Why Instagram is so powerful for your business and personal brand

Posted by Barbara Davis on Oct 25 2020 at 05:34PM PDT

Do you know how powerful Instagram is?

Most people have already heard of the little app called Instagram; That has taken the world by storm It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech savvy, know the latest and greatest apps, or barely check your email. We can all agree that someone we know is always on Instagram. If you look around today it is rare to see if you do not see someone glued to their phone, completely unaware of what is going on around them. It’s really interesting how many people use their phone while in the middle of a conversation, sometimes more focused on the phone than on the conversation they have with the person in front of them. Has this ever happened to you, or maybe you even did it yourself?

It is a different world that we live in now; unlike 10-20 years ago. Back then, smartphones weren’t that smart, apps weren’t that prevalent, and people weren’t totally mesmerized by their phones and, more importantly, the apps they use on them. These days you can use apps like Instagram to chat with friends, be it tagging them on something you saw, sending them a video message, replying to a story they posted, or even based on seeing something that reminds you of them. You can also get stuck exploring different cities, watching your favorite actor in everyday life, or your favorite comedian doing a live steam or some featured sports from last night’s game. None of this existed 15 years ago, back then people maybe turned to television for entertainment, but now people spend more time on their phones than ever and Instagram is where they spend most of their time. Whether you own a business or want to build your personal brand … Instagram is definitely one of the platforms you need to use, here is why.

Did you know that on Instagram you have access to more than 800 million users every month? Instagram is rapidly rising to the top of all social media platforms and with a whopping 800 million users, it has become one of the best platforms to reach your target audience. While Twitter has hovered at 350 million users for a few years, Instagram has surpassed that and will hit 1 billion users in the next two years. As the old saying goes, “Know your customers and people where they are.” And right now, they’re on Instagram and Instagram is on your phone, which makes it even more powerful. Take a look around you, you can always find someone by looking at their phone and most importantly using Instagram.

Instagram makes it easy for you to network. The networking capabilities and broad reach that Instagram has given us, on a global scale, are unmatched. Smart people like you know that they must take every opportunity to grow and expand their network. Instagram lets you connect with people based on their interests, location, hash tags, and mutual friends and contacts. The best part is that you can build your network around the world from your smartphone. Now this actually gives you a good reason for all the time you spend on Instagram.


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