currently uses the old location to provide youth recreational activities. The Big Gem Park will be the new home to our old ballpark! The designated ballpark area is located directly behind to the KVK main office building in a beautiful section of the Big Gem Park. Amos Thomas has voluntarily removed the trees and brush from this area. Check it out when you get time!!! If you have any pictures or would just like to talk about this project please call me at 540-652-1915 or e-mail Kirk Comer SUPER VOLUNTEERS... The Shenandoah Indians would like to thank Dane Buse, Amos Thomas, Jackie Staples and Jeff Staples for many hours of volunteer work spent towards rebuilding our town's ballpark and developing the Big Gem Park!
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Shenandoah Indians Tennis

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TENNIS LEAGUE RED AND WHITE BRACKETS WILL RESUME PLAY WHEN THE WEATHER GETS WARM!!! 2006 Shenandoah Indians Tennis is coming stayed tuned for upcoming events! Players still need to finish the October League matches. The Town of Shenandoah Tennis Courts are now an official Tennis Welcome Center. Visit for more information! Jeff Staples has constructed a information board for the Town of Shenandoah Tennis Courts. The information board will allow us to post events in our town and iMproves the overall look of the facility. THANK YOU JEFF!!!! The Shenandoah Indians started a tennis league in the Fall of 2005 to introduce a great sport to our town. Tennis promotes excercise while meeting new people in a friendly atmosphere. Baseball players can benefit from the hand eye coordination, footwork and the constant mental battle against yourself while playing tennis. "Sports for me is when a guy walks off the court, and you really can't tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way." -Jim Courier "What I want out of tennis is not necessarily just winning." -Jennifer Capriati 2006 Page County Recreation Department League Youth Katlin Comer 4-0 Megan Comer 3-1 C.J. Maggard 1-4 Justin Garrison 3-2 Jenna Rose 2-3 Robbie Comer 0-3 Women Tracey Meadows 0-1-1 Christie Breeden 0-1 Joyce Gray 0-0-1 Melissa Rose 2-0 Brittany Croft 0-0 Men Paul Price 0-4 Melissa Rose 0-2 Jason Garrison 6-0 Anthony Keyser 4-2 Joey Turner 2-3 Kirk Comer 2-3 2005 "October" League Participants! RED BRACKET Buggy Comer (0-1) Katlin Comer (3-1) Brittany Croft (1-0) Justin Garrison (1-1) Amber Meadows (0-2) WHITE BRACKET Brad Comer (2-1) Lee Roberts (0-3) Timmy Rucker (2-1) Paul Price (2-1) Joey Turner (0-0) BLUE BRACKET (Season Complete - Great Season Guys and Gal!) Kirk Comer (1-3) Todd Eppard (2-2) Jason Garrison (4-0) - Champion Anthony Keyser (3-1) Melissa Rose (0-4) Make this a enjoyable league. NO ARGUING!! Keep checking back for match results. Good Luck! Paul Price def Brad Comer 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Brittany Croft vs Buggy Comer 1-0 (Played haulted by cold weather.) Katlin Comer def Buggy Comer 4-2, 4-3 Timmy Rucker def Paul Price 6-5, 6-4 Paul Price def Lee Roberts 3-6, 6-4, 6-2 Timmy Rucker def Lee Roberts 6-2, 6-1 Jason Garrison def Melissa Rose 6-0, 6-1, 6-0, 6-3, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 Justin Garrison def Amber Meadows 6-1, 6-5 Jason Garrison def Todd Eppard 6-2, 6-4 Kirk Comer def Melissa Rose 6-0, 6-4 Todd Eppard def Melissa Rose 6-4, 6-1 Anthony Keyser def Todd Eppard 6-1, 6-5 Todd Eppard def Kirk Comer 6-3, 6-2 Katlin Comer def Amber Meadows 4-1, 4-1 Anthony Keyser def Kirk Comer 6-1, 6-2 Brad Comer def Lee Roberts 6-3, 6-2 Jason Garrison def Anthony Keyser 7-6, 6-0 Brad Comer def Timmy Rucker 5-6, 6-2, 6-3 Brittany Croft def Katlin Comer 6-0, 4-2 Anthony Keyser def Melissa Rose 6-0, 6-1 Katlin Comer def Justin Garrison 6-4, 6-5 Jason Garrison def Kirk Comer 6-0, 6-0 Men's Singles "October" Mini-Tournament Champion Jason Garrison Women's Singles "October" Mini-Tournament Champion Melissa Rose Double's "September" Champions Anthony Keyser and Kirk Comer image