Red not at our best in Tulsa

Posted by Tammy Lamberson on Apr 14 2006 at 05:00PM PDT
United Red just wasn't all there this time. We started the tournament well enough against KC Blaze Inferno, and controlled the action. It was one of those games where your winning 5-0 but the score is only 1-0. In the end, with a 2-1 lead, we let a long one in that left us with a tie. You can usually measure the game by crowd reaction at the end, and their crowd went nuts with the tie. Our second game vs. Tulsa Thunder Black was the best reason to be in the tournament. They won the premier league, so that makes them one of the top 16 Regional teams. They beat us 3-0 in the first half on a missed header on their corner that led to an easy goal as well as two others with a little more respect. After adjusting to their speed of play and getting fouled anytime they were beat, Red played an excellent 15 minutes of heads up soccer with Black, scoring on a nice chip over an undecided keeper to close it to 3-1. Although the next 15 minutes were fairly evenly played, their forward turned the corner twice on us to score and bring the final to 5-1. All Red had to do was win the next game and we would be in the semis, but we again underachieved a bit. Accent FC from Missouri was better than the first team we played, but we still gave away another unnecessary tie. Up 2-1 with not much time remaining, we let a long punt go the length of the field and get knocked in to tie the game 2-2 and knock us out of the semis. Lessons learned: focus the whole game and sharpen the killer instinct to put away the game when given the chance. Red will definitely be stronger after this weekend!


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