Athletic Clearance Package Information

Posted by Charlie Cleaves on Oct 09 2001 at 05:00PM PDT

In preparation for our Nov. 10th start date, a few things to remember:

1.     The Finance Office no longer provides clearance packets.  Students will need to print them out from the school website.  Mini clearance (the coach’s emergency card is also available on the website).2.    Please remind students that are on the roster that they do not need to clear again.  They’re still getting used to this “once a year” clearance and might need a reminder.4.     G
o to the School Website and download Athletic clearance package.
This package includes:
1. Athletic Participation Physical Form
2. Extracurricular Registration Material
3. Ethics in Sports
4. Coaches Clearance Card
5. Student Accident Insurance Information
6. Purchase an ASB Sticker

Please complete all forms as soon as possible if you have not cleared yet. All of this package must be completed before tryouts, or you cannot play! Don't wait!!
Coaches are responsible to collect clearance packets.  



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