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Ready Bench (Seeding area) – An area at the meet where swimmers report before their event to be arranged into their heat and lane assignments

Referee – The official who has the authority over all other officials at the meet. He/she makes all the final decisions and sees to the efficient running of the meet.

 Relay – An event in which four individuals on each team swim with the same stroke or, in prescribed order, one of the four different strokes. Each competitor swims one-quarter of the race distance.

Sanction – A permit issued by Niagara Swimming or USA Swimming to conduct an event or meet. (Note: All athletes participating in any USA Swimming sanctioned swim meet must be registered USA Swimming swimmers.)

Scratch – Withdrawal of an entry from competition. The coach should be notified in the case of a scratch. Proper withdrawal procedures must be taken.

Seeding – Distributing the swimmers among the required number of heats or lanes, according to submitted or preliminary times. Heats may be pre-seeded heats or deck-seeded heats.

Pre-seeded Heats – Swimmers are arranged in heats or events according to submitted times, and heat sheets are prepared listing lane and heat assignments.

Deck Seeded Heats – Swimmers are called to report to the clerk of course for their event on the day of the meet. After scratches, remaining swimmers are seeded in the proper heats.

Senior Nationals - The highest level of meet in the US. To qualify for this meet swimmers must have achieved Senior National Qualifying times as defined by USA Swimming.

Set – A specific segment of a daily practice

Short Course – Refers to competition conducted in 25-meter pools

Split– An intermediate section of a race. Often used by the coaches to teach the concept of pacing.

Sprint – Describes the shorter events (50 and 100). In training, it means to swim as fast as possible for a short distance.

Starter – The official at a meet responsible for starting each heat and calling the next to the blocks

Streamline – The position used to gain maximum distance during a start and/or push-off from the wall

Stroke Judge – A certified official who determines the legality of swimmers’ strokes and disqualifies those who do not conform to swimming rules

Submitted Times – Times previously accepted

Swim Bench – A piece of equipment used for dry land training that allows the swimmer to exercise on land using actual pulling patterns.

Taper – The resting process in training. Prior to major competition, training is completed in a rested state.

Time Trials – An event or series of events where swimmers may achieve or better a required time standard.

Timed Finals – Competition in which only heats are swum and final placing determined those heats.

Time Standards - qualifying times usually grouped by gender and age group. LSC time standards are set by Niagara Swimming, national standards are set by USA Swimming.

Touch Pad – The part of an electronic timing system that rests in the water at the finishing end of each lane. Times are recorded electronically as the pad is touched.


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