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<center>Buccaneers Flag Squad</center>

Posted by Dave Rea at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Buccaneers Pee Wee Squad ended their 1st Season of play with the conclusion of the 2008 Season. The Pee Wee Division is the newest division for Buckeye Youth Football and contains 7 and 8 year old players. Up to last season the 7 year olds had been in the Flag Division and the 8 year olds had been in the JV Division. This division is designed as a bridge between the Flag and JV.

It allows for a coach to be on the field on both Offense and Defense to instruct and teach during a game as well as in practice. We will keep score in the games but there will not be any standings, playoffs or championships. The idea here is everyone plays, they play different positions and the coaches help them to learn about tackle football and prepare to move to the JV Division when they turn nine.

The Bucs will be under the direction of Head Coach Dave Chaney and Assistants Greg Thomas, Kirk Vozar, and Tom Schulz.

Go Bucs! Buckeye Pride!