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DBB, Inc. Launches New Website

Posted by James (Sandy) Jones at Apr 13, 2023 8:57PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

April 1, 2023

DBB announces the launch of its rebranded national website. Visit: to view the new website. You might wish to bookmark the new website for easier access.

The link to the franchise website remains the same. Click

2023 NORTH CAROLINA Umpires can use the link below to register.

Please call on us if we can be of service! We hope you have a great 2023 season.


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Fun facts

Posted by Rusty Armstrong at Feb 20, 2023 4:26PM PST ( 0 Comments )

People weigh less if they stand at the equator than if they stand at the North or South poles.

Here’s another one for all of us “good ol boys”.

The term “lawn mullet” means having a neatly manicured front yard and an unmowed mess in the back. :-)

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Eye opening

Posted by Rusty Armstrong at Feb 20, 2023 4:24PM PST ( 0 Comments )

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a gentleman in an airport. The topic of “what is your life’s goal” came up. I had a few that I explained to him and then asked him what his was. He said, “to positively inspire one person so they may inspire two and for them to continue”. Once we boarded separate planes, I thought about that for some time. What an amazing insight. I’m sure you have all heard of the butterfly effect. It is basically when a butterfly flaps its wings in India, that tiny change in air pressure could eventually cause a tornado in Iowa. As volunteers that work with youth, you are the butterflies. One small thing you do could have an effect on things to come in future generations. During discussions, meetings, practices, and games we come across times where our patience is tried, or our emotions become more elevated. We must all be aware of our surroundings and just who we may be inspiring, either positively or negatively. It always pays to take a breath first.

See you on the field. I hope I inspire you positively!


Step up to the Majors with Pitch Hit & Run!

Major League Baseball® Pitch Hit & Run is a free event that provides boys and girls — ages 7 to 14 — an opportunity to showcase their baseball and softball skills, while earning a chance to attend and perform during the MLB® World Series!

Athletes are tested, and their measurements are recorded. Based on their scores, they advance from a local event to a Team Championship held in MLB stadiums. Top scores then qualify for an all-expenses-paid trip for two to compete at the National Finals, which is hosted at the World Series.

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Amazing Facts: There is no specific time zone at the South Pole.

As this years high school baseball season comes to an end, it’s time to think about North Carolina Boys & Majors baseball!

It’s always exciting for me to return to the fields. I very often have someone come up to me and say “Hey Mr. Rusty. You presented me with a home run ball” or “I have some great memories of when I played in (insert year here).” Those type of interactions are what brings me back year after year. It’s great for me to look back on so many memories. What’s your best NC Dixie memory? Is it a favorite coach? A state playoff game or even a World Series game? Or maybe even a site that you visited when you were at a tournament.

If you are involved with NC Boys & Majors, from the bottom of my heart I thank you. You are helping to make a difference in these young men’s lives!

Do you need help with your league this year?

Do you have questions, comments or concerns?

How can I help?

Only bats with the USAbat logo or the BBCOR stamp will be allowed in Jr. Boys, Boys and 15U. BBCOR stamped bats will remain allowed in 2023 for use in all DBB programs. Pre Majors & Majors must use BBCOR.

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