2007 Hurricane Booster Club

Posted by John D'Angelo on Jul 06 2005 at 05:00PM PDT

"Go Laine, Go Marissa, and Go 'Canes!" - Jack & Carol Miller

"Laine and Marissa - Let it fly girls!" - Aunt Dee & Uncle Bill Lockhart

"Best of luck to Laine, Marissa and the 2007 Hurricane" - The Baldwins - Kim, Barry, Sarah, Jessica & Zach 

"Good Luck to Marissa, Laine and the Hurricane Teams" - Love Aunt Tam, Uncle Pat, Jenna, Julia, Kaleigh and Coda

"Go 'Canes! - Hit 'em hard Laine and Marissa!" - Uncle Jim & Aunt Karri

"Good Luck Laine and Marissa!" - Love Grandma Judy & Pappy Jim

"Good Luck Haley!"
- Love Grandma Ro

"Good Luck Dani!" - Ross Orgera
"Dani, life is like a box of chocolates, Run Dani Run!!" - Amy Romano

"Swing for the stars Dani!, You're already one in our eyes!!" - Karl Cima

"Dani-Don't step in the bucket and hit'em where they ain't!" - Bob and Monica Hrovath

"Soar like an eagle - Love ya, Dani" -Bill & Sandy Vaught

"Go, Dani, Go- Hit'em hard! We love you!" - Bev & Jim Wally

"Dani-Hit one out of the park!! We love you!! - Mike, Sharon, Michael & Tory Cercone

"Dani-Swing your BAT hard for the Hurricane, and the BATtistella's will go insane!" - Glenn, Debbie, Anthony and Bradley Battistella

"Super Star Sarah R., swing strong and score, score, score!" - The other Rupchaks (Kelley, EJ and kids)

"Do your best Sarah R.! We love you  and are so proud of you!" - Love, Grandma and Pappy Rupchak

"The key to success is hard work--play hard and you'll succeed at what you like to do most, playing softball! - Love Aunt Lisa

"Sarah R. - Way to go "Sarah Bell" we can't wait to come watch you play!" - Love ya! Uncle Ron, Aunt Cheryl and cousins Stephanie & Robbie Shiner

"Sarah R., Have a great season;we wish you the best!" - Love you,Grandma & Pappy Revers

"Good Luck Sarah R.! Hit one out of the park!!" - Alex

"Sarah R. - Play Hard - Get Dirty - Have Fun!!" - Your friends at Kopp Glass, Dave Judy & Tony

"Sarah R. - Hit one for me!" - Mike Prato

"Dedication and Commitment are what transfer dreams into realities- Way to go Sarah R.!" - Love Uncle Bruce, Aunt Carol and Ryan Reichert

"Good Luck Katie & Hurricane Team!"Riverside Beer

"Good Luck Katie!" - Tatoo You 4

"Doing great Katie honey-Love ya!!" - Grammie & Pap

"Good Luck Sydnie!" - Idabess McClearn

"Way to go Sydnie!" - David McClearn

"Good Luck Sydnie!" - David Dougherty

"Good Luck Syd!" - Betty Ryan

"Sydnie, Good Luck!" - Katherine Kotun

"Sydnie, Have fun!" - Daryl J. Adams

"Good Luck Syndie!" - Kathleen Adams

"Go Hannah & Julie!  Good Luck!" - Love Grandma & Pap-Pap Campbell

"Go Hannah and Juliana- Have fun and good luck!" - Aunt Carol and Uncle Vic

"Hannah and Julie, your only as good as the next pitch!" - Coach Giacomin, PT High School

"Go Hannah, Go Juliana!" - Tim Halleman

"Good Luck Taylor!" - Love from Gram & Pappy Carlson

"Good Luck Taylor!" - the Steffan Family

"Good Luck Sarah!" - Ralph & LuAnn Briggs

"We're proud of you Sarah J.!" - Uncle Dan & Aunt Nancy

"Good Luck Bubbles!" - Pat & Carol Santone

"Good Luck Sarah J.!" - Dr. Timothy J. Tremont

"Good Luck Sarah J. in your teams quest for first place!" - Grandpap Junecko

"Good Luck Sarah J.!" - A Tortorice Limousine

"Sarah J., We are so proud of you!" - Gram & Pap Jacobs

"Good Luck Sarah J.! - Uncle Doug & Aunt Jess Junecko

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Fred Kosanotic

"Way to go Nicole & the Hurricanes!" - Kasey & Kyle Watkins

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Bart & Barbara Cornali

"Way to go Nicole!" - Linda & Terry Binda

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Bernie & Mary Beth Cornali

"I'm proud of you. Keep up the hard work.  You're wonderful!" - Aunt Carla Williamson

"Good Luck Nicole!" - Ian Prisuta

"Way to go Nicole!" - Nanny & Pappy

"Go Nicole!! We hope you have lots of fun!" - Marty & Maureen Teague

"Rah, Rah, Rah go Nicole!" - Milan & Joyce Visnick

"Have fun, learn & enjoy the game" - Uncle Bob & Teta Pam

"Way to go Nicole-We are so proud of you!" - Baba & Jedo Fix

"Strike'em out Jess - Have a great season!" - Love "G" and pappap


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