Big Gem Park of Shenandoah

Posted by Donald Comer on Jul 31 2006 at 05:00PM PDT
Currently the Big Gem Park offers fishing, picniking and hiking. This will one day be the furture home of many cool things including a future ball park!!! Contact the Town of Shenandoah if interested in helping with developement of the park. Visit the Big Gem Park on-line AND in person to find out what all the talk is about! BLOCK BY BLOCK... We now are accepting cinderblock donations that will go towards the rebuilding of our ballpark at the Big Gem Park! Old blocks or new blocks are accepted and can be dropped off at our Town's newly established Parks and Recreation Maintenance Office located near the Shenandoah River Bridge. For more information contact Juanita Roudabush at (540)652-8164. WANTED: WE ARE REBUILDING OUR TOWN'S BALLPARK AT THE BIG GEM PARK!!! We are seeking pictures of the old ballpark in Shenandoah formerly named Veteran's Memorial Stadium to use as construction progresses. Veteran's Memorial Stadium was located on Junior Avenue was once home to the Indians from 1950 to 1987. The Shenandoah Recreation League currently uses the old location to provide youth recreational activities. The Big Gem Park will be the new home to our old ballpark! The designated ballpark area is located directly behind to the KVK main office building in a beautiful section of the Big Gem Park. Amos Thomas has voluntarily removed the trees and brush from this area. Check it out when you get time!!! If you have any pictures or would just like to talk about this project please call me at 540-652-1915 or e-mail Kirk Comer SUPER VOLUNTEERS... The Shenandoah Indians would like to thank Dane Buse, Amos Thomas, Jackie Staples and Jeff Staples for many hours of volunteer work spent towards rebuilding our town's ballpark and developing the Big Gem Park!


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