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Hello London & surrounding area families.Thank you for your enquiries into spring Kinderkickers soccer 2021.
This program is the start to soccer and I believe is a good way to enter kids into the soccer program working around other kids as well. It is not a competitive league and we will do our best to keep it fun and active so that they are learning and having a good experience. We have to remember they are young and if they all don’t have the ball and if things aren’t going their way as well, they will get upset and want to leave. There are some with shyness & some having a bad day & can be a little challenging and we will work through it. Thank you all for your participations this spring and I hope that everyone enjoys themselves and the kids learn some simple skills to begin their soccer life.

Your child will need a #3 soccer ball that can be purchased at many locations as well as Walmart.
They will also be required to have shin guards on during all soccer activities.

If you had a child active last Fall in the London Soccer program, I will only need Spring Registration and player fees, as I will already have the London soccer and St Patrick Covid-19 waiver forms.

If you did not have a child in my fall London Soccer program, you will be required to sign both of these waiver forms prior to you or your child/children can participate.
Please see attached forms

You may mail forms to me or bring them on the opening day.

I am not sure what the numbers will be yet and may have to modify group sizes and times.

Thank you,

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Posted by Jeff Stiffler at Mar 8, 2021 11:46AM PST ( 0 Comments )

SPRING SOCCER PLANS & EVENTS in London; 3/8/2021
Plans for Kinderkickers Soccer to start Sunday 4/11/21 @2pm for 5 weeks
This is the start to soccer and training for 4-6year old’s that are starting to learn to play soccer and for those who will be starting into the fall league of competitive play. This is designed for fun and lots of touches on the ball. This is not a competitive league, though we will work into playing matches as the season progresses. At this age, I believe our youngsters should have fun as they start into a team atmosphere while learning to be around other kids. This is the 18th year I have run this program and 90% of these kids went on to play through high school.

Plans to Start 4v4 Soccer Season Spring 2021
I am working on plans for a 4v4 season if there is enough interest with kids ages 7yrs old thru middle school aged players. Groupings will be determined on the number of players and parent coaches as well. There are still a lot of planning as we would move into providing a soccer season for the kids who really wish to play soccer in the spring. I will also offer special training sessions for the kids in this group throughout the program this spring. Unfortunately, due to covid issues, I did not get a chance to get teams into indoor soccer at Soccer First and want to allow the kids to get a good start in getting their soccer skills at a higher level.

If you have a child playing baseball, please let me know the days and times that they plan to play T-Ball & Baseball so that I can work to plan the bet I can.

If you have a child interested in playing soccer please send me an email to: ,
call 740-852-5540 or msg me on London soccer facebook page.

Thank you,
Jeff Stiffler
Director London Area Soccer

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Posted by Jeff Stiffler at Nov 20, 2020 5:29AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Thank you Coaches for your time, energy and commitment to our soccer players. It is your devoted time that made it possible.

Thank you players for showing up at practices and games to support your team and teammates. The game is all yours and you can take it as far as you wish to!!
Let me know if you truly want to be a better player and I can help you get there!!

Thank you parents for supporting your athlete. I know that at times it can be a challenge with work, other family members and having to be at multiple places at the same time. Thank you for supporting London Soccer and the Kiwanis Club.

Thank you to the London Kiwanis Club. Without your total support of our soccer program, it would not be what it is and at the price we are able to keep it at. We have a great program that is fun and competitive and at a price that is unbelievable in today’s sports world.

Thank you St Patrick School and the 8th graders and parents for supporting our soccer program and at the same time, supporting your 8th grade trip. Good luck and have fun on your trip. It is always good to have something to eat and drink while I am there all day.

Thanks London for your support of London Area Soccer!!

Remember, if your child strive to get better, I will be there to help them excel and set goals….

Jeff Stiffler

Good day London Soccer Families. 10/8/20

I received a complaint notification from the Madison County Health dept on people without masks on while walking around the soccer fields and lack of social distancing.
It is a mandatory health order that everyone social distance and must have a mask on while you are at the St Patrick School facility for soccer walking around for Games and Practices.
There are squares for family spectators separated 6 feet apart that are for families to sit in and social distance. While you are sitting with your family in the square with your mask off and you get up to move around, you must put your mask on by order of the Health dept.
Everyone entering the playing fields must enter to the left side of the baseball field (north) and head along the tree line and proceed to their Childs playing field. Players only to the team side and spectators to their location only. When leaving the complex, you will exit along the school building to the parking lot. This is a clockwise rotation for everyone coming and going from the soccer complex.
I was advised that the health dept will be checking to make sure our attendees are following the order of the Governor by social distancing and wearing masks. It is important to follow these guidelines so that I do not have to police this issue or ask you to leave the complex to your vehicle and wait for your child. I really do not want to go this direction. I will have to have my mask on as long as games are going on and I only ask that you have yours on too.
If we get another complaint, they may shut the soccer program down for the season. I really do not want to see this happen. I have truly applied 80 hours to get this year up and running. There would not be any refunds should this happen.

Please, I only ask that anyone coming out to watch your child play soccer, that they follow the guidelines and orders applied to help protect us all and have a great time. Support your child and the health of all of us!

Please pass this around and speak with anyone coming out to the soccer complex.
Thank you all for your help and acknowledgement of these issues.
Note from the Health Dept below.

Jeff Stiffler

You must comply with all applicable state orders. The most common violations that we see are associated with mask use, social distancing, hand sanitizer availability, cleaning, posting signs, conducting health screenings of participants, coaches, and spectators.

If MCPH receives additional complaints an unannounced onsite investigation will be conducted. Compliance with these order is not voluntary as outlined in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 3701.352. Please note that failure to abide by the Director’s Orders is a criminal offense. Under ORC 3701.99 this offense is a misdemeanor of the second degree. Penalties include up to ninety (90) days in jail, up to a $750 fine, and up to 5 years of probation. Failure to comply with any state order will result in the Madison County Prosecutor, on behalf of Madison County Public Health, filing a petition for injunctive relief against your association in the Madison County Common Pleas Court or filing charges in the Madison County Municipal Court to stop all sport activities provided by the London Area Soccer Association during this Statewide COVID-19 emergency. At this moment the Association can continue the games and practices if the members and participants follow all the current state orders.
You can access the Director’s Order and full requirements, signs, and guidance at If you have any questions, call our staff at 740-852-3065 Monday – Friday between 8:30am to 4:30pm.
Jennifer Michaelson, RS
Director of Environmental Health

The attached map is the Entry & Exit outline for the St Patrick grounds.
Enter to the Left and go clockwise and exit along the school to the parking lot.

Thank you,

Jeff Stiffler
London Area Soccer
Youth Soccer Development

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