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Posted by Tracy Lovik on Feb 23 2016 at 04:00PM PST


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                                                                 HHS 2015 – 2016

HHS BPA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

7:30 pm


The HHS Band Parent Association meeting was held in the HHS Band Room at 7:30 pm. The meeting was called to order by President, Lisa McCrary.

Lisa McCrary, President

Lisa opened the meeting asking for the Minutes from the last BPA meeting on January 19, 2016 to be approved and voted into the record. Roxanne Carroll made a motion to approve the Minutes, which was seconded by another band parent in the front row, and a vote was taken in favor of approving the Minutes into the official record.

Lisa continued with an announcement that District Honor Band went very well and the food was great, with thanks to Janet Kaylor and to Ben Davis for preparing a smoked turkey and pulled pork. One of the specially brought in clinicians from Auburn had a family emergency during the event, and Dr. Spencer and the Grissom Director stepped in to conduct for us. We have unofficially been asked to host District Honor Band again next year.

CALENDAR:  March 1:             Pre-MPA Concert (7:00 pm)

                      March 8:             MPA  (at Austin HS)

                      March 15:           Next Band Parent Association Meeting (7:30 pm)

                     March 21-28:      International Trip to Italy

                     April 2:                Solo & Ensemble  (at Priceville HS)

                     April 13-16:        All-State Band

Andrew White, VP-Chaperones

We have one more event with MPA at Austin high school in Decatur. We will need a total of 12 chaperones for the bus trip to MPA. He will put the SignUp Genius for volunteers. Due to the school bus route schedules, we will have to leave HHS at 1:00 pm. Chaperones need to be ready by 12:45 pm. We have to take both bands at the same time, with Symphonic Band playing at 5:00 and Wind Ensemble playing at 6:30 pm. They are working something out to cover dinner, maybe pizza and snacks. The MPA trip is an out of county trip, and due to school rules, the students are not allowed to drive themselves. This is Andrew’s last year as VP Chaperones, and he is looking for a replacement. It is an easy and fun job. Lisa reminded parents of boys in the Band that they need a tux shirt for the Concert Band uniforms. You can get one at Hobby Lobby, and use the online coupon.

Margaret Turner and Sherry Seals-Tonini, VP-Fundraising

Margaret announced that so far $1,000 has been raised at the VBC hockey games. The Mickey Booker fundraiser selling chocolates and other items was held for certain class periods, and the orders will be placed on Thursday. 6th period students will do their sales this Thursday. The Band received a Logan’s Roadhouse grant (grant banner on display in the Band Room) for $4,020, and the grant has been used to purchase new outdoor band equipment. Three of our band students were on the WHNT news at Logan’s for the check presentation. 

Susan Pendergrass, Treasurer

Susan announced that the updated Budget as of January 31st is on the back of the meeting agenda. Susan added a budget line item for bus costs for the Italy trip as a place holder in the budget. Susan asked for a motion to approve the budget, and received a first from a band parent in the back of the room and then several parents together gave a quick second. The BPA voted in favor of approving the budget. The Treasurer is also an open position for next year, and Susan is also looking for a replacement.

Tracy Lovik, Secretary

Tracy noted that the meeting sign-in sheet is by the Band Room entrance. Tracy announced the need for a vote during tonight’s BPA meeting on the changes to the ByLaws, with an explanation that last year the BPA did a comprehensive update of the ByLaws. Then, this year, due to the slight increase in Band fees, we needed to update the ByLaws for the section covering Service Credits again. Tracy went over the changes on Service Credits that were presented back in the January BPA meeting. She asked for a motion to approve the changes to the ByLaws, with Mary D’Arienzo making the first motion and Becky Kelso making the second, the BPA voted in favor of the ByLaws changes. Tracy announced that she is still collecting Senior pictures. The Secretary position is also an open position for next year.

Christi Robinson, Communications

Lisa presented for Christi, who has injured her ankle and could not attend. The Communications position is also open for next year.

Teri Estes, Credit Keeper

Teri could not be here this evening.

Lisa McCrary, Uniforms

Lisa is getting the new dresses to the Wind Ensemble girls, and asking for the old dresses back. The older dresses will go to the Symphonic Band girls. Liz Boykin from the HCMS band program has volunteered to do Uniforms next year.

Janet Kaylor, Hospitality

Janet thanked all the volunteers for District Honor Band. For the Senior End of Year Banquet, we are looking for a large location to hold our dinner. The date may be May 12th or 13th.

Shelley Corbett, Concessions/Brick Sales

Lisa presented for Shelley, and her position is open for next year, too. The Commemorative Bricks are placed around the flag pole, and they sell for $100 for the large brick and $50 for a small brick. The sales are open to anyone, and it is a fundraiser for the Band. An announcement went out in the Panther Postings, and Shelley is getting responses back. Concessions at Milton Frank are about done for the year, and we made $4,700 this year, which is about double what we made last year. The Concessions opportunities sometimes come up last minute, so we did well this year.

Ben Davis, Equipment

After 14 years with the Band, Ben is retiring and finishing up his last year with the Band, and is getting ready to turn in his keys. The Band trucks are owned by HCS, but the maintenance and gas are paid by the BPA. Brain Ragan is our new Equipment manager for next year, but we need another driver. And, you do not need a class C driver’s license. Ben also did a Boston butt and a smoked turkey for District Honor Band, and the extra food was donated to an HCMS Band event.

Stuart Ivey, HHS Band Director

Lisa noted for Mr. Ivey that the buses for MPA at Austin HS in Decatur have to leave HHS by 1:00 pm. Students can bring a packed dinner or can buy something. We possibly have 8 students going to All-State from April 13th to the 16th, with solos performing on the 1st night and the other two days are the rehearsals. For the End of Year Banquet, we are looking for an off campus location or we will dress up the cafeteria.

Mr. Ivey quickly went through the list of activities that he has been focusing on with the students. A lot of details were provided at the Italy trip meeting earlier today, before the BPA meeting. He sent over District Honor Band, the MPA schedule, the Italy meeting, and All-State. The fundraiser money for the Mickey Booker chocolates orders is due now. The deposit for the Philadelphia trip is due March 1st. The Band will get to be on national tv. The trip is optional, but we have to have at least 100 performers to qualify for the parade. He will be going to the middle school to make the announcements to upcoming freshmen.

Mary D’Arienzo, VBC Liaison

Mary was able to organize another Responsible Vendor class for wristbanding.  Wristbanding is exclusive to the HHS Band, but she continues to be short on wristbanders at the VBC. Concessions is ongoing, and the students can also participate. This weekend is a wrestling tournament and next weekend is a volleyball tournament. There is lots of money to be made. Since summer, the Band has earned $2,000 and students have earned about $6,000. She wants to encourage more people to sign up. Other schools are starting to take up the concessions opportunities, and they often come in big groups. Lisa noted that Mary has been diligently working with the HHS Band, even though she no longer has a student in the Band.


Old Business:

We are still looking for a location for the End of Year Banquet. Many places that have been considered are not able to accommodate about 300 people. The date would possibly be May 13th.

New Business:

There are many positions on the BPA Board and Committees that are open for next year, and we invite anyone who is interested to come talk to us.

At next month’s meeting, we need to form the Nominating Committee for the next year’s slate of Board Members and Committee Chairs.

The meeting was adjourned by Lisa McCrary, President.

The next HHS BPA meeting will be on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Tracy Lovik, HHS BPA Secretary





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