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Frequently Asked Questions. Please note that our answers are not meant to offend anyone in any way, these are simply our opinions/answers. All information below may be different on tournament flyer/details page, depending on each tournament. 1. What is the Age cut off date? May 30th of current year. (Unless stated otherwise on tournament details/flyer page) 2. Do you check for birth certificates? Yes, we ALWAYS check the Team Book. We do not keep this book we just ask that you bring it for review before your fist game then have it with you incase another coach request it. Forfeits will apply if you do not have it when requested. See tournament rules. We require that each team have a team book with the following: a. Roster sheet with: Name, Birth Date, Players Signatures, and Jersey Number(we have a blank roster sheet always available or attached to flyer/information sheet) b. Copy of Birth Certificate for each player c. Copy of Team Insurance Please note that some information required may change, but will be specifically stated in the flyer/information sheet. 3. How do you avoid teams borrowing players just for a tournament to keep the games fair to real teams? (Unless stated otherwise on tournament details/flyer page) We have each team turn in a roster sheet and then have them fill out a new one every new day of play. We then compare that roster sheet to make sure all players are the same. We also keep ALL roster sheets from previous events and have them with us at the current event just incase a team tries to pull a fast one on us. We simply want to make sure that all team participants are a team. And not a team that chose to bench a few of their committed players who never miss a game just to bring powerhouse JR. If you really want to win that bad, we will be happy to buy you a trophy. 4. Do you host other age groups? Here and there we do. 5. Can Metal cleats be used? Yes for all ages 11U and above, not for 10U and below 6. What rules do you play, CABA, AABC, USSSA etc? We play professional rules with the exception of a few. These few are stated on tournament flyer/information sheet. Please read the rules as they are different than the league you currently play in. If you do not like these rules, please do not join and later make the rules an issue. Read the rules, RULES ARE THERE FOR A REASON. Rules are different for almost each tournament we offer, so make sure you read the rules for the tournament you are interested in. 7. Are your tournaments sanctioned? Some times. 8. But some teams want to play in sanctioned events, why don’t you still sanction all your tournaments? We do not want to charge every team an extra fee when only a few or maybe none would use that sanctioned opportunity. Say we do sanction a tournament, and no team uses that sanctioned we just charged all the teams extra money for nothing. Say one team will use it, why should we charge the other teams for their use. * The day we sanction a tournament is the day the sanctioning organizations sanction for free, or charge the interested teams that fee if they do win a tournament. You have to understand that we are not doing this as a business or profit. We are trying to get more teams to play and not let funds hold them back. More games, more fun and more kids off the streets. 9. Did you know that by sanctioning a tournament you get more exposure? Yes we do know this but we figure that word of mouth is stronger than typical means and so far this has worked for us. We try hard to accommodate everyone and take criticism well. We take suggestions and try to implement them as best as possible. We have our web site, post flyers on other web sites, email flyers, pass flyers at games, and best of all word of mouth. Note, that most sanctioned tournaments never get filled up so the brackets or pool play are never even, why? because they promise you exposure and say that teams will sign up and join, but when the cost is high, they don't always fill-up and the teams that did end up with an unfilled tournament and feel ripped-off. Teams know when they are getting a good deal for their kids. 10. Does your fee cover the umpire? Yes, unless specifically stated otherwise in the flyer/information sheet. One of these days we will have a dirt-cheap tournament and teams will have to pay for their umps 50/50. Maybe. Nah… 11. Does your fee cover the balls? Yes, unless specifically stated otherwise in the flyer/information sheet. When we do pay for the balls we ask that we get them back only because we donate them to local inner league teams or new travel ball teams starting up that ask for our help. We help others out like we were/are helped. We basically try to simply have the teams pay a fee and one fee only. 12. Do you offer hotel discounts? Sometimes, only because we have tried getting local hotels involved but they always seem to want money up front or a cut of the fees paid by the teams. We just don’t understand why they simply do not help us help our youth, when they would profit in return. We simply recommend you do your own homework on this one. But we may in the near future. We did get a discount for the Las Vegas Labor Day tournament we hosted in Nevada. 13. Do your fields have pitchers mounds? The majority of the fields we use do have mounds. We use to use fields that did not have mounds but that was when we first started. Now, as our tournaments get more popular we are getting access to much better fields, some now with grass infields. 14. What feet are your bases? See rules 15. What feet are your pitcher mounds? See rules 16. Do your fields have homerun fences? Some, lately all the parks we have been using do have fences. 17. Do your fields have infield grass? Not all, but lately the parks that we are using do have grass infield. 18. Why don’t you host your tournaments in other cities? We are currently trying to host tournaments in different cities. If you want to host a tournament let us know. We will run one with you at your home field/s. As long as the cost is not to high. We strongly feel that: “A field is a field, if you have enough room and if it fits your dimensions, you can play on it, so let’s play.” If you want to host a tournament let us know, we will be happy to send one your way. Email us and let us know how we can help each other. Remember we do NOT do it for profit, so don’t expect to make lots of money out of it, unless you hold a snack bar. Because the money is where the snack bar is. Taco sales make seriouse money. 19. Can a pitcher pitch consecutive games? See rules 20. Are your umpires certified? Yes, we do hire umpires that our current league hires. You all know how this goes, “an umpire is not judged by the call you did not like.” Our umpires are good people and love to help us do what we do. Just so you all know, they sometimes take a pay cut just to help our cause. And we always appreciate their support. A great umpire once told us: "Everyone hates the umpire when he makes a mistake, yet the mistake is the fact that the people who are judging him don't know the RULE he just called. Now who made the mistake?" Please read the rules, know the rules. 21. Is your tournaments co-ed? Of course. (we put this question here because it was asked) 22. How often do you have a tournament? We try to have one once every month, but like we said before, the fields are usually the problem. One of these days, a professional player will come from above and donate a large piece of land and build a park for us so that we can let the kids play and not let money or politics hold them back, and host a tournament once a week. 23. Do you play pool play or just brackets? We do both, but lately per teams request they like the 2 top teams go to the ship style of play. But on long weekends we try to mix it up. 24. Why do you have a game time limit? Because if we don't, then the tied games will never end and would push back the rest of the games that day. But we give the 2 teams the option of deciding how they want to end the game before the start with the ump consent. But, make sure you read the rules because in some pool play tournaments this does not apply. But the innings do have to close. We don't really have the dead drop rule because that rule just sucks. 25. Why don't you use the California Tie Breaker rule? One big reason is that many teams don't know about this rule or all of it's variations. We have tried this and the games still did not end. What this rule is that you start a new inning and place a runner on 2nd base and add 1 out. Then you do the same for the home team and see who wins. Then if that does not break the tie, you add a runner to 3rd base and add 1 out. And goes around again. We've seen where this did not work and all the games were pushed up. Many people don't like this rule because you put a runner on a base that never was there. Obviously what ever rule we use someone will be unhappy. So far most teams who read the rules and understand the rules don't have a problem with this one. If they do, then they always have a choice on where they play. 26. Does the time limit apply to the last game of the day? yes, only because it's the last game does not mean that the rules do not apply to it. All rules apply to ALL games, 1st game or last game. You have to understand that it would not be fair for the teams that played in the 1st game if the last game teams got special treatment. Except the championship game, read the rules to understand this rule. (Unless stated otherwise on tournament details/flyer page) 27. What is the time limit drop dead rule? This means that the game is over at the time limit. No new inning after time limit, but the last inning 'must' close. 28. What is the time limit for the Championship game? Unless stated otherwise in the tournament flyer/rules there is no time limit as long as it’s safe for the kids to play. Meaning that we have lights-on if lights are needed. Championship games are played full innings. Mercy rule in effect. Before the beginning of the Championship game the two head coaches have to agree how the game will end if lights may be an issue. 29. Do your parks charge for parking? The only park that we know that charges for parking in our area is Whittier Narrows Park, all others are free. FYI. We make no profit of what they charge. (Unless stated otherwise on tournament details/flyer page) We always state when there is a charge and who the money goes to. 30. Do you have a snack-bar? Always, no BBQ's or Ice chest please. We keep our tournament cost down and make no profit off your fees, we make our team profit at the snack-bar so please support. 31. How do you end a tie when it's the championship game? We usually let the two head coaches know if lights are an issue. If they are an issue, then the coaches and the blue decide before the game how this will be handled. But the game is still played to it's full innings (varies by age group) and no time limit. 32. Can 8U teams lead off and are balks called? No, the 8U are not allowed to lead off. And balks are not called. Unless this is stated otherwise in the tournament flyer/rules. 33. Why are some of your tournament fees and prizes different from previous tournaments? Reason being that some tournaments end up costing us more or less than others. Usually it's because of the field rental cost. And the umpire fees that keep going up over time and age group. If you've joined our tournaments from the beginning, then you'd notice how we keep using better parks...and this cost money, therefore the cost tends to go up little by little. 34. If you help another team host a tournament who keeps what ever profits are made? The team that we sponsor/help keeps all profits. The only thing we ask is that you follow our "low cost" mentality. Seriously, we do not mind setting up a tournament for another team, they run it and they keep the profits. And they get to run the snack bar. We've seen other tournaments do this but they still charge the team that is hosting to play in the tournament, why? 35. Do you give refunds? Yes, as long as you cancel 3 weeks before the event you will get a refund excluding the $100 deposit. After that it is too late. Sorry but we have to still pay for fees so don't cancel. If you have to cancel, at least try to get another team to cover for you then that team could pay you your fee. We accept deposits to hold a spot because we know how hard it is to get all your parents to pitch in their money. We know that it takes time to collect from all the parents so we do this so that you get in, get your spot and then worry about the money later. We trust that no team will leave us hanging knowing that we'd let everyone know if they did. We are always willing to work with you. 36. Have you ever canceled a tournament? One time, it was an 11U tournament because we had 3 teams that canceled 8 days before the tournament. And since we always post the schedule early, we did not want to run around and try to get 3 new teams so we canceled it 1 week before to let the teams know in advance. That has been the closest we ever got to the actual date. We understand that all the teams including their parents have changed their schedule in order to participate so we take that seriously into consideration before anything. Which is why we go out of our way to make sure a tournament is not canceled and/or let them know way ahead of time. Remember that we join tournaments and we learn from their mistakes so don't make them. 37. Have you ever not filled a bracket/pool? Yes, one time. The tournament in Las Vegas was the first. But we manage to get enough teams to make it a success. But we did not get the 8 we wanted. But all the rest we have. 38. Do you always invite past teams? Yes and no. We always invite teams that have made the tournament competitive and enjoyable. We tend not to invite teams that have caused problems like crying about every little rule and wasting time just to fight an umps call. Teams/coaches that don't let the kids play and earn their win are never invited back. Understand that we are not doing this for the money so it's not like we need the business because it's not a business. Their are over 75 travel/competitive teams just in the LA/Orange County area, all 13U, so finding teams is not a problem. Other age groups are about the same, except 9U and below where their are around 40. 39. How do you decide on who is home or away? Always flip of the coin. Home team does not mean you get to pick your dugout. Dugouts are first come first serve. Or unless the coaches agree to switch. The director will not get involved and force a team out. Remember time is important so we don't and won't waste it on this. 40. Where do we get info on team insurance? CA-CABA Home Page 41. When do you post the Game Times? We post all game times the day we post the tournament information. We fill in the game times with team names no later than 5 days before the tournament. But many times we have filled in the team names with the times they play a lot sooner. As soon as we fill up, we post the times everyone plays. But the Game Time Schedule is always available before the tournament, so team know what times the games will be. 42. What is the difference "Teams Registered" & "Interested Teams"? "Teams Registered" are teams that have their spot saved because they have sent in the Tournament fee. "Interested Teams" are teams that have called in or emailed us and have showed interest in the tournament. We do not simply show one list of teams to fool you to think that all these teams are in. We tell the truth, we are not like other tournaments that make up team names or create a list of teams that are not even in the tournament. Later to find out that only 1 or 2 are actually in. We tell the truth, we know we will fill up so if you see 1 team Registered then 1 team has paid (or payment in mail). If you wish to wait till we get closer to the tournament date, that is up to you. But many teams have found out the hard way by not registering early. Just so you know, we have only had 1 team in our history that has ever canceled 1 day before the tournament (that was a real emergency). But we recovered within 5 minutes of that conversation. We simply called one of the backup teams and they were very happy to be in. For what we charge, and what we offer, you'd join. 43. Are all the tournaments the same? like same rules, times, locations? No, each tournament is completely different. Even the rules sometimes are different. Some have different age cut offs, some have different locations, different cost. Each tournament is different, and each tournament has everything documented within the original tournament page. 44. Honestly, why do you guys do it? Seriously, we do it because we want more teams to play, and we want tournaments to be run right. We have joined other tournaments, as all of you have. We hate when we show up to find out that the schedule has changed. That only 4 teams in your age group are in and not 8 like promised. That the schedule is not even because of the number of teams that have joined. We don't understand why other tournaments don't organize everything before they start receiving fees. We organize everything before we start collecting fees. We provide all the information you need to make the decision of whether you are in or not. We do not want you to take a gamble like you do with other tournaments. That is why we do it. We are working hard on having tournaments in different Cities so we can be sure that we played teams from different cities and are sure that the tournament was run right. Why? because we are hosting it. 45. Seems that you guys are competing with other tournaments, is this true? No, all we want is for them to not charge so much. Lower their fees and run their tournaments correctly. Don't tell us that 5 teams are already in when only 1 is in. Don't tell us that "the schedule will be up tomorrow", come to find out it gets posted the night before the tournament. We are not competing, we just want things to be done right? 46. Do you have tournament shirts at your events? yes and no, sometimes we do, and if we do, we post it on our web site. We are working on getting a set business partner that we can work with and always work with. 47. Would you guys simply help another team with setting up a tournament? Yes, if you want to start running your own tournaments we'd be happy to help and point you in the right direction. We'll help any team. Just remember, the day you change what we've taught you, and start charging a lot for your tournaments is the day your tournaments do not fill up. 48. Who do we make the checks payable to? See tourney flyer 49. Where do we send the checks to? See tourney flyer 50. Where is Boyle Heights located? Boyle Heights is located in the heart of Los Angeles California. 51. How do you let teams who do not have Internet Access know about your tournaments? When we first stated we went around various leagues and tournaments to invite teams. But since we have been doing this for the past year we have been getting on average of 900 hits to our web page a month, and growing. So the words is spreading. And for those teams that don't have web access, they are calling us via our phone line. But remember, internet access is free at your local library. 52. What type of baseballs do you use for your tournaments? We use ProNine High School balls. Nothing but the best for our tournaments. If you are bringing a ball to our tournament, please bring a ball that your league/age level would. For ProNine information go to 53. What is the max player count per team? 15 for 12U and below, for 13U and above it's 20. 54. Why are you not offering a "Cash Prize" any more? Because we do not want to exclude any teams that participate in any other organization that prohibits Cash Prize as awards. For example USSSA has this rule: RULE VII 7.01 Acts of Disbarment Participation in a tournament in which cash prizes are offered. In referring to cash prizes, the following shall define a cash prize: “Cash prize” shall mean prizes in cash or in merchandise that is easily converted into cash that is awarded to players or teams based on the final standings of a tournament or other competition. A player or team may receive reimbursement for actual expenses incurred, as long as the amount of the reimbursement is not dependent on the standings of the event. The above acts shall apply to a player and/or team. Therefore we will now be awarding in some tournament "reimbursement for actual expenses incurred" or a fundraising "donation". 55. Since you guys are from Boyle Heights, are all your tournaments held in Boyle Heights? When we first started yes, but now that we have grown, we use parks in many different cities: Monterey Park, Hacienda Heights, Santa Fe Springs, El Monte, Montebello, and City of Bell. 56. Are you looking for players to play in your team? yes, just contact the appropriate coach via our About Us page. 57. What are your future goals? To eventually run tournaments for every age level once a month. Then later twice a month. And at one point run it in Dodgers Stadium. (<


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