Posted by Jeff Stiffler on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT
S. A. S. SERIOUS ABOUT SOCCER S. A. S. by: Jeff Stiffler Serious About Soccer . S A S SOCCER SKILLS Keep practicing. Practice does make a better player. Thanks. Jeff. As a soccer player, you need to keep yourself motivated. When you feel that you are not being challenged enough, or that you feel you’re not playing hard enough, chances are, you’re not. How can I help you change that? This is the key question that I have been asking myself for a while. I want the players to want to get better by pushing themselves to be as great as they wish to be. I tried to put together what should be some GOALS & OBJECTIVES: · Create a learning environment. · To have lots of FUN. · Get as many touches on the ball as possible · Get the players to practice on their own · Parents involvement · Produce Competitive soccer players (10 yrs old & up) · To teach team unity · To win as well as loose · Help you feel better about yourself · Get the player to push themselves to the next level · To play on their own in the back yard, or at a friends yard, or anywhere · To become a positive, and supportive soccer player on and off the field. I want players to have fun playing the game. I want to see the kids grow as a player in a positive, and encouraging environment and sport. I just want the young players to feel better about their abilities as a player, so that they have a more positive experience playing soccer. If they don’t have fun, they will get bunt-out and quit. If they have fun, and learn, and have good experience, they will be playing soccer for many, many years to come. Perhaps they will play pro, or perhaps coach soccer themselves later on. Thank You so much for allowing us the chance to help you become a better soccer player. Jeff Stiffler. PO Box 48 London, Oh 43140 614-306-3742 This is going to be a developing program for the players that wish to learn more, and become a better player. The teams may have 5-6 players. 4 field players including a goalie on smaller fields. All soccer rules will apply in the 4v4 Games. (maybe 5v5) The teams will be made as fair as we can. We wish to make this as fair as possible. Please have fun and a good time. SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAM. SKILLS WITH GOALS IN MIND! THIS WILL BE FOR THE SERIOUS SOCCER MINDS. .


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