1995 Films List

Posted by Patrick Dailey on Jun 03 2001 at 05:00PM PDT
Click the Link Above! Masterpiece A+ (1) ***** NIXON Excellent A (5) ****3/4 Casino ****1/2 Rob Roy Braveheart ****1/3 Sense & Sensibility Les Miserables Very Good A- (10) ***3/4 The Bridges of Madison County Dead Man Walking Strange Days Il Postino (The Postman) ***1/2 Goldeneye Richard III Clockers Persuasion Seven Safe Crimson Tide Good B+ (10) ***1/2 Jefferson in Paris Batman Forever Babe Heat Forget Paris The Crossing Guard Othello Carrington Apollo 13 Swimming With Sharks B (9) *** The American President The Sum of Us Mr. Holland's Opus Copycat The Usual Suspects Get Shorty Pocahontas Sabrina 12 Monkeys Fair B- (4) **3/4 - **1/2 Outbreak Devil in a Blue Dress Die Hard III : With a Vengeance Waiting to Exhale Satisfactory C+ (3) **1/3 Don Juan DeMarco Just Cause Dolores Claiborne Unsatisfactory C (5) ** French Kiss The Indian in the Cupboard To Die For Basketball Diaries Waterworld Poor C- (4) *3/4 Nine Months Higher Learning Father of the Bride, Part II Leaving Las Vegas Very Poor D+ (3) *1/2 Nick of Time Assassins Toy Story Terrible D (3) *1/3 How to Make an American Qulit The Net Mighty Aphrodite Horrible D- (4) * Hideaway Home for the Holidays Ace Venture II : When Nature Calls Major Payne Unwatchable F (2) No Stars Halloween : The Curse of Mike Myers Dracula : Dead and Loving It Total Films Seen - 64


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