I recommend TeamPages

Team Chicago Academy has been using the TeamPages Club Page program for the past 2 years, and it has been a godsend. Managing the logistics of an Elite Academy Program within a major Youth Soccer Club is a daunting task, and TeamPages has helped alleviate most of the major concerns and issues in scheduling practices, games, and other club events.

In short, I recommend TeamPages for any Club Director/Administrator who must balance the needs of many different teams and interest groups."

Phil Nielsen,
Academy Director

I highly recommend TeamPages

TeamPages and their support team were instrumental in helping me transition our site from a clunky non-interactive site to what we are using today.

I highly recommend TeamPages. They were great.

Jim DiGiovanni,
Information Officer

The site is really easy to use

Easy to use, Colorful, Uncluttered, Easily Customized, and Quickly Updated. In the year and one-half that we have been using TeamPages our team has come to rely on it for broadcasting team news, definitive schedule information, game statistics, directions to away fields, player participation, even good wishes from players and their families at holiday time. The site is easy to use, colorful, unclutterd by junk, easily customized, and quickly updated. The TeamPages support group has always been very responsive to our needs and new features are continually added. Overall, we have a nicer site for less cost than any of the teams we compete against. We’d be lost without it!

Rob Axtell,
Team Manager

Positive impact on the club

TeamPages had a very positive impact on our club. Our team managers have embraced this new tool with open arms. They take pride in maintaining their team’s pages by updating scores and stats, uploading photos and videos and using the communication options provided by TeamPages. And best of all, they now have a much better idea on kids’ attendance for practices and games – something our coaches really appreciate.
For our high school program we especially like the possibility of communicating via texting.

And as a board member I can easily monitor each team’s games and events or any issues that might pop up, which is very helpful in keeping in touch. Our families value this positive involvement from the board level. And TeamPages makes it possible!

Thomas Schaller,
Board Member

We can't wait to use it

The great thing about the site for us is not only that our coaches, parents and players can find what they want to find when the want to find it, but rather that if we ever find something that we don’t know how to use on the site, the guys at the help desk are literally always available. From minor tweaks to our stats pages, to sending out e-mail and text notifications about practice changes or rain outs, TeamPages is our ideal solution. We can’t wait to use the site in baseball too!

Jim Shaw,
League VP

A blessing to our organization

TeamPages has been the biggest blessing to our organization. During a difficult time where our organization lost all of our equipment, confidence in the program and lost touch with parents and kids, we decided to revamp our website. We looked at 3-4 different vendors and TeamPages was the ONLY one to have a live person not only contact us back but setup demos and provide excellent information upfront. It’s nice to know that there is a group of folks that care so much about what they do. Thanks, TeamPages.

Nirmal Patel,
Coach/IT Consultant

I highly recommend TeamPages

I’ve used TeamPages as the backbone to four travel teams, a Student Umpire program, as well as an entire 1800-member baseball league. Its scaleable from one person to thousands (and more), and a fantastic way to keep everyone on the same page. It’s core communications functions are first rate, and once its users begin to apply the social networking tools, it’s possible to create a fantastic community around your players and teams. I highly recommend TeamPages for any one player or team, as well as entire federations and leagues.

Thomas Tyrer
President President

Improved our communication

I first became aware of Team Pages as a coach in late 2008 and found the site to be tremendously helpful in managing communication with my squad compared to other web-based options. By the spring of 2009, in my role as a board member of a league and an administrator with a club, Team Pages became the host site for both our inter-club league and a house league of over 150 teams each. Additionally, our members continue to praise the merits of our improvement in communication that is, in large part, due to the adoption of Team Pages. There just isn’t anything comparable in value that I have come across.

Kent Green,
League Director

Exceeded my expectations

This was my first call in but not my first time getting outstanding support. I have also had very positive experiences through email. You and the rest of the TeamPages staff have exceeded my expectations in your product and support. I cannot say that about too many services now days but I am a big fan of TeamPages. Keep up the great work.

Aaron Pues,

Robust, easy to use... and affordable

As a burgeoning new organization, Victoria Youth Paddling Club was looking for a way to communicate with our members to keep them informed of schedule changes, upcoming events, and news within the club. TeamPages allowed us to build a robust, easy to use system at an affordable cost. We were so pleased with how it worked we have since upgraded to a package which offers individual TeamPages for our various groups, and a central page for the entire organization.

Jaden Langford,

A big 'thank you' TeamPages

The Board of Directors, Daytona Beach Senior Softball League, sends a big ‘Thank You’ to you and your entire staff at TeamPages.com for the splendid service you offer to sports leagues such as ours. Not only do you provide us with all the advantages we sought, but you do so with such great customer service. Every question is answered and every promise is fulfilled.

George Goldtrap,
Asst. Commissioner

TeamPages reduces the administrative burden

TeamPages reduces the administrative burden of coaching and enables me to spend time more productively. Our parents and players can help themselves to information on the web-site which greatly reduces the number of telephone calls and emails required to manage the club.

Coach Bernie,
Westside Warriors Football

You’re the best!

You’re the best. Team Pages provides the best online support of any company that I have ever dealt with.

Wendy Northrup,

I love the ease of operation!

I manage a couple of sports teams, in soccer and lacrosse, and a fellow manager recommended Team Pages. I have been using it successfully for almost a year. I love the ease of operation and the team members appreciate the easy access to all information. It definitely makes my job as manager much easier and I highly recommend it to other team managers.

Lynda Hogarth

An ideal solution

The Manhattan Beach Youth Basketball League has benefited greatly from using TeamPages this season. We’ve found that in an era where kids are anxious to find out more about what’s going on in their league and parents are looking to get all of their youth sports information in one place, TeamPages is an ideal solution. The great thing about the site for us is not only that our coaches, parents and players can find what they want to find when the want to find it, but rather that if we ever find something that we don’t know how to use on the site, the guys at the help desk are literally always available. TeamPages is our ideal solution.

Jeff Proctor,
Board Member

TeamPages fulfills all our needs

TeamPages is fulfilling all our needs for maintaining our membership and for communicating with our members.

Arch MacVicar,
Club VP

Customer service goes to 11

Your customer service goes to 11. (Don’t get it? See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeOXsA8sp_E)

Stephen Condon,
Varsity Coach

Your support is great

I really appreciate your help. Your site is by far the most user friendly and your support is great.

Shane Gipson,
Team Manager

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