Majors Playoff Schedule

Posted by Catherine White on Jun 01 2011 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Spring Season

The Majors playoff schedule has been posted:

Friday 6/3    Golden vs SCSC (TT1)  and  Hughes vs Priority (TT2)   @ 5:30
Saturday 6/4   Belmont vs Hal's (TT1)  and Laudati vs Amica  (TT2)   @ 2:00
Monday 6/6    Golden vs Priority (TT1)  and  SCSC vs Hughes  (TT2)   @ 5:30
Tuesday 6/7    Laudati vs Hal's (TT1)  and   Amica vs Belmont  (TT2)   @ 5:30
Wednesday 6/8    SCSC vs Priority (TT1)  and  Golden vs Hughes  (TT2)   @ 5:30
Thursday 6/9    Amica vs Hal's (TT1)  and  Laudati vs Belmont  (TT2)   @ 5:30


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