When can I expect a game's results to be posted?

Posted by Donald Wilkerson on Feb 06 2004 at 04:00PM PST

My goal is to post the score and some basic stats of each game before the sun comes up the morning after the game (usually before midnight). In addition an article describing the game from a Clear Lake fan's perspective will be provided for out of town games, district games, and playoff games by noon the day after the game (sometimes early pre-district game write-ups will be provided for a few games as well).

Volunteer-provided photos will usually be posted within 24 hours after the game score is posted.

 Since I am often very tired by the time I finish a write-up and post it, I often go back the next day and review the article and add additional comments/facts so you should read the write-ups again if you have read them the next morning after the game. If I receive and review the official stats for a game, which infrequently may be several days later, very infrequently I might add additional comments or facts to the write-ups for historical purposes. The game photos will usually be added within 36 hours after the game day but it can take up to 2 or 3 days. Sometimes I receive no game photos, sometimes I receive 235 per game.

I appreciate your patience and understanding as I muddle through trying to remember the spelling of some word or the struggle to try to remember the complete array of all the game's moments which are worthy of mention. The web site spell checker is very primitive (me) and the days when I was a good speller are becoming a fading memory. When I leave out some event which should be mentioned it is not intentional. It may be that I am just having a hard time getting my brain in gear or it may be fatigue. Regardless, thanks for your patience.

Sometimes I do tend to editorialize more than I initially intended so any Clear Lake fan with a dissenting opinion is welcome to submit an opposing viewpoint via email. I may choose to post it on the site, perhaps paraphased, if it is not derogatory or inflamatory. I will not consider posting any lengthy treatise on something as trivial as my use of a word or questions regarding my credentials. I am just a fan with an opinion who types slowly. For fans from opposing schools with differing viewpoints, they should just refrain from going to this website.


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