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2005 - The Season in Review

Posted by John D'Angelo at Jul 6, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hard Work, Commitment, and a Winning Record!

30 wins, 13 losses and 1 tie in Class "A" tournament games - The Alle-West Hurricane's first season of tournament play had many ups and downs.  This talented group of ladies learned that both wins AND losses must be dealt with when playing at a highly competitive level - and how individuals react to adversity defines the organization's character and reputation.  Players and parents alike learned that developing a team attititude takes much more than just words.  And through the last four tournaments, a positive "team" attitude carried coaches and players to a 70% winning record for the 2005 season.  This level of success is far above most first-year tournament teams - congratulations to every Alle-West Hurricane player and parent! 

A handful of detractors have chosen to carry on a negative dialog within the softball community - we are not willing to do so.  Alle-West Fastpitch is confident that its on-field and off-field conduct and positive attitude showcases the WINNERS, while the contrasting negative attitudes of others speak for themselves.  We stand by the philosophy, goals, and mission statement that our organization has followed in the past, and will continue to follow in the future.        

The Hurricane 14U team started 2005 with a first-place finish in the "Up All Night" tournament in January. 

Five local tournaments in June and July, and Summer road trips to Toledo, OH and Zanesville, OH rounded out the Hurricane's inaugural season schedule.  The Hurricane 14U team played in ASA, NSA, PONY, and USSSA sanctioned tournaments in three states.

Details from each 2005 tournament are available in the "Hurricane News" section of this site.

Alle-West Fastpitch thanks all sponsors and boosters.  Through hard work, commitment and respect, we will strive to have a positive impact in our players' lives, both on the field and off. 
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2007 Hurricane Booster Club

Posted by John D'Angelo at Jul 6, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

"Go Laine, Go Marissa, and Go 'Canes!" - Jack & Carol Miller

"Laine and Marissa - Let it fly girls!" - Aunt Dee & Uncle Bill Lockhart

"Best of luck to Laine, Marissa and the 2007 Hurricane" - The Baldwins - Kim, Barry, Sarah, Jessica & Zach 

"Good Luck to Marissa, Laine and the Hurricane Teams" - Love Aunt Tam, Uncle Pat, Jenna, Julia, Kaleigh and Coda

"Go 'Canes! - Hit 'em hard Laine and Marissa!" - Uncle Jim & Aunt Karri

"Good Luck Laine and Marissa!" - Love Grandma Judy & Pappy Jim

"Good Luck Haley!"
- Love Grandma Ro

"Good Luck Dani!" - Ross Orgera
"Dani, life is like a box of chocolates, Run Dani Run!!" - Amy Romano

"Swing for the stars Dani!, You're already one in our eyes!!" - Karl Cima

"Dani-Don't step in the bucket and hit'em where they ain't!" - Bob and Monica Hrovath

"Soar like an eagle - Love ya, Dani" -Bill & Sandy Vaught

"Go, Dani, Go- Hit'em hard! We love you!" - Bev & Jim Wally

"Dani-Hit one out of the park!! We love you!! - Mike, Sharon, Michael & Tory Cercone

"Dani-Swing your BAT hard for the Hurricane, and the BATtistella's will go insane!" - Glenn, Debbie, Anthony and Bradley Battistella

"Super Star Sarah R., swing strong and score, score, score!" - The other Rupchaks (Kelley, EJ and kids)

"Do your best Sarah R.! We love you  and are so proud of you!" - Love, Grandma and Pappy Rupchak

"The key to success is hard work--play hard and you'll succeed at what you like to do most, playing softball! - Love Aunt Lisa

"Sarah R. - Way to go "Sarah Bell" we can't wait to come watch you play!" - Love ya! Uncle Ron, Aunt Cheryl and cousins Stephanie & Robbie Shiner

"Sarah R., Have a great season;we wish you the best!" - Love you,Grandma & Pappy Revers

"Good Luck Sarah R.! Hit one out of the park!!" - Alex

"Sarah R. - Play Hard - Get Dirty - Have Fun!!" - Your friends at Kopp Glass, Dave Judy & Tony

"Sarah R. - Hit one for me!" - Mike Prato

"Dedication and Commitment are what transfer dreams into realities- Way to go Sarah R.!" - Love Uncle Bruce, Aunt Carol and Ryan Reichert

"Good Luck Katie & Hurricane Team!"Riverside Beer

"Good Luck Katie!" - Tatoo You 4

"Doing great Katie honey-Love ya!!" - Grammie & Pap

"Good Luck Sydnie!" - Idabess McClearn

"Way to go Sydnie!" - David McClearn

"Good Luck Sydnie!" - David Dougherty

"Good Luck Syd!" - Betty Ryan

"Sydnie, Good Luck!" - Katherine Kotun

"Sydnie, Have fun!" - Daryl J. Adams

"Good Luck Syndie!" - Kathleen Adams

"Go Hannah & Julie!  Good Luck!" - Love Grandma & Pap-Pap Campbell

"Go Hannah and Juliana- Have fun and good luck!" - Aunt Carol and Uncle Vic

"Hannah and Julie, your only as good as the next pitch!" - Coach Giacomin, PT High School

"Go Hannah, Go Juliana!" - Tim Halleman

"Good Luck Taylor!" - Love from Gram & Pappy Carlson

"Good Luck Taylor!" - the Steffan Family

"Good Luck Sarah!" - Ralph & LuAnn Briggs

"We're proud of you Sarah J.!" - Uncle Dan & Aunt Nancy

"Good Luck Bubbles!" - Pat & Carol Santone

"Good Luck Sarah J.!" - Dr. Timothy J. Tremont

"Good Luck Sarah J. in your teams quest for first place!" - Grandpap Junecko

"Good Luck Sarah J.!" - A Tortorice Limousine

"Sarah J., We are so proud of you!" - Gram & Pap Jacobs

"Good Luck Sarah J.! - Uncle Doug & Aunt Jess Junecko

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Fred Kosanotic

"Way to go Nicole & the Hurricanes!" - Kasey & Kyle Watkins

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Bart & Barbara Cornali

"Way to go Nicole!" - Linda & Terry Binda

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Bernie & Mary Beth Cornali

"I'm proud of you. Keep up the hard work.  You're wonderful!" - Aunt Carla Williamson

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Ian Prisuta

"Way to go Nicole!" - Nanny & Pappy

"Go Nicole!! We hope you have lots of fun!" - Marty & Maureen Teague

"Rah, Rah, Rah go Nicole!" - Milan & Joyce Visnick

"Have fun, learn & enjoy the game" - Uncle Bob & Teta Pam

"Way to go Nicole-We are so proud of you!" - Baba & Jedo Fix

"Strike'em out Jess - Have a great season!" - Love "G" and pappap

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Wheeling Results, June 24-26, 2005

Posted by John D'Angelo at Jul 6, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Wheeling, West Virginia results:  6 wins, 2 losses.  

Hurricane parents and players alike proved that even the most difficult situations can be overcome.  Only the mid-90's heat could slow the Hurricane on Sunday's run through the elimination round in Moundsville.  

Hurricane hitters punished opposing pitchers in Sunday's first two games, then built another lead against a fresh Pittsburgh Power team in Sunday's third consecutive game.  But the heat had taken its toll on Hurricane players, and the Power was able to come back for an extra-inning victory.

Ladies, you can move forward knowing that your parents have spoken - Alle-West Fastpitch will not allow negative attitudes - on or off the field.  As you proved on Sunday, June 26, positive attitudes will carry your team a long way.  Congratulations for a positive TEAM effort!