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  • Player Availability Never forfeit again. Manage your player availability for every game / practice.
  • Schedules View upcoming and past games, get directions and check out the latest results.
  • Simple Messaging Send a single message to reach your team by both email and texts without ever leaving the app.
  • Rosters Full contact details for players, parents and other members of your team.

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Exceeded my expectations

This was my first call in but not my first time getting outstanding support. I have also had very positive experiences through email. You and the rest of the TeamPages staff have exceeded my expectations in your product and support.

See why thousands of teams, clubs & leagues love using TeamPages:

Easy Website Creation

Easy website creation

Create a new website for your team, club, or league in 4 minutes or less. Everything is point and click and drag and drop. Best part is that updating schedules, stats, news, photos & more only takes seconds.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

We know how important it is to keep your branding consistent on your website. That’s why we‘ve made it really easy for you to customize your website colors, logo, banners, and backgrounds.

Registration & Payments

Online Registation

Collecting registration information and payments online is a snap! In seconds, you can create a new registration form and start collecting payments using PayPal or your own merchant account.

Schedules & Reminders

Schedules and Reminders

Sync your TeamPages calendar with your smartphone or personal calendar app so that you're always in the know about your scheduled events and game changes. And with automatic event reminders sent to your phone, you and your members will never miss another game!

Text & Email Messaging


Say goodbye to phone trees and say hello to text messaging! Instantly update your members about last minute schedule change and updates in seconds by sending them a FREE text message or email blast through TeamPages.

Friendly & Helpful Support

Great Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff will walk you through our software and provide all the necessary training for you and your members to get you up and running like a pro. Give us a shout on our toll-free number, we'd love to hear from you!

Who are we?

We’re a fun loving team that’s passionate about and dedicated to making the lives of millions of coaches, parents, and athletes easier when it comes to managing their athletic lives and schedules online.

We believe in building software that’s fun, easy-to-use, and puts a smile on your face. Got some feedback? We’d love to hear from you and make the site better!

Why did we build TeamPages?

When we were baseball coaches and team captains of our soccer teams, keeping our team organized was a huge headache and often would take hours a week to manage. We said there has to be a better way!

That’s when we decided to build TeamPages, so we could manage our teams in seconds, not hours. And so we could help other coaches and admins build slick looking websites in minutes without having to spend a fortune. We hope you like what we’ve built :)