Dribbling with a lot of space in front of you:

Posted by Jeff Stiffler on Jun 14 2007 at 05:00PM PDT
Dribbling with a lot of space in front of you: When you receive the ball with a lot of space in front of you, your first touch would be a controlled touch into space, and then the next touch would be a big push into the space (with the instep) and then running after the ball. Then, if there is still a lot of space, continue to push the ball out in front of you until you get closer to opposing players at which point you will want to take another controlled touch to keep the ball closer to your body. Too often, players will kill the ball with their first touch and then take the next couple of touches close to their body. The problem with this is it gives the opposition too much time to close the space before they can get very far. Use the control touch to get the ball going in the proper direction and to get your momentum going that way as well. Then, exploding into that space with a hard touch (or touches) and the controlled touch when approaching opponents and you will find yourself using the space in front of you much better. Thanks and Have A Great Day. Coach Jeff.


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