2011-2012 Teams! Congrats to all!!

Posted by Charlie Cleaves on Nov 16 2011 at 04:00PM PST
   Varsity  JV  Freshman
SR   Sierrah Aggasid  Kaylie Azevedo  Samantha Branson
SR  Leanna Boes  Marisa Anjo  Giselle Cahill
SR  Sarah Cozart  Brenna Baehr  Linh Ann Cook
SR  Brenda DeCresente  Megan Boelter  Christine Croucher
SR  Carly Grier  Alyssa Campa  Julia Covington
SR  Samantha Lucas  Alexis Cortes  Deliah Enciso
SR  Taylor Shakowski  Madison Day-Robinson  Josey Harmenson
JR  Isabella Alcaraz  Gracie Folkesson  Ashley Harold
JR  Angelique Carrillo  Kayla Hyvoven  Tanya Ieler
JR  Kailynn Janis  Ashley Johnson  Jensen McFarland
JR  Melora Lawson  Mylissa Johnson  Denisse Nunez
JR  Kiana Quarles  Jamie Kerlin  Hannah Padilla
JR  Sarah Perez  Molly Lincoln  Alexia Reyes
JR  Alexis Stephen  Halley Murray  Victoria Stroman
SO  Natalie Cook  Elizabeth Nerat Morgan Sterling
SO  Sierra Nager  Emily Nerat  Tori Taylor
SO  Mariah Voight  Jordan Norberg  Breanna Vanhoose
SO  Jessica Warner  Ebony Squier  Sydney Williams
FR  Sophia Alcaraz  Kylie Swerdlorf  Julia Zupher
FR  Brianna Daoust    

Congrats again to everyone and special thanks to all of the players that came out this week to tryout! We are very excited to get the season started! GO COUGARS!!!!!



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