Lucas Eshbaugh 2014

Posted by Jerry Randolph on Dec 20 2014 at 04:00PM PST

 Lucas Eshbaugh was a returning Captain in his Senior year . He brought with him the same great qualities he had in his Junior year and added confidence to his play and leadership. He was a player that did all the little things in practice and games to give his team the greatest chance to be succesful. He would cover other players moving forward defensively and do the work to get up and down the field in support. His work rate is un matched at everything the team did . If they ran sprints, he led in giving every effort he could in every sprint. If they did distance , he led in pushing himself and his teammates to go farther faster. He vocally led in every drill and every game with constant encouragement and precise instructions.

 Lucas had 2 goals and 2 assists his senior year playing almost every minute possible. His contribution on the field and importance to his teammates and coachs could not be measured in stats . Noone could ask for more effort and total team play from him every day. He truly did the work that allowed others to shine statiscally. 

 Lucas earned his 3rd Varsity letter and the Kettering Sportsmanship award this season. He had a goal and assist against West Carrollton to keep the Gary Kimmel Traveling Trophy.

  Lucas is the only player to date to win this award twice. Our program is lucky to of had him in it and all players should strive to be the player and teammate that he is.  He also is part of the only 2 brothers to win this award.



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