HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Posted by Tracy Lovik on Jan 25 2016 at 04:00PM PST


HHS 2015 – 2016

HHS BPA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

7:30 pm





The HHS Band Parent Association meeting was held in the HHS Band Room at 7:30 pm. The meeting was called to order by President, Lisa McCrary.


Lisa McCrary, President

Lisa McCrary welcomed all the HHS BPA parents to the BPA evening meeting. She offered special thanks to all those who volunteered and helped out at the evening Christmas Parade on December 17th downtown. The kids had a great time with all the lights and wearing Santa hats (instead of their band uniform hats).


CALENDAR: Jan 28-29:          Winter Band Camp

Jan 30:               Nat’l Anthem Performance (Havoc game 6:30 pm)

Feb 12-13:          District Honor Band

Feb 16:                Next Band Parent Association Meeting (7:30)

March 1:             Pre-MPA Concert

March 8:             MPA  (at Austin HS)

March 21-28:      International Trip to Italy



Stuart Ivey, HHS Band Director

Mr. Ivey thanked the BPA parents for coming to the meeting, and said he is open to ideas for how to encourage better attendance at the meetings. A parent asked if it was possible to hold the meeting on another day, but for now the third Tuesday is set in the ByLaws. Mr. Ivey missed the Christmas Parade, because he was attending a band director conference in Chicago. He will cover more about the Italy trip later this evening during the trip meeting after the BPA meeting.


Lisa explained the Robert’s Rules of Order process for approving the meeting minutes, and reminded everyone that the Minutes for each meeting are posted on the website, She asked for a motion to approve the Meeting Minutes from the November 17th meeting, which was our last meeting before the Winter Concert in December. A parent sitting in the front row made a Motion to approve the meeting minutes, which was followed by several others responding with a 2nd motion, and a vote was taken in favor of approving the Minutes into the official record.




Andrew White, VP-Chaperones

Our chaperones at the parade have been great, and we appreciate all of the help. The next event is the Winter Band Camp coming up on January 28 and 29. Andrew needs 12 chaperones to help with MPA and the bus trip to Austin HS in Decatur. Please sign up online at SignUp Genius.


Margaret Turner and Sherry Seals-Tonini, VP-Fundraising

Margaret and Sherry announced the Holiday Marketplace raised about $2,000.  The next fundraiser opportunity is the Havoc hockey game on January 30th. It is a required event for the Band, and they students will be playing the National Anthem. It is also jersey night at the game.  The students will have the opportunity to sell tickets to the game for $10. If the Band sells 200 tickets, then the Band can earn $5 back ($3 to the Band and $2 to the student’s account). If the Band sells less than 200, then the Band can earn $3 back. Tickets have been handed out to the students and must be turned back in by January 28th. The percussion students must be at the Arena by 6 pm that evening for the game, and all other Band students must be there by 6:30 pm. Students can also work concessions at the VBC. Students and chaperones get in free to the games. Andrew still has 3 spaces open for chaperones. Checks should be made out to the HHS BPA for the tickets. There will also be a pizza and drink meal deal that students can purchase for $5. Mary is checking to see if they can add on a chicken meal deal, too.   


Susan Pendergrass, Treasurer

Lisa presented for Susan, who provided the updated Budget for the HHS BPA as of the December 31st income and expenses. Lisa asked parents to check their Charms accounts for any balances due on their band fees. Susan also sends out monthly emails for each student’s account. If any student needs extra help or additional fundraisers, please see Mr. Ivey. Lisa warned parents that the school will withhold transcripts if any sport or band fees are not paid, so be sure to get fees taken care of early. There are a few scholarships available for students with special needs or circumstances. Lisa asked for a motion to approve the updated Budget, and a Band parent made a motion to approve the Budget, which was seconded by another BPA parent in the back row, and with all in favor the updated Budget was approved.


Tracy Lovik, Secretary

A meeting sign-in sheet was placed at the Band room entrance. Please sign-in after the meeting, if you missed the sign-in sheet. The meeting Minutes will be posted each month on the Band website. Tracy presented proposed ByLaws changes relating to Service Credits. At this past September’s BPA meeting, the Board and the BPA membership voted to approve changes to the set number limit of Service Credits to be earned by Board members and Committee Chairs. It has been the intent of the BPA that Board members and Committee Chairs earn ½ of their band fees for their volunteer work. This year, the band fees increased slightly, and the set number of 35 credits stated in the ByLaws no longer accurately fit that calculation. So, this past September, the BPA voted to change the ByLaws, but instead of simply increasing the Service Credit limit from 35 to 40, it was more efficient to also consider any possible future changes in the band fees. So, instead of a set number, a definition of “one-half of the regular returning band student annual fee per year” was voted and approved for the ByLaws. While finalizing the new copy of the ByLaws with the new changes, the Board noticed that a couple of additional changes were needed. Since the purpose of the voted change was to allow for possible future changes in the band fees, it is now proposed that the Schedule of Service Credits that currently appears within the ByLaws be moved to an Exhibit to the ByLaws with the statement that this  “Exhibit may be amended from time to time by the Board in writing, as needed under the discretion of the HHS BPA Board”. This will help to avoid a long process to amend the ByLaws, for only a numerical change to the Schedule of Service Credits. The second change is to correct the calculation of Service Credits that can be earned through work at the VBC. The current wording is that there is a “75/25 contribution percentage split between the volunteer’s CHARMS account and the BPA general fund”. Since the VBC currently pays according to a set dollar amount, this calculation is no longer accurate and could also change in the future. So, to keep the intent of the calculation, but allow for the current correction and the possibility of future VBC changes, the word “approximately” has been added to the front of the “75/25 contribution”. This change will also appear in the proposed Exhibit for Service Credits. At this BPA meeting, we are presenting and explaining the needed changes, and a vote on the needed changes will be made at the next BPA meeting in February. A copy of the redline changes is available for review at tonight’s BPA meeting and will also be posted on the Band website. Please contact Tracy Lovik by email ( if anyone has any questions. Tracy also noted that the ByLaws state that no person can serve more than two consecutive terms in any one Board position, and that this is her second term, so the BPA will be looking for a new Secretary for next year.


Mr. Ivey noted that Tracy and the Board have been researching and assessing the BPA’s need for insurance coverage and considering the possibility of becoming a formal 501(c)(3).  Mr. Ivey would like to form a 3 person committee of BPA parents who are familiar with either non-profits or insurance. He is considering offering Service Credits for this committee. Please contact Tracy at, if you can help the BPA. We are working hard to protect the Band now and into the future.


Lisa reminded Seniors that they need to turn in their Senior picture and a baby picture to Tracy as soon as possible, so that we can begin work on the Senior video for the End of Year Banquet presentation.


Christi Robinson, Communications

Christi continues to send the weekly band email news. Her position will also be open for a new volunteer next year. It is a good job for a working parent and can be done off the school campus or at home. She sends the weekly email and keeps up the website. You will need to be able to check your band email frequently to keep up with questions coming in or messages from Mr. Ivey.


Teri Estest, Credit Keeper

Lisa presented for Teri, and if anyone has any questions about their Service Credits, please contact Teri.


Media Coordinator

Hannah Lovik has been acting as our Media Coordinator this year, and has been posting pictures of our events to FaceBook. She will be working on the end of year CD pictures for Seniors and the End of Year Banquet and also the Italy trip.


Mary D’Arienzo, VBC Liaison

Mary has been struggling to get people to sign up for wristbanding at the VBC. There are unlimited credits to be made, and she is now seeing other schools getting involved at the VBC, including the Sparkman softball team.  Concessions are doing well, and kids are participating. Students need to be 16 years old to work, and a portion of the credits go to the Band and to the student’s account. She could push for another Responsible Vendor Class, if there are enough people interested in signing up. Service Credits will roll over to the next year. But, there is a caution for Seniors, there can be no cash checks back to students that graduate. Lisa encouraged others to participate, because she and her son Walker have gone a long way toward paying for their Italy trip through work at the VBC. There is the idea of opening up the wristbanding to the HHS choir to help Mary fill the positions. Helpers get into the events free after working their shift. There have been some great concerts and events, including Boston, Miranda Lambert, and Chicago.


Lisa McCrary, Uniforms

We now have a volunteer for the Uniforms replacement – Liz Boykin will be working with Lisa for training. Liz has an incoming freshman. Please dry clean and turn in your uniforms in the dry cleaning plastic bag. Turn in the bib, jacket, hat, black hanger, and the garment bag. If you have a student in Wind Ensemble, you may hang onto your garment bag for the concert uniform.  


Janet Kaylor, Hospitality

Janet will need help with hosting the District Honor Band on February 12th and 13th. She will be traveling with the robotics team that weekend. She needs volunteers to set up and bring in snacks and water bottles to the Hospitality room and the Band room. There will also be a dinner on Saturday. She and Andrew will put up a SignUp Genuis page for volunteers, baked goods and snack contributions.


For the End of the Year Banquet, we have usually used the school cafeteria in the past. This year, we are considering an off-campus venue. We need suggestions for a large location that can handle about 300 people. Please send in any suggestions.


Shelley Corbett, Concessions/Brick Sales

Shelley will be taking one more order for the year for the Commemorative Brick sales. Order forms are available at the meeting and on the Band website. This is a Band fundraiser for students. Costs are $50 for a small brick and $100 for a large brick. The bricks are engraved and placed around the center school pavilion around the flag pole.  Our Band has been doing this for many years, and most of the bricks are memorials to past band students and parents. Concessions at Milton Frank are done for the season, and many thanks to our dedicated volunteers.


Ben Davis, Equipment

Our new Equipment Chair for next year will be Brian Ragan, and he is already participating and helping Ben and our Band. Currently, the Band trucks have been relocated to the Annex parking lots, due to the construction of the new library media center. Also, the leak in Band truck has been fixed.


Old Business:

End of Year Banquet planning is under way, and more information will be coming.


New Business:

Winter Band Camp is coming up on January 28th and 29th, to help prepare for MPA. The schedule is Thursday 3:30 to 9:00 pm, and Friday 8:00 am to 12:15 pm, with a lunch break, then 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. All State Auditions are later that same weekend at Sparkman HS. We will need volunteers and chaperones.


MPA is coming up on March 8th at Austin HS in Decatur. Mr. Ivey is planning for a 2-trip event with the Symphonic Band performing in the morning session and the Wind Ensemble Band performing in the afternoon session. MPA (the Music Performance Assessment) is conducted in front of 4 judges. Last year, the event was canceled due to snow conditions. Transportation to the MPA times will be on school buses. Mr. Ivey is also considering rearranging the MPA plaques and other banners in the Band Room.


All-State Band is scheduled for Mobile this year. In the past, the Band has paid for the students’ hotel accommodations, and the students pay for their travel. Last year, we had 9 students go to All-State. Javi has already been recognized for All-State on the string bass. We are considering using available offered beach homes to accommodate All-State participants in the area of Dolphin Island. It can save money for the Band and be a special beach trip for the participants. The only concern is that it is 45 minutes away from downtown. Please be sure to let Mr. Ivey know what would be preferred. Next year, All-State will be held in Montgomery, and in 2018 it is likely to be in Huntsville.


The meeting was adjourned by Lisa McCrary, President at 8:35 pm.

The next HHS BPA meeting will be on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 7:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted by:

Tracy Lovik, HHS BPA Secretary


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