Welcome to the 2020 Season - Spring Registration Now Open!

Posted by South Kingstown Little League on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Spring Season

SKLL offers T-ball, baseball and softball programs for boys and girls ages 4-16.
For more information about our league and its programs, please visit the FAQ section.

All registrations are processed online through Sports Signup Play at . If you want to pay by check, please complete the on line process and mail the payment to our PO Box 388, Wakefield, RI 02880.   

Tee Ball provides very basic introduction to baseball including positioning, hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, sportsmanship and the basic rules of baseball. Tee Ball instruction and games will be centered on the kids hitting off of fixed tees.
Instructional baseball provides an atmosphere for teaching/improving the basics of baseball in a non-competitive game setting including hitting a pitched ball, fielding, throwing, catching, base running, sportsmanship and knowledge of the basic rules of baseball. Instructional baseball is a coach-pitch league intended to prepare participants for Minors baseball, a player-pitch league. Baseball league age 5 and 6 year-old players must have played at least 1 year of T-ball and may be asked to attend a group evaluation prior to entry into the Instructional League.
Minors baseball provides a positive experience for the participants and introduces players to a higher level of play in preparation for graduation to little league Majors baseball. This includes a continued emphasis on learning the fundamentals of the game and instruction on the finer points and strategies of baseball. The goal of Minors is to develop players of different ages at different positions in preparation for majors in a more competitive atmosphere still while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship in a positive team environment. A player evaluation will be held for all minors registrants. It is mandatory for all 8 year old players and 9 year old players new to minors to be evaluated in order to be considered for placement on a minors team.
Majors baseball raises the level of competition for the players, while continuing the emphasis on player development. All 11 & 12 year olds will be registered as major players. All players registered for majors will be required to attend a player evaluation in order to be eligible to be drafted onto a majors team. This division will revert back to the bat rule as adopted within the 2020 Little League Rule Book Rule 1.10 and wood bats will not be mandatory for this division for 2020.
Juniors/Seniors baseball continues the emphasis on player development as the players experience the big diamond. These divisions travel to other towns to play.
Minor softball and Major softball follow the same principles as baseball but are for girls only. These divisions travel to other towns to play.

If you are not sure what Little League age your child is, please follow these links (Baseball age chart & Softball age chart). 

Sports Illustrated Play was our registration vendor last year, they merged and have become Sports SignUp Play, so your log in information is the same. Please remember to update any information that might have changed, especially phone numbers, home and email addresses, and school information.