Nats Prepare For Double Elimination State Tournament

Posted by Steve Elliott on Jul 29 2017 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Season

The West Allis Nationals travelled to Lombard, IL on Saturday for a DH and were successful in avoiding the dreaded split as the Orioles swept the locals by scores of 13-1 and 7-1.   

It was not the best day for the Nationals defense.   That's all I'm goin say about that.

Since we're all about being positive in 2017, there were a number of takeaways that the team can build upon entering this week's season ending State Tournament in Sheboygan.

1.  Nationals pitchers continued a positive trend of attacking the strike zone.  

2.  Huntz's sunscreen wasn't tainted like Mexican liquor this week.   Full protection for his delication complexion.

3.  High Life can be freed from its aluminum prison, releasing its tender nectar in a glass conduit.

4.  No one met Karas at the top. 

5.  Only thing better than an O'Hare Oasis massage chair....well, Nationals, Inc. is still working on the prototype.

6.  Tall Balls' ERA vs the Nationals is 27.00

7.  We've confirmed that Lombard's sprinkler system is functioning and it tact.  Thanks, 11.

8.  We've confirmed #20's chirping can be suppressed by a surgical procedure.

9.  Sodey and Schmiddle don't gut teammates and are the first to rise when an opponent is in crisis.

10.  The van continues to handle exceptionally well. 



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