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Packaged workers win over red skin

The two sides of the main quarterback Aaron – Rogers and Cork – test Sings are debut debut, and there are impressive performance. Rogers developed his own new weapons, just from the Patriot transactions to the Mattels – Bennett, Cousins ??in the field to stay longer, 23 pass 14 to promote 144 yards a touchdowns. But in the game which played a fatal blow is the packaging of the fourth quarterback Tasman – Hill, this name from the Brigham Young University players in the fourth quarter contributed a key red ball touchdowns to help the packer Go beyond the score, to seal the victory. Eventually in this red and green war, the packer 21:17 victory over the red skin. Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins

The second week of the preseason: Titan Rams staged defending champion defending defeat

Denver Broncos beat the San Francisco 49 people

Mustang team for four consecutive bombing of the 49 people can not find the North, early disarm surrender. But the audience is the highlight of the San Francisco 49 back attacker Victor – Bolden in the fourth quarter through a heavy obstacle to complete a record 104 yards back attack touchdowns, the audience score, Mustang 33:14 victory 49 people.

The second week of the preseason: Titan Rams staged defending champion defending defeat

Los Angeles Rams lore Auckland Raiders

Derek Karl last season after the injury to bid farewell to the fans debut, and 9 pass 7 made 100 yards 2 touchdowns worthy of the league’s first high salary name. The other side of the champion Lang Jarid – Gough and substitute Sean – Manny Ang to share the playing time and performance is good, let us see the hope of the revival of the rams. The process of playing the two sides of the game difficult to understand, and ultimately the Rams in the last section of the lore of the raid, the audience score 24:21.

The second week of the preseason: Titan Rams staged defending champion defending defeat

Patriots lost to Texas, Gallupo sent fatal mistakes

The first section of the game, the Patriots first hold the first wave of Texas attack, Tom – Brady led the attack group main debut. But the first to attack the Houston Texas, Savage in the first section of (,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the last section to find the neutral, completed the touchdowns, in addition, the Texas defense group (Click to buy NFL 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) also almost cut off Brady, the public male JJ watt back Texas defensive group, and the state back to the courage to perform remarkable. The second quarter of the game, Brady first to find runners Berkehead get touchdowns to tie the game, after two consecutive free kick will score overtake. The rest of the game both sides you come to me, Brady after the end of the bench quarterback Jimmy – Gallo Boluo basically took over the rest of the time.


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