VISL Executive Director Proposal

Posted by Fraser Sim on Apr 27 2018 at 05:34PM PDT

Based on the research done by the VISL Board of Directors, as well as our outside consultant, the Board believe the best path forward for the VISL is to hire an executive director position. To accomplish this the Board of directors have created a proposed job description for membership review.

In addition, the board have considered budget options to minimize the impact of the position to the membership. The proposed budget which the Board approves includes no dues increase while the second column has a 150.00 per team increase. This file is attached.

At the VISL AGM, the Board and consultant will provide a full summary of the research and recommendations to the membership to approve the position.


The position of VISL Executive Director primary objective will be to administer and manage the daily business affairs of the Vancouver Island Soccer League in consultation with the VISL President and reporting to the VISL Board of Directors as required on a monthly basis.
Additional responsibilities will include but not limited to:

• Develop and maintain a work plan and report to Board of Directors as required,
• Ensure effective governance, including policy development, with Board of Directors,
• Attend monthly board meetings including the Annual General Meeting,
• Handle all VISL related paperwork,
• Manage all VISL member inquiries and requests,
• Manage Criminal Record Checks and Parental Liability forms,
• Manage VISL Communications and Marketing to members, public and other related soccer governing bodies as
required (ie. BCSA, CSA), including the VISL Social Media accounts and website,
• Manage VISL player registration, transfers and releases; with support from Lower Island Soccer office,
• Manage VISL Schedule change requests (potential to take on scheduler role longer term),
• Ensure Referee and Game reporting documentation is fulfilled and accurate,
• Ensure proper Discipline tracking and provide Discipline committee support where necessary,
• Manage and facilitate current and new VISL Sponsorship opportunities,
• Manage all event operations/logistics and oversee any committees related to the following VISL events;
VISL All-Star games, (both domestic and traveling to Fraser Valley)
VISL McGavin Cup,
VISL Cup Finals Weekend,
VISL Awards Banquet,
• Pursue opportunities to grow the VISL,
• Represent the VISL on BCSA or CSA committees, as required by VISL Board of Directors,
• Other duties and responsibilities as designated by VISL Board of Directors,

Hours Required
• Full-time position, with the expectation of 40 hours per week.
• Hours are cyclical in nature (ie. some weeks hours may be far less than other weeks, but in general should average out to 40 hours per week in a year)

The document 2019_VISL_budgets.pdf was attached to this post.


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