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Posted by Anthony Presnell at Feb 11, 2008 9:25AM PST ( 0 Comments )

So we kind of need to get things going. we need to get more organized and i can’t do it alone. We need more people out every thursday and sunday nights 730-9 in the fieldhouse, we need consistency in attendance and we need to get fundraising going. Also I am going to start putting out spring schedule together so the quicker we get a set team together the better. Also i would like to encourage everyone to start checking out and making contributions to the site…. it will help us stay in touch better.

This season i plan to institute a vice president for the organization- this invovlves responsibility and commitment. A fundraising director- someone who will get money going, Alek and myself will continue to govern the treasury and financial standing of the team.

The rec center just finalized plans to expand the recreation dept. As of april a construction company will begin work on developing the S. Fields into an astroturf complex with lights, they will also be adding 2 more football fields and another soccer field, this will allow for intramurals to be played at other places and open up practice and game fields for the Club Sports, that is a big step for us. They told me that the soccer fields are its first priority. GOOD NEWS! So lets do our part and get things going this spring and be able to be very competitive next year so that we can make strides to convince the school to support us as much as it does the hockey team. This has to be a collaborative effort.

Heres my fundraising ideas- I plan to do one every other wednesday! And i want to keep to that.

I was thinking-

Dorm Collection
Ask Local Business’s
T-shirts w/ logo for sale
Do a camp for youth during a weekend
Grannys does a 20% deal for dinnners
- 1st Annual Lumberjack Spring Soccer Showdown
- NAU Girls vs NAU Mens Club Team
- Friendly Game
- Advertise heavily- Kjack, Kaff Country, Daily Sun, Lumberjack, Facebook
- Sell t-shirts
- A Pre-game Meet and Greet
- Post Game BBQ sponsored by local eatery
- Raffle off Season Tickets to womens games
- Raffle off t-shirts & Other Gear
- Split The Pot Tickets
- Get local youth soccer program to come w/ family
- charge $1 admission or $2 admission
- get K-jack to come to game
- Sell "Spring Soccer Showdown" T-shirts w/ sponsors names on back