2014 Week 1

Posted by Jerry Randolph on Aug 23 2014 at 05:00PM PDT

  Vikings  VS  Middletown

The Vikings began their 2014 season at home against Middletown on a very rainy and wet evening. Coach Randolph sent out a starting eleven of : Roark in goal, Maxwell, Zech , McCoy and Cardenas on defense, Eshbaugh, Affini, Bussard , Schacherer, and Schenck at the midfield and Teaney up top.

  The Vikings new formation has proven to score goals but on this wet night they couldn’t hold any possession and seemed a step slow to the ball. The game was played at a slow pace with Middletown being the most dangerous and in control. The Vikings kept them out of the net until 3 minutes to go in the first half when a free kick was awarded . A deflection off the wall found Roark going in wrong direction and the Middies took the lead into halftime.  Coach Randolph asked for adjustments in man marking and winning 50/50 balls. He also wanted the attack to be more out of possession rather than kick and run hoping to be faster than Middletown defense.

  The second half began and the Vikings seemed to pick up their play some . Kip Schenck broke free on a long through ball from Murrie Affini and chipped the ball over the keeper to tie the game just 8 minutes into the half. Middletown picked up their game as well and the game became a physical battle. Tempers were kept in check by the Coaching staff’s  and both teams played with passion. It was not the Vikings night never taking control of the game or sustaining any possession . The Middies scored with 12 minutes remaining and gave the Vikings a loss and a wake up call.

  Good games were had by : Raork , Schenck , Affini, Eshbaugh, Cardenas, Brundage


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