FHLL at Shea Stadium when the NY Mets Honored District 26 Little Leagues

Posted by Michael Polikoff on May 21 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
Here are some pictures of our Forest Hills Little League players, coaches and officials taken on Sunday, June 3rd, when the New York Mets honored the Little League Teams in District 26 before the NY Mets game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. All of the District 26 Little Leagues attending that day assembled behind the Shea Stadium scoreboard in deep center field while several players from the Forest Hills lead the parade of District 26 Little Leagues' around the entire field along the warning track in Shea Stadium. There were many photographers from many local media organizations taking some great pictures of our players. Unfortunately the Mets lost 4-1 that day but the kids and their parents had a great time. Special thanks to Judy, Evan, Larry, Lenny and all of the coaches for their assistance. Click here to view the following Picture Albums | FHLL at Shea Stadium | Access IT at Shea Stadium |image


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