Sponsor of the Month - Dee's Brick Oven Pizza

Posted by Michael Polikoff on Aug 06 2005 at 05:00PM PDT in Fall 2018
Each month, the Soccer Program of Forest Hills will show special thanks for their participation and support of the league. This month the league would like to thank: Dee' Brick Oven Pizza In the fall of 1993 I opened Dee’s Brick Oven Pizza, a restaurant featuring authentic wood burning brick oven pizza. The philosophy behind our pizza is that it is authentic, meaning that everything is fresh and natural. To begin with, our oven was crafted by hand, each brick mortared together to form a perfectly domed cooking chamber. The oven is fueled entirely by wood and reaches temperatures of up to 800 degrees to ensure a crisp crust with a moist center. Pizzas can be cooked from start to finish in under four minutes.image


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