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Modified Practice Plans

Posted by Timmins Minor Hockey Association at Dec 27, 2021 8:18PM PST

Hockey Canada has a wide variety of practice plans that can be utilized for modified ice sessions.

Find the resources below by Division:

U7 Practice Plans

U9 Practice Plans

U11 Practice Plans

U13 Practice Plans

U15-U18 Practice Plans

Team Xmas party

Posted by Caroline Caroline at Nov 23, 2021 7:22AM PST ( 1 Comment )

Holiday Cheers coming your way !!!

Come celebrate some Holiday festivities with your Team on
Saturday December 18th at 5:00pm (after our 4pm game)


The Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) has awarded Timmins Minor Hockey Association (TMHA) the 2021-2022 “AA” NOHA Tournament of Champions for the following divisions.

March 18-20, 2022 (Sportsplex/McIntyre Arenas)
U-10 AA
U-12 AA
U-14 AA
March 25-27, 2022 (Sportsplex/McIntyre Arenas)
U-11 AA
U-13 AA

A big thank you to the NOHA and our hockey partners the City of Timmins and the Timmins Referee’s Association. These will be two very busy weekends of hockey in Timmins. TMHA and the Organization Committee are now planning for these championships and will have further information to share in the coming weeks.
#NorthStarspride #nohatournamentofchampions


Posted by Caroline Caroline at Nov 3, 2021 7:25PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

We will be having our team photos at our practice on Sunday, November 14th at the Mac. Our practice is from 1-2pm, however the photographer will be ready to start individual photos at 12:30pm for anyone who is ready.

Players will need to be in full equipment (minus helmet and neck guard) for the photos. Please wear your black game socks and we will bring your black game jerseys. *Players will need their helmet and neck guards for the practice once the photos
are done.

Players will wait (seated) in the dressing rooms until they are called for their photo. They will return to the dressing room
after the photo, until all players have had their individual photos. Once we are ready for the team photo, players will
directed where to go. Players are NOT allowed to skate around on the ice without their helmets/neck guards.

Immediately after the team photos, players are to put on their helmets. We need to be mindful that the other team will
be getting their photos too and we need to wait our turn and stay out of the way when it is not our turn
Once all photos are finished, we will have the rest of the time to have a practice. .

Inclement Weather

Posted by Timmins Minor Hockey Association at Oct 28, 2021 6:06PM PDT

As winter approaches TMHA would like to remind all families of our Inclement Weather Policy.

Each parents/guardians must assess their own risk when making the decision to travel due to weather or other extenuating circumstances. It is not possible for TMHA to assess each families travel situation. It is recommended that weather and road conditions be checked prior to commencing travel which includes practices, games and tournaments.

Any decision to cancel games due to weather concerns will be published by TMHA here, on Facebook and will be communicated via e-mail to coaches. If no cancellation notice is published, it should be assumed that practices and games will continue as scheduled however the final decision to attend practice, games and tournaments lies with the parent based on their own travel circumstances.

Thank You