11U- 2nd Annual President’s Day CABA Classic,Feb 14-16, 2004

Posted by Jose Flores on Feb 13 2004 at 04:00PM PST
2nd Annual President’s Day CABA Classic
That's right $ 500 fundraising "donation" to 1st place. Entrance Fee: $299 per team + plus 1 ball per game. Fee Covers everything else: Umpires, field and lights, just come and play. (We also pay your 1 time a year $20 CABA registration fee, to become a CABA registered team for 2004) CABA sanctioned. · What: 5 Game Guarantee 1st Place- $500 fundraising "donation". 2nd Place- $100 fundraising "donation". 1st Place & 2nd place receive a birth to next years CABA State & National Championship. Teams earning a berth incur all cost(s) associated with the berth including berth fees, tournament fees, travel expenses, etc. Results Place: Team name: 1st Place Sun Valley Bums 2nd Place So Cal Arsenal Registered Teams in no specific order. 1. MP Angels Blue 2. Brookhurst Cyclones 3. HYB Bandits 4. So Cal Arsenal 5. Sun Valley Bums · Where: Garvey Ranch Park. Field 2 781 South Orange Avenue Monterey Park, California 91754 For pics of tournament go to Picture Album.


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