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FIFA 18 August 29 news Recently, AC Milan CEO Enso received an interview with the Guardian, described some of his and Li Yonghong in the business philosophy of the exchange, as well as some difficult future coping methods. Last summer, Fasso’s name and a strange Chinese businessman Li Yonghong linked together, they want to buy the history of European football, one of the most successful AC Milan. 53 years old, in Juventus, Inter Milan, Naples and other teams served as senior officials of the French,

a bit overwhelmed: I started with a skeptical attitude into the investment project, because I want To understand their wishes in the end is what they want to make such a huge investment. As a European, it is important for me to understand the motives behind the Chinese investor’s dream. And worked with them for a month later, my heart spectrum, and understand that this is a very exciting big thing. And nearly five months, Li Yonghong set up investment companies in Luxembourg, has completed the acquisition of AC Milan 740 million euros plan. The Rossoneri was formerly Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for nearly 30 years. Sunday, Li Yonghong since April this year, Milan Derby 2-2 draw with Inter

Milan (Derby before the completion of the acquisition), the second appeared in the San Siro stadium to watch the AC Milan game, this summer the Chinese businessman won the Champions League seven times AC Milan, put more than the past two years more transfer funds. In the summer, Fasso and Milan sports director Massimo – Mirabei very happy, they get enough rich transfer funds. Milapelli for the team to introduce new aid investment of more than 150 million euros, including the hands of the sworn enemy Juventus directly to the Italian national team core Zhongwei Bonucci. Serie A first round Milan 3-0 win over Crotone, swept away last season’s downturn. Milan from 2013-2014 season, will also be the first to participate in the war in Europe. At that time, under the leadership of Clarence Seedorf, Milan in the Champions League by the Madrid two-round 5-1 swept out of competition, and in the last season, under the leadership of Montella coach,

AC Milan beat Inter Milan won Serie A 6, which is their first three seasons since the European war qualification. ; We may be Italy’s most international club. Fasso said: Juventus has more league titles, but the DNA of the war in Europe flows in the blood of Milan. We are very pleased to be able to participate in the European Cup this year, we will focus on this year on the international stage, but we must (as soon as possible) to return to the Champions League. Fasso said: This is also the boss to our goal, they hope that the next few years we can stabilize the Champions League in a member. On the economic front, they give great support. We are very lucky, because the 2018-2019 season, Serie A will have four Champions League places. Of course, it is not easy to get the top four, but it is not impossible, this is the smallest goal we have to achieve. After all, we are a giant who slept for three to four years, like a Ferrari that is not in the garage. Ferrari, its freedom is born for the track. This summer, AC Milan is like a hungry ghost possessed, (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
35.2 million pounds to buy Bonucci, 33.6 million pounds to buy the Portuguese striker A – Silva, 22 million pounds to buy Leverkusen core midfielder Chal Khan Oulu , 5 million euros to hire Croatian international Khali Nick, if you want to buy him, Milan must also pay 20 million euros in the summer of the cost of the acquisition of these acquisitions have been successfully improved AC Milan fans expectations , For the new boss is able to provide sustainable development of doubt, at this moment seems to have vanished. In the previous commitment to investment did not appear, Li Yonghong turned to the US private equity fund Elliott for help, Elliott took out 300 million euros, of which 180 million euros guarantee to help Li Yonghong acquisition of the club, the remaining part of the purchase of players. The loan will expire in October 2018, with an interest of 11.5% and Li Yonghong’s remaining loan interest of 7.5%. But Fasso believes that these loans will not be a future risk of Milan:; we have been very hard to repay these loans, in fact, we are likely to advance in advance, for example, early 2018 can be.


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