Lake dominates Brazoswood

Posted by Donald Wilkerson on Feb 10 2004 at 04:00PM PST
The Clear Lake Falcons made the trek down to Brazoswood in the rain Tuesday night to polish up their skills before two more challenging contests they face next against Clear Creek Friday night and Clear Brook next Tuesday night. Unfortunately, this game did little to improve their skills but perhaps it served as a confidence booster and it allowed the reserves much playing time so maybe it was worth the trip. The Bucs were only slightly challenging adversaries as the Falcons outclassed them 79-56. Unofficially, I counted 20 steals by the Falcons as the Falcon defense proved too much for the Bucs early on and there was little doubt about the outcome of the game by the early stages of the second quarter. The Falcons never trailed and their lead continued to grow as the game progressed. Another positive indicator, the number of trips down the floor without scoring was the lowest of the season. Falcon scoring by quarter was 21-19-18-22 so there was balanced scoring across both halves and the scoring for the squad was evenly distributed. The Falcons led at the half by a score of 40-25. For the first time this year it seems, the Falcons did not foul more than their opponents. Scoring for the Falcons: Dan Rieke 13 (7 rebounds), Dennis Cerny 12, Connor Atchley 12 (7 rebounds, 3 steals), Aaron Greenwood 10 (6 rebounds), Armie Lewis 10, Nandi Wijay 7 ( 8 steals plus 3 shared steals), Scott Oswald 4, Ross Mahler 3, and Micah Walker 3, Chris Mitchell 2. FYI: Bucs standout guard junior Kent Benedict proved a formidable opponent as he scored almost half the points for the Bucs. He will most assuredly be a major cause for concern next season.


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