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Posted by Don Johns at Jul 2, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


The HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team will host the UTAH Marshalls in a 3 game series held at San Ramon Valley High School on July 5 and July 6. 

The Marshalls are one of the top collegiate teams in the Western United States and recently were crowned the 2017 Champion at the Phil Singer Summer Series in San Diego.

July 5 the single game will begin at 5:00PM.  On July 6th the two teams will square off for a double header beginning at 11:00AM.

The series is a great opportunity for baseball fans to see the local elite players on the HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team as well as many of the western United States incoming college freshman who all will be attending Division 1 college programs this fall.


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Posted by Don Johns at Jul 2, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


The HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team will host the Utah Marshalls in a college series July 5 and July 6 at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville. 

The series will feature many of the elite local players from multiple high schools that are on the HOOTS Connie Mack Premier team that recently won the Josh Anderson Tournament at the University of Nevada in Reno.

The Utah Marshalls team features many of the top college bound players from the entire western states.  The Marshalls are a summer collegiate program based in Salt Lake City.  They were the 2017 Champion at the Phil Singer Summer Series in San Diego.  Their stadium, Gates Field is one of the best private stadiums for amateur baseball. 

Friday July 5 the Game will begin at 5:00PM.  On Saturday, July 6, the two teams will square off in at double header to begin at 11:00AM. 


The 2018 HOOTS 18U CONNIE MACK PREMIER TEAM WINS CHAMPIONSHIP with a record of 5-1 at the Josh Anderson Tournament being held at the University of Nevada, Reno.  

The HOOTS defeated the Black Hills Bandits from Washington 7-3 to win the Championship on Sunday June 24. The feature game between the two teams with the best records in the 30th Annual event with 10 teams represented from the Western States.  

The HOOTS pitching continued to be a key factor in the tournament as they used three pitchers in the Championship game. Connor Linchey started the game, followed by Ryan Fleming and closed by Ryan Costeiu.

Three HOOTS players were recognized for their play in the tournament.

  • Nick Cirelli.                    Tournament MVP
  • Ryan Costeiu                 Tournament MVP Pitcher
  • Tommy Gavello              All Tournament Team

Balanced with strong performance on the mound led by three starting pitchers.  Ryan Costeiu in a Game One win 7-1 over Centralia, Josh White in a Game 2 victory over Yakima 11-0, and Gunner Mayer in a Game 3 victory over Team Trinity 13-1.

The offense thru the entire tournaent was led by infielders Tommy Gavello and Jack Grant, Dylan Lawlor, Nick Cirelli, Chris Santiago and outfielder JL Myers. 


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Posted by Don Johns at Aug 14, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The 2017 Danville HOOTS Connie Mack Team received the American Amateur Baseball Congress "National Sportmanship Award" in recognition of their performance, behavior, and sportsmanship at the Connie Mack World Series.  The award is recognition of everyone associated with the HOOTS program and for respect and ethical conduct throughout the season and the Connie Mack World Series.  

Kim Stradling, AABC Vice President Connie Mack Division commented to Coach Johns "we take the Sportsmanship Award very serious."  Additional response, "it was a pleasure to have the Danville HOOTS in the CMWS this year. You guys are a class organization and it was very evident from Day 1 that it's leadership was first rate.  I mentioned to Mike and Richard that to have each member of a team come up and personally thank me for the opportunity to be here, as your team did, was a first. You have a great bunch of kids! "

This is the second time the HOOTS have been recognized for their conduct and sportmanship at the Connie Mack World Series.  In 2009 the team received the C.O. Brown Sportsmanship award on their first trip to the World Series.

Coach Johns, "The HOOTS program each year has a goal to play at a high level and achieve success, yet develope our players both on and off the field.  That is part of the respect you want as a program and as a player. I am very proud that our players receive recognition for sportsmanship and conduct.  These are life lessons, and that goes a long way when the game ends which is does for everyone."



The "Run" ended for the HOOTS Connie Mack team in the National Championship game against Midland Redskins.  They had to wake up the following morning to the headlines in the local Daily Times "MIDLAND ROMPS TO TITLE IN CMWS." Their season ends as the National World Series Runner Up in the Connie Mack World Series Championship at Ricketts Park in Farmington, New Mexico.

The HOOTS starting pitcher Nick Krauth was in early trouble but settled in after the first inning as the Midland offense and speed kept the HOOTS off balance the entire game.  Manager Don Johns commented "After our 3-2 game last night I felt we could stay with them if we just would not make any mistakes. The first inning error and hit batters was a bad omen against a team like them.  They took advantage of our early mistakes and they deserved this title.  They are a great team and tough to beat.  It is an emotional time to get that close to a National Championship, you want to win that game.  Our guys were in major battles for over 2 weeks at the World Series and only one other team in the nation lasted as long as we did so no regrets. We are not a big program but this is our 4th trip to the Connie Mack World Series since 2009, and in 2014 we finished in the Final 4 and now the World Series National Runner Up.  I am very proud of the 2017 team and our coaching staff for a major accomplishment.  Most of the local fans loved the way we played and loved our players who many welcomed them into their homes and the Farmington community. We are the little engine that could it just didn't go our way at the end"

Prior to the Championship game the HOOTS and Midland remained the only 2 teams left at the Connie Mack World Series.  Saturday night Midland defeated the HOOTS in a tight game 3-2.  East Cobb lost to Midland leaving only the HOOTS left to play for the National Championship.  Mason Legate pitched a complete game for the HOOTS against Midland.  The HOOTS left the tying and winning run on base in the 7th inning. The go ahead run by Midland was a result of a foul ball that was caught but left home plate not covered by the HOOTS defense.  

Post game interview by Manager Don Johns. "It is that type of mistake that is costly in a game where there is little room for error.  Mason battled thru the entire game and did a great job for us.  There are no easy outs in their lineup. Really unfortunate to give them that run but still our offense has to continue to be productive against good pitching.  We play for the title now and get our starting pitcher back due to pitch count limitations.  Our players have been terrific as they battle thru the World Series.  We lost our first game here to East Cobb then go on a 5 game winning streak against some of the best teams in the nation.  Doesn't get any better than that except to win the Final game which we are trying to do. Stay tuned"

Friday August 4:  HOOTS Final 4 World Series Game Tonight t 7:30PM against Florida Legends. 

The brackets were set for the Final 4 games leading to the National Championshp after the Midland Redskins defeated the Florida Legends Thursday night.  Midland received the Bye.  DBat Elite who the HOOTS defeated earlier in bracket play defeated the SoCal Renegades earlier in the day.  The Legends have one loss and the HOOTS remain undefeated in bracket play as does the Midland team.

Wednesday August 2:  HOOTS Defeat East Cobb Yankees to advance to the Final 4 of the Connie Mack World Series. 

The Danville HOOTS saw the headline in the local Farmington Daily News Wednesday morning on the front page with the headlines of "Hammerin" HOOTS" after their 9-1 win the day before over D Bat Elite.  Facing the East Cobb Yankees and the 2016 National Champion the HOOTS seemed unfazed by the game earlier in tournament where East Cobb dominated them.  "I don't think our guys care who they play.  At this point of the season we are here to win the game and play it our way." Assistant Coach Pat Massoni.  "Mitch Benson and Will Bishop gave us 5 good innings and our offense continues to be very productive."  The HOOTS now have a day off on Thursday and will resume play in the Final 4 on their path to the Connie Mack National Championship.  

Coach Johns live on the air in Farmintong gave praise to the East Cobb program.  "They are not done, and the path to the National Championship on Sunday is a long way away.  I am excited for our players to be one of the Final 4 teams remaining in the nation.  This is huge for our players and Northern California baseball.  There is not show case baseball being played here.  This is about the best teams in the nation competing to be crowned the National Champion."

 Tuesday August 1:

The HOOTS defeated D Bat Elite today 9-1 at the Connie Mack World Series to advance and remain as one of the Elite 8 teams in the hunt to be crowned the National Champion.  Nick Krauth got the win on the mound.  After going down 1-0 in the first inning Krauth settled in to pitch effective thru 7 innings.  Tied 1-1 First Baseman Zack Patterson hit a 2 run home run in the 3rd inning.  "It was a monster dead center at 400 feet with wood bat.  It doesn't happen very often or ever and it broke open the game for us and gave us some separation. I have a lot of respect for the D Bat organization, their coaching staff and their players but this was our day." comments on Live Vertical Radio from Coach Don Johns.

Late Sunday July 30 at the Connie Mack World Series the HOOTS advanced to the Elite 8 at the tournament defeating DBat of Texas 6-5 in the highlight night game at Ricketts Stadium in Farmington, New Mexico.

The battle between the two teams was tied several times but in the 7th inning the home team HOOTS were down 5-4.  After a walk and a couple hits with 1 out Ryan Cole drove a line drive into the left field corner for the walk off victory and finish pool play as one of the top 2 teams and advance to the Elite 8 and the National Championship.  The HOOTS pitching staff was led by Mason Legate.  Will Bishop relieved in the 5th inning.  Gabe Giosso threw a scorless 7th inning to keep the game within 1 run.  In the post game interview Coach Johns commented on the make up of the team.  "I tell them we are the little engine that could.  These are the elite baseball programs in the nation and to be in this field is a credit to our players and our coaching staff.  This was an amazing day for us against two very good teams form Texas both of whom I have a lot of respect for.  It was just a great HOOTS day."  The HOOTS will enjoy a day off on Monday as the seedings are completed and play to being on Tuesday toward the National Championship.

Earlier in the day facing elimnation after the loss to the East Cobb Yankees the Hoots defeated Texas Stix 4-2.  Tyler Stultz threw a complete game against the Texas team

Earlier the HOOTS lost to the East Cobb Yankees who are the defending 2016 National Champion trying for a three peat in 2017. Facing the toughTexas Stix line up was HOOTS left hand pitcher Tyler Stultz. Getting behind 2-0 in the second inning Stultz took control of the game from his defense throwing a complete game under the controlled pitching limit, ending the game with a double play.  "Tyler was outstanding today in a must win game for us. He truly was dominant after going down 2 runs that should have been outs.  Our bracket is very difficult so we have to put together a complete game to stay alive were comments from Coach Johns" 

The HOOTS Connie Mack Premier league team won the West Regional Championship on Sunday July 23 at Golden West College in Southern Calfiornia to advance to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  The HOOTS defeated the  Southern California Dukes 5-2 to return to the World Series for the Fourth Time since 2009.  Both teams entered the Championship with a record of 4-0 and the HOOTS ended with not losing a single game.

The HOOTS fell behind early in the game 2-0 but that would be the last of the scoring by the talented Dukes team.  HOOTS starting pitcher Nick Krauth was able to contain the Dukes offense for 7 solid innings.  While the offense struggles at times Matt Jew led the offensive scoring for the HOOTS.

The HOOTS now represent the West Region at the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico staring on July 27.  

Coach Johns commented " I never thought at this point we would go back to the World Series.  It is a special place and one of the great baseball experiences our players and coaches will every have. The one goal of our program when you reach this level is to win a National Championship, much like every college team or professional team.  To do that, you have to get to the World Series and face the best teams in the country. Our players really rose to the challenge and very proud of them.  Trust me, it was not easy."