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The MLB playoffs feature two multiple year former HOOTS players who are starting for their current teams, Catcher Jason Castro for the Houston Astros and Stephen Piscotty for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Both players represent the best of what the HOOTS program stands for.  Quality young student athletes, team players, terrific work ethic, great character and outstanding skills.

Watching these two young men have success at the highest level of baseball sets a mark for others to follow.  Their results during the season and in the opening games makes everyone in the HOOTS program proud to have had the opportunity to work with them.  Reminding players, that even at the highest level, you play to help your team.  Watching Jason catching and controlling the game as he did and Piscotty moving from Frist Base, to Right Field to Left Field in Game 1 of the playoffs and then hitting a 2 run home run to give the Cards the lead they needed to win says it all.



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Former Three year HOOTS player Stephen Piscotty got the call every player dreams about on Monday July 20.  Called up to the join the St. Louis Cardinals in their inter league game against the Chicago White Sox.  Steve Trombly of Trombly Baseball in Southern Calfornia texted Coach Johns with the news and Congratulations.  A quick text to his Dad and to Steve "Heard you got the call. Congrats"  Text back, "Sure am, just got to Chicago!!  Thanks coach for everything."

Coach Johns, "Awesome, no one deserves it more."

The next night Stephen recorded his first MLB hit was a hard liner to third, and his first double the following night.  To date, he has had 5 game appearancesm 12 at bats, and 4 hits for a .333 average.  The Cardinals are in 1st place in their division.

Piscotty was drafted out of Stanford University and was a First Round selection in the 2012 draft by the Cardinals. Stephen led the 2009 HOOTS Connie Mack team to their first ever Connie Mack World Series, and broke a 30 year drought of a Northern California team advancing to the National Championship.

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The list contains 30 of the best 18U teams in the nation based on their performance in various elite national tournaments.  Ranked #2 was DBAT from Dallas, Texas who defeated the HOOTS Connie Mack team in the Final 4 and won the Connie Mack National Championship.  Following DBAT in the 3rd ranking was the Midland Redskins who lost to DBat in the Connie Mack Championship game.  The SoCal Renegades were ranked #15 who the HOOTS Connie Mack team played 3 times in 2014 including at the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament.  And, the #19 ranking was given to the Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team with their Final 4 performance at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  Of the top 20 teams the HOOTS had on their 2014 schedule 4 of the ranked teams including the talented Ohio Warhawks who they played at the Gates World Series in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The HOOTS were the only Northern California program recognized and one of the three California programs ranked in the Top 20 teams.

The Perfect Game ranking is available at



"I told our players when we were at the Gates World Series in July in Utah after we lost a couple games, this summer was about their legacy.  The HOOTS program has been and will be here and they are passing thru but the program continues.  It was up to them how they want to be remembered as a team.  I guess they answered, they will go down as one of the great teams in the 23 years existence of the HOOTS program.  One of 6 teams to go to a World Series, 3 in American Legion Baseball and now 3 in Connie Mack Baseball.  That is a huge statement to who they are and how they will be remembered"  comments from Manager Don Johns.

The 50th Year Anniversary of the Connie Mack World Series held in Farmington, New Mexico remains to be one of the greatest events in amateur baseball.  Eight teams remain and the Danville HOOTS surprised everyone by winning the West Regional Championship and will represent the West in the 2014 World Series.  The HOOTS went 4-1 in the West Regional with only a loss in extra innings to the Southern California Renegades, the defending champion.  A team from one of these two programs has represented the west at the World Series the past six years.  This is the 3rd appearance for the HOOTS at the Connie Mack World Series.  The Renegades won the National Championship in 2012.

The team will travel starting on Thursday July 31 to New Mexico.  The famous Connie Mack World Series parade thru Farmington will take place on Friday followed by the opening ceremonies.  The HOOTS will open play on Saturday.  The game can be live streamed online at


In a frustrating end to their 2014 season and the run to the National Championship the HOOTS Connie Mack team lost a 6-3 lead in the seventh inning, with one out and fell to D-Bat Gallegos 11-6.  The South Plains Regional Champion put up eight runs in the seventh inning to escape with a 11-6 win against the Danville HOOTS, moving the team into the final round of the Connie Mack World Series.  "We've done this before, I just told my guys to go out have have fun and give me their best at bats of the summer, D-Bat manager Roberto Gallegos said.

Danville Manager Don Johns said his team was in the spot it wanted to be in.  "You don't like the way it ended.  You are never happy with that.  We should have not lost that game.  We just didn't get it done.  They exposed the weakness of our youth basically. Roberto Gallegos, his coaching staff and his players did an outstanding job, including taking two games from Midland"

"But this is a huge accomplishment for our team and our players.  The 2014 HOOTS won Northern California, California and Western Regional Connie Mack Championships.  We are young, but we lose several impact players, but the HOOTS will be back.  The HOOTS program is permanent and we have longevity of success."



The 2014 Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team added to their legacy as the Western Region Champion advanced to the Final 4 at the Connie Mack World Series after a 2-0 victory over the Eastern Region Champion Troy Dodgers from New York. 

The HOOTS remain one of four remaining teams playing for the Connie Mack National Championship.  

FARMINGTON DAILY NEWS.  Coming into the Connie Mack World Series Danville Manager Don Johns was unsure how his young pitching stafff would handle the setting.  His pitchers proved they were ready for teh challenge as three HOOTS pitchers combined for the shut out to eliminate the North Atlantic Regional Champion.  "We were just trying to let our defense play and be consistent, " Johns said.  "We have young guys, and we pieced it together.  I told the coaches that if we do not win today, there is no tomorrow, so we'll just do what we've got to do to keep winning."

"We've got all kinds of pitching left.  Is it the quality of Midland or DBat pitching staff? I know they have quality guys. We have quality guys, but they are young, and they are going to be on a big stage.  But you get to the Final Four of the Connie Mack World Series.  I couldn't be happier." commented Manager Don Johns. 

Midland Redskins remain the only undefeated team.  Manager Dave Evans said "There are four great baseball teams left.  Any one of them can win this thing.  We are just happy to be in this spot."

The Final Four elite teams fighting for the Connie Mack National Championship will play today starting with the first game at 5:15 PM. 

Danville HOOTS

Midland Redskins

D-Bat Gallegos

D-Bat Leach

The bracket is determined by blind draw and the National Championship will be played on Friday August 8. 

 Starter Jacob Knight went 4 innings, relieved by Kyle Graham in the 4th inning and the game was closed by Noah Bremer.  The HOOTS held on to a 1-0 lead the entire game until the bottom of the sixth inning after Ryan Anderson walked and advanced to second.  Designated hitter Ryan Weisenberg had a hard hit ball down the 3rd base line to score Anderson and give the HOOTS another run and a cushion going into the 7th inning.  Bremer retired the side for the win.  Players of the game recognized by AABC and Connie Mack Baseball were Jacob Knight and Ryan Weisenberg.  The HOOTS opposition will be determined late on Wednesday as the California team earned the first birth in the Final 4 to be played on Thursday August 7.  This is an amazing run for the HOOTS against the best teams in the nation.  The elite bracket of the World Series is a major accomplishment for the players and the coaching staff. 


The Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team remain one of six teams still alive at the Connie Mack World Series.  Elimination games have sent 4 teams home.  "Proud of our guys, coming from a local geography to be one of the top 6 teams in the nation in Connie Mack Baseball." comment from Manager Don Johns.  The remaining teams met at home plate after the late game on Tuesday to seed for the games on Wednesday.  Those teams are:

Danville HOOTS

DBat Leach

DBat Gallegos

Midland Redskins

Troy New York

Puerto Rico

Two teams remain undefeated and will play the late game on Wednesday.  DBat Gallegos who defeated the HOOTS in Game 1 7-5 and Midland Redskins from Cincinatti. The HOOTS will play the East Champion Troy New York in the 12:15 PM game.


Connie Mack World Series fans woke up on Monday morning to a full page in the sports section that read "DANVILLE DEMOLITION".  The West Region Champion Danville HOOTS Connie Mack team eliminated the Strike Zone team in Game 6 at the World Series in a 16-2 win for the California team. HOOTS pitcher Tim Susnara threw a complete game for the HOOTS giving up only 3 hits with 12 strike outs.  The HOOTS offense got started early and opened the game with 6 runs in the first inning against Strike Zone.  Bradley Plushkell went 3 for 4 and had 4 RBI's for the HOOTS.  "We put our best guy out there in a must win game, with a lot of emotion and a night that was standing room only.  Tim Susnara does not get caught up in the emotion, he just a complete player who is confident in who he is as a player and a leader.We are moving on, and forward in the World Series and that is what counts to all of us."  commented HOOTS Manager Don Johns 

SUNDAY AUGUST 3 FARMINGTON DAILY NEWS-"Baseball fans who spent their Saturday afternoon in the sun at Ricketts Park were rewarded with a showdown at the Connie Mack World Series. D-Bat Gallegos, who put 2 runs in the sixth and seventh innings, survived a scare from Danville before escaping with a 7-5 victory. It was a battle all the way through, Danville has a great team" said D-Bat Roberto Gallegos after the win".

For a program from a relative small area, the HOOTS have a long history of producing quality players and quality teams.  Many have responded with their support and best wishes.

  • Chicago Cubs right fielder Nate Schierholtz and former HOOTS player...."Happy Belated birthday.  Also a big congrats on getting to the World Series.  I am pumped for you." 
  • Steven Piscotty, St. Louis Cardinals AAA and former HOOTS player and 2009 Connie Mack World Series team."Congratulations on another trip to Farmington!!! Good Luck." 
  • Coach Johns, "I am jumping in late in the conversation.  Congratulations to the HOOTS. Whether your teams end in Farmington or Fairfield they get the summer with one of the best teachers of the game that I have seen. Go HOOTS."  Greg Moore, Head Coach Cal State Northridge.
  • Don-you are a giant in the game and you have been the guiding force in leading the HOOTS into one of the best organizations in the country....good luck tomorrow".  Reno Knight Head Coach Pete Savage.
  • Former HOOTS pitcher James Carter, 2011 World Series and now at UCSB, "Congrats on getting back to Farmington. Go get it."
  • Coach Jason Hawkins, U. of Utah...."Congrats Don.  Well deserved...really happy for u & your club." 
  • Scout Don Lyle, Cleveland Indians..."hey Donnie Congratulation once again going to CM!"
  • Coach Jordan Twohig, Cal State Northridge..."Congratulations on making the World Series! What a great honor. I know how hard it is to qualify, great job.  So very happy for you and the players and coach's."
  • "Congratulations Don." Coach John Savage UCLA.
  • Coach Tony Schifano, UC Davis..."Congrats Don, really happy for the team and for the guys to have that experience."


The 2014 HOOTS Connie Mack team won the Western Regional Championship in Southern California and will advance to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico which begins on Friday August 1.  The Championship game featured two Northern California teams, NorCal baseball and the HOOTS.  Earlier in the day, Norcal defeated the defending champion Southern California Renegades 2-0.  The HOOTS fell behind early in the championship 3-0, but continued to play outstanding defense and scored 5 runs in the fourth inning to take the lead.  Norcal made it a one run game in the sixth inning, but the Danville team was able to get an insurance run in the bottom half of the inning.  The game ended on a double play by Austin Piscotty with the final score of 6-4.

The HOOTS will play on Saturday at 1:00PM  in the Championship game of the Connie Mack West Regional Tournament in Southern California.  The Northern California champion lost a difficult game on Friday to the Southern California Renegades 4-3.  Leading in the top of the 7th inning 3-1 the Renegades fought thru this elimination game for them to tie the game up 3-3.  The Southern California champion pushed the go ahead run across in the 10th inning for the victory.  Kyle Graham pitched an outstanding game for the HOOTS and was relieved in the 7th inning.  The Renegades and NorCal Baseball play an early game with the winner advancing to the Championship at 1:00PM against the HOOTS. The winner will move on to represent the Western United States at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.

The HOOTS defeated NorCal in the winner bracket game on Day 3 of the Connie Mack West Regional 6-0.  Tim Susnara, St Francis high school,  pitched a complete game for the HOOTS.  Matt Winaker and Chris Williams each had 2 RBI's for the HOOTS.  The HOOTS now remain the only undefeated team in the tournment for the berth to the Connie Mack World Series.  Earlier in the day the SoCal Renegades eliminated Bercovich 24 and  Orange County Giants eliminated the Nevada state champion.  Four teams remain and play on Friday.  The HOOTS meet once again with long time rival and defending champion SoCal Renegades at 4:30PM. The past 4 years either the HOOTS or the Renegades have advanced to the World Series.  The bracket for Day 4 is a blind draw, and teams must play a team that they have not played.   

The HOOTS continued to advance undefeated at the Connie Mack West Regional tournament  in Southern California for the World Series berth when they defeated the Bercovich 24 team 5-1 in Round 2 of the tournament.  Junior pitcher Joey Matulonich pitched a complete game for the HOOTS.  The HOOTS fell behind early in the game, 1-0, but Mutulonich continued to contain the offense of Bercovich 24 until their own offense was able to get on track in the 3rd inning on key RBIs' by Ryan Anderson.  Manager Don Johns, "our defense is solid and we just had an issue in the first inning. I don't really know, maybe to much time at the beach.  Joey settled in after, did a great job,  and we were able to turn key double plays to help him when he needed it.  Very proud of our guys as they battle thru the tournament. We did not take an easy path to get here.   We are focused, and our players know what they need to do to reach their goal."

The HOOTS Connie Mack Team that recently won the California North State Championship opened the West Regional Championship on Tuesday July 22 held in Southern California with a 5-0 shut out over the Utah State Champion.  The HOOTS are seeking for the right to advance for the 3rd time in recent years to the Connie Mack World Series In Farmington, New Mexico.  Junior pitcher Jacob Knight pitched a complete game for the HOOTS.  The offense was sparked by catcher Tim Susnara, who led the team with his offense as well as his outstanding defense and leadership ability.

The surprise upset in the first day was the defeat of the Southern California Renegades in a 2-1 game to the Nevada State Champion. The HOOTS will resume play at 7:30PM on Wednesday July 23.

The HOOTS continue to maintain a high standard of achievement in Connie Mack baseball.  Since leaving American Legion Baseball in 2006, the 2014 title is their 6th North State Championship in Connie Mack Baseball. It included 2 Western Regional Championships and 2 trips to the Connie Mack World Series.

The turn around time from winning the North State Championship Sunday night was limited. The team traveled within 24 hours to get to Southern California to begin play on Tuesday at 1:30PM.  "Thsi is my 3rd year in the HOOTS program and we deal with adversity, and no one is going to do us a favor when a World Series berth is at stake.  Teams know our history, we came here to win" commented HOOTS catcher and team leader Tim Susnara.