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2024 Season to start in May 6

by Lehigh Valley Church Softball League, 2024-05-02T10:23:40.000-07:00May 02 2024, at 10:23 AM PDT

Please see the calendar for 2024’s scheduled games.

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2021-04-25 10:43 PDT (2021 Season) by Lehigh Valley Church Softball League

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Everything I've read about USA/ASA bats, is that they are made to hit the 300/52 ball. The 300 is the softness of the outside, for safety. Since this is the standard per USA rules, the bats are designed to hit those balls. If you hit a harder ball, such as a 375, which SB12 balls are, it's not good. First the outside of the ball is physically harder, it takes 375lbs of pressure to compress the ball 1/4in. This will drastically reduce the life of any USA bat purchased since 2016, when USA switched the standard ball. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to have to get all new bats. Unless we could find a 300 ball with a smaller core, that would reduce the flight of the ball in distance.
Last Post: April 23, 2024 at 10:41am pdt Started By: Kevin Heckman

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