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Posted by Brian Rohrbach at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Please contact head coach, Jerry Watts with any questions regarding the team at 703-731-5414 or email at





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Posted by Brian Rohrbach at Jan 12, 2015 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

USSSA TC Sports Season Open One Day Runner Up (2-0)   3/22/15

NVTBL 11U AAA Fall Tournament Runner Up (4-1)   11/2/14 

USSSA TC Slugfest 11U Tournament Runner Up (3-2)   9/28/14

USSSA 10U AA State Tournament Runner Up (3-1)   5/25/14

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Posted by Brian Rohrbach at Mar 19, 2014 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

2015 Spring Record:  17-12-1

Ripken 873 Classic Tournament (7/10-7/12)

St. Joseph's Angels (W 14-6)

Westchester Cobras (L 12-6)

Keystone State Bombers (L 13-0)

Three Village Patriots (W 14-4)

USSSA Summer Heat Tournament (6/20)

Winchester Arsenals (L 6-1)

Ashburn Rebels (W 6-3)

NVTBL EOS Tournament (6/7-6/14)

SYA Mets (L 7-2)  

Valley Vipers (W 6-2)  

Leesburg Fire (W 14-2)

Manassas Militia (W 7-2)  

Stafford Slugfest Memorial Day Tournament (5/23-5/24) **Champions**

Virginia Cannons (W 10-8)

NOVA Longhorns (W 6-2)

Burke Bulldogs (W 7-4)

Stafford Warriors (L 15-3)

Virginia Cannons (Tied 3-3)

NVTBL (5/10)

Burke Bulldogs (W 11-7)

Burke Bulldogs (L 15-11)

USSSA Spring Heat Tournament (5/2-5/3) *Runner Up*

Stafford Warriors (W 8-3)

Southern Maryland Elite (L 6-3)

Pinnacle (W 11-3) 

Augusta Outlaws (L 7-6)

NVTBL (4/26)

Annandale Angels (L 13-11)

Annandale Angels (L 5-2)

NVTBL (4/19)

DC Dynasty Blue (L 15-9)

DC Dynasty Blue (W 6-5)

NVTBL (4/12)

Virginia Generals Red (L 10-5)

Virginia Generals Red (W 9-2)

NVTBL (3/29)

DC Dynasty Red (W 34-7)

USSSA Season Open Tournament (3/22) *Runner Up*

Virginia Volcanoes (W 16-0)

Pinnacle (W 8-3)


2014 Fall Record: 14-8-1

NVTBL Fall Tournament (10/26-11/2) *Runner Up*

O.C. Wolfpack (W 18-2)

T.C. Legends (W 22-4)

Mt. Vernon Mavericks (W 12-9)

Burke Bulldogs (W 8-4)

Great Falls Nationals (L 11-7)

NVTBL (10/19)

McLean Dirt Devils Blue (L 5-16)

McLean Dirt Devils Blue (L 4-6)

NVTBL (10/12)

Potomac Predators (L 9-7)

Potomac Predators (L 13-3)

NVTBL (10/5)

Potomac Riverdogs Blue (W 17-5)

Potomac Riverdogs Blue (W 16-7)

TC Slugfest Tournament (9/27-9/28) *Runner Up*

RBA South (L 10-2)

McLean Dirt Devils Black (W 5-4)

Hanover Hornets (W 5-1)

Spotsylvania Hurricanes (W 7-4)

RBA South (L 10-7)

RVA One Day  (9/21) **Champions**

Tuckahoe Tornadoes (W 16-3)

IYG Spiders (W 7-3)

RISE Black (W 5-4)

NVTBL (9/14)

VA Generals Red (W 6-4)

VA Generals Red (W 9-3)

RVA One Day Tournament (9/7)

Powhatan Young Bucks (Tied 7-7)

VA Breeze Select (L 7-4)


2014 Spring Record: 14-12

NVTBL Spring Tournament (6/15) **Champions**

Chantilly Raiders (W 14-1)

T.C. Legends (W 7-4)

Summer Open Tournament (6/7-6/8)

RBA South (L 5-7)

Man Up Baseball (L 10-18)

Western Mass Rebels (W 11-10)

VA Bulldawgs (L 7-12)

USSSA AA State Tournament (5/24-5/25) *Runner Up*

Rockville Recon (W 10-2)

VA Havoc (W 11-1)

VA Havoc (W 5-4)

TopHand Reds (L 5-23)

Jersey Days Tournament (5/10-5/11)

Southern Express (L 5-15)

Lakeshore Graysox (L 6-7)

Spotsylvania Hurricanes (L 3-8)

NVTBL (5/4)

Shenandoah Sluggers (L 3-10)

Shenandoah Sluggers (W 10-2)

NVTBL (4/27)

Stafford Sasquatch (W 9-0)

Stafford Sasquatch (L 3-19)

NVTBL (4/13)

KOA (W 5-0)

KOA (W 12-10)

NVTBL (4/6)

GMBL Bulldogs (W 15-2)

GMBL Bulldogs (W 8-1)

VA Breeze Tournament (3/15-3/16)

Old Dominion Scrappers (L 6-13)

Hanover Sports (L 0-14)

Home Town Hawks (L 3-4)


2013 Fall Record: 6-9-3

VA Stars Fall Tournament (11/9-11/10)

Loudoun South Eagles (L 7-5)

VA Stars Red (L 4-14)

Loudoun Aces (Tied 15-15)

NVTBL Fall Tournament (11/2-11/3)

Alexandria Aces (Tied 8-8)

VA Generals (L 8-13)

Burke Bulldogs (L 0-12)

NVTBL (10/20)

Shenandoah Sluggers (W 17-1)

Shenandoah Sluggers (W 12-11)

NVTBL (10/6)

D.C. Dynasty Red (W 10-6)

D.C. Dynasty Red (W 19-6)

NVTBL (9/29)

Potomac Predators (L 4-12)

Potomac Predators (L 13-14)

NVTBL (9/22)

VA Generals (W 17-5)

VA Generals (L 9-11)

NVTBL (9/15)

South County Outlaws (W 18-3)

South County Outlaws (L 11-21)

NVTBL (9/8)

Ashburn Rebels (Tied 3-3)

Ashburn Rebels (L 7-14) 

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Posted by Brian Rohrbach at Jun 24, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


The purpose of our program is to develop well-rounded and fundamentally-sound high school baseball players and young men of heart, leadership, and character.


We look for players with a strong work ethic and a desire to be great. We want confident, aggressive, respectful players who listen to the coaches and have the ability to take advice and instruction constructively.


When we recruit a player, we spend as much time evaluating the parents as we do the potential player. Being a member of the Bulldogs family is a huge commitment of time and energy. Therefore, it's important to have the right chemistry between players as well as the parents. We rely heavily on parent participation with fundraising, assistance during practices, and several other duties that keep the organization running smoothly.


We anticipate entering about 2 tournaments per month.  We will be playing Sunday double-headers in the Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League (NVTBL) when no tournaments are scheduled.


There is always a balancing act between having success on the field and developing your entire roster. We understand that to be a team that can compete in tournaments you need 11-14 talented kids playing as a team. That means that at every point in every game 2-5 players are sitting on the bench. That takes patience, understanding, and big picture thinking on the part of the players and parents in the program.

Players will be played at a variety of positions that best suit their skill set. Most parents want their sons to play shortstop or another infield position. They have to overcome certain prejudices in this regard. We want each and every player in our organization to be able to tell their high school coach that they can play anywhere on the field.


The word "umpire" should not exist in the Bulldogs vocabulary. We do not talk about them or blame them. Youth baseball umpiring is a mixed bag. In some cases it is outstanding, others mediocre, and sometimes downright awful. You have to understand that if a umpire is bad, the odds are he is going to be bad for both sides.

Our coaches, parents, and players are instructed to never show-up an umpire. If anything needs to be argued, it is done by the coaches in a respectful manner by calling time and having a calm and civil conversation. The same is true for tournament directors and officials.


We do not allow our players to be "guest" players or play for other teams as "pickup" players.


First and foremost, this is not and will never be a “Daddy-ball” team. No player will ever receive preferential treatment because his dad is a coach. The coaches must be students of the game and self-critical. They must seek to improve themselves each season as much as they ask the players to improve.


We have to remind ourselves that these are kids playing baseball, and at times many coaches and parents lose sight of that. When the competition gets heavy, sometimes we need to remind each other why we play this game.