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Posted by David Kask at Feb 17, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Just a reminder to get your Letter Tally sheets and training logs to Bonnie by Tuesday, February 21 if you want to receive a Nordic Skiing Letter this year.  The only exception is Seniors that skied in the State Meet.

Remeber that the number of letters you earn during your High School sports career can be used to help justify awards during your Senior year.

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Duluth East Rocks at the State Meet

Posted by David Kask at Feb 16, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The Duluth East Nordic Ski Teams continued their dominance of the MSHSL State Nordic Ski Meet.  The girls team repeated their first place finish by scoring 372 points, one better than 2nd place Wayzata.  The boys team finished 3rd with 362 points, 8 points behind 1st place Roseville and 5 points behind 2nd place Hopkins.

Duluth East skiers finishing in the top 10 of their pursuit races were; Ryan Davis 3rd, Annie Harvieux 4th and Chelsey Youngberg 6th.

 Full results can be seen in the handout below

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Duluth East Sweeps Section 7

Posted by David Kask at Feb 10, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Feb 9, 2012 - Duluth, MN - Duluth East High School took home two Section 7 titles this afternoon and will go on to the State Championships next week. Nordic high school skiers from across the region competed in the Section 7 meet for entry into the Minnesota State High School Championship Race on February 16. Skiers from Duluth East, Duluth Denfeld, Duluth Marshall, Cloquet/Esko/Carlton, Proctor/Hermantown, Ely, Mesabi East, Grand Rapids, Two Harbors, Deer River and Cook County competed in the event. This event included both Girls and Boys Meets. The pursuit race combined times from 5K classic and 5K freestyle (skate) races.

The top four scoring Duluth East boys placed in the top six. Skiers included: Ryan Davis, 1st place; Geoff Ash, 3rd place; Luke Israel, 5th place; Bauer LeSavage, 6th place; Michael Chmielewski, 15th place; Victor Pilon, 19th place; and, Henry French, 22nd place.

Four of the top five finishers for the girls were from Duluth East with all seven participating skiers placing in the top 14. Skiers included top ranked Annie Harvieux, 1st place; Chelsey Youngberg, 2nd place; Sophie Schuder, 4th place; Ashley Herman 5th place; Katie Allen, 8th place; Alyssa Hess, 12th place; and Carolyn Lucca, 14th place.

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Arrowhead Cup Final Point Standings

Posted by David Kask at Feb 10, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

After 10 races the top ten skiers in the Arrowhead Cup point standings listed below.  For the complete point standings click on the handout below.


Rk. Name Grade Team Total
1 Patterson, Danielle 10 Duluth East 724
2 Harvieux, Annie 12 Duluth East 695
3 Allen, Katie 10 Duluth East 681
4 Youngberg, Chelsey 12 Duluth East 654
5 Goodge, Berit 12 Duluth East 647
6 Herman, Ashley 10 Duluth East 615
7 Bock, Haley 10 Duluth East 613
8 Harvieux, Zoe 9 Duluth East 600
9 Curran, Sarah 10 Duluth East 594
10 Schurke, Berit 12 Ely 578


Rk. Name Grade Team Total
1 LeSavage, Bauer 12 Duluth East 713
2 Davis, Ryan 12 Duluth East 700
3 Rauzi, Joe 8 Duluth East 682
4 Israel, Luke 11 Duluth East 677
5 Olson, Jesse 11 Ely 647
6 French, Henry 9 Duluth East 641
7 Rauzi, Lino 10 Duluth East 617
8 Jesme, Ben 12 Ely 589
9 Bina, Colton 11 Ely 547
10 Lah, Ian 12 Ely 537

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Nordic Team Awards Banquet Information

Posted by David Kask at Feb 10, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Nordic Ski Team Banquet on Sunday 2/26/12

5pm, Lakeview Covenant Church

Ski suit turn in from 5pm-5:30, dinner at 5:30pm - you'll get your deposit checks back

RSVP quickly so we know how much food to prepare and can cover our costs.


I've attached the invite to this email. To save using our team $ on paper and postage >

    - print the attachment (see handout below)

    - REPLY TO this email ASAP with your count of banquet attendees

    - mail your check to address on the invite

 If I don't get an email back from you, I will assume you didn't get this invite and mail you one.



We'll need lots of help, REPLY TO this email if you can:

    - help set up prior to dinner (from 3pm to 5pm, or part of that)

    - help serve dinner (from 5pm until all are served)

    - help with clean up (after the awards and slideshow)

    - bring dessert (one batch of cookies or bars) - if I get a big response to this request, I may ask you to bring something else for the main meal.

    - sell DEAA raffle tickets at banquet



We will be selling DEAA raffle tickets at our banquet.

We keep $8 for every $10 ticket sold.

Raffle prizes are: $2000, $500, $500, $250, $250

The drawing is on May 7 at East H.S.

DEAA is the school's activities booster club and its important for us to support them so they will support us. They bought our team 20 new ski suits this winter and Bonnie plans to ask for at least 20 more each year until all East skiers are in the same suit.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for 2/23/2012 basketball game

The Nordic team needs to provide at least 2 adults to man the concessions stand during the East basketball game (at East) on 2/23/12. We need to cover it from 5pm to about 8:30 (through halftime). This is our vacation week and many of us are unavailable, including Bonnie and Dave! So PLEASE, if you can help, let Bonnie or Dave know ASAP. This work raises $$ for our team!

 Please help support these fundraisers as we'd like to buy another wax bench (or 2) which cost $500 each.

If you have any great photos from the season, please forward them on disc to Danielle Patterson for the banquet slideshow.

questions? you can call me,

Patti Harvieux