How do I print the directions to a school?

Posted by Donald Wilkerson on Dec 14 2003 at 04:00PM PST
One way to print directions from the website: After you have clicked on the "Directions to Schools" page, scroll down to the school you are interested in. Move the mouse cursor to the upper left of the school or gym name. The cursor should change to an "I beam". Press and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor over the directions you wish to print until the entire directions are highlighted. Then, with the cursor over the highlightd area, right click with the mouse and select COPY. This will copy the directions to the clipboard. With your word processor (e.g. Microsoft WORD) open to a fresh new page, right click on the page and select PASTE. This will copy the directions into the word processor. Now you can print the directions in the customary fashion. If right clicking does not work, select EDIT, PASTE from the menu. Other areas of the web pages can also be printed this way depending on the format of the page you are copying. The STATS go to an EXCEL spreadsheet. Some of the text in other areas may be difficult to print depending on which word processor you are using. Good luck.


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