Posted by Greg Hopkins on Mar 03 2015 at 04:00PM PST


* Please BE ON TIME for each session! It makes it very hard for the coaches to get things going when players do not show up on time. It may also delay games on Saturdays if there are not enough players to start.


* We need coaches!!! And assistants….and coordinators…..let us know if you can help!


* Please write your child’s name on his/her soccer ball with a permanent marker before the first practice.


* Please be sure and bring your child plenty of water to each practice/game.


* Please help us keep the children from hanging on or climbing on the goals/nets as this is very dangerous!


* Lost and found – feel free to post to our Facebook page or turn the items in to Coach Andrew.


* Please pick up your garbage as you leave the fields. Garbage cans are at every exit of the fields.


* If you have questions/issues/complaints/compliments, please contact us. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it…….and we always like to hear compliments! J


* Please help us in teaching the kids good sportsmanship. They tend to take cues from the adults, so keep in mind that they watch our behavior more than we realize.


* NO SMOKING near the playing fields. This includes the entire area used for soccer. If you must smoke, please go outside of the fence.


* We would also ask that dogs not be brought to the fields. Some children are scared of them....no matter what size they are....and some children are allergic to them. We are not enforcing "no pets" at this time, but we would respectfully ask you not bring them. (However, if you insist on bringing your dog, please be sure and pick up your dog’s "doo".)


* We almost never cancel soccer. So you ask, “What do we do when it rains?” The simple answer to that is “Get wet!” LOL! However, thunderstorms and lightning are a different story. Please do not keep your kids away based on a weather forecast or the weather at your house. Sign up for text alerts and you will receive cancellation notices. We will also update the website and Facebook page as soon as possible. (Coaches cannot cancel practices or games. All decisions regarding cancelling will be made by the SCOSA board of directors and will be sent by text alert and posted to facebook and the website as soon as possible.) 


* Never, ever, ever yell at a referee! If you have a problem with a referee that you feel needs to be addressed, please contact Ronda at mikeandronda@charter.net. It is not your place to confront the referee about it nor is it appropriate. We have a director over the referees in our area and he will take care of any issues that arise with the referees. The referee is in charge of the game (regardless of his/her age) and his/her decision is final, whether you agree or not (and even if they are wrong). The referees are certified, but may very well still be learning. Also, keep in mind that the majority of our referees are local young people.....and they are someone's children. Treat them with the respect you would want adults to treat your own child. You never know....your child may be the one out there working as a ref one day!


* We are a “recreational” soccer club and we are here to teach the kids how to play a wonderful sport and for them to HAVE FUN while playing it…..win or lose. We do not keep up with “standings” in this league at any age group. Please remember….it’s ALL about the kids and having fun!!


* U4 will only meet on Saturdays for an hour and will have no practices thru the week. It is extremely helpful that you stay on the sideline if you are not coaching. It can be overwhelming for the kids when too many adults are on the field. J


Thanks for joining us! We hope everyone has a wonderful season! And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook!!


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