Hockey Pictures And Final Practice

Posted by Renee Mayotte on Dec 11 2021 at 04:35PM PST

Hello parents !!

We are reaching out to a photographer in order to have hockey pictures taken individually as well as team photos. The price is about 35$ per person but I will have to confirm with the photographer. Please comment below or send me a private message to confirm that you’d like your child to have their picture taken.

Next weekend during our Saturday practice, our coach Shawn has arranged to have Santa come by to say hello to the kids. . Your kids won’t want to miss that !

See everyone tomorrow !


2021-12-11T16:51:06.000-08:00December 11 2021, at 04:51 PM PST, Natasha Demers said:

That’s great 😎🎅🤩.
Roch is in for the pictures and we are excited for the Santa Visit . Thank you !

2021-12-11T16:54:33.000-08:00December 11 2021, at 04:54 PM PST, Justine Robinson said:

That’s great . Cohen is in for the photos as well

2021-12-11T17:35:56.000-08:00December 11 2021, at 05:35 PM PST, Alexandre Briand said:

Hey Renee!
I would like pictures taken of Alexandre.😊
Chantal Briand

2021-12-11T19:32:05.000-08:00December 11 2021, at 07:32 PM PST, Saralyn Hayward said:

We are definitely interested in pictures! Thank you 🙂

2021-12-12T05:44:29.000-08:00December 12 2021, at 05:44 AM PST, Shawn Blanchette said:

Bennett would also be in for pictures.
Thanks Renee!

2021-12-12T05:48:06.000-08:00December 12 2021, at 05:48 AM PST, Jessica Pelletier said:

Markus is in for pictures 😊

2021-12-12T07:08:29.000-08:00December 12 2021, at 07:08 AM PST, Craig Ruscitti said:

Jonas is in for pictures thanks

2021-12-17T11:26:39.000-08:00December 17 2021, at 11:26 AM PST, Courtney Lachance said:

We would like pictures for Easton, please :)

2021-12-17T17:07:04.000-08:00December 17 2021, at 05:07 PM PST, Jaclyn Bernardi said:

Carter is in for pictures!