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Liga De Yonkers Div B Playoffs

Posted by Cesar Aliaga at Jul 29, 2018 8:56AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Liga de Yonkers- Division B Playoffs
Division B in Liga de Yonkers concluded its regular season this past week and are starting their Playoffs this Sunday, July 29th.
In the 8:30am game Seed #1 Puma takes on #8 NYC FC. In their last meeting these 2 teams played to a 2-2 tie so this playoff game will be full of action.
At 10:00am UNAM takes on seed #7 Boca Junior. In their last game on July 8th Boca Junior knocked off the high seed UNAM 1-0 so this matchup is another one to watch.
At 11:00AM #3 CD Leon takes on #6 Toluca. Toluca has not lost a game in over 4 weeks and will be a tough out for CD Leon.
The last game at 1:00PM matches the 4 and 5 seeds Atlanta United vs Morelia. Both teams are evenly matched with Atlanta United edging out Morelia by 1 point in the final standings.
All four game will be great soccer competition! Come down to Pelton Field in Yonkers for all the action.

Courtesy of A. Gambria

July 1st 2018 Fleming field Yonkers NY.

La Herradura of the EDSL Port Chester division won the Champions cup Final vs the Krajisnik of the CNYSS Division on PK’s .
The game started with the Krajisnik on the attack which resulted in 2 goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. #11 Douyon, Posard scored in the 4th minute and #13 Nick McBride doubles the lead on the 8th minute of the game. La Herradura then reduced Krajisnik lead one minute before halftime with # 5 Mynor Garcia. First half score 2-1 for Krajisnik.
La Herradura as it had done in the previous games then came back to tie the game with 12 minutes left with #4 Milton Ramos. Game ended with a 2-2 tie. Again the result of the match would have to be determined with pk’s. This year EDSL Champions Cup over ½ of the games (57%) had to be determined by Pk’s.

La Herradura scored on all the 4 kicks they took, while Krajisnik missed 2 of their 4 kicks from the spot.
The EDSL Champion Cup was established in 2011 and had had 8 different champions

2011 Caribbean Strikers
2012 Germania
2013 San Onofre
2014 Real Sociedad
2015 South Stars
2016 Westchester CF
2017 Kelmendi
2018 La Herradura
So far no team has been able to win the Champion Cup twice.

Curtesy of Pietro Pinori


24-Jun-18 Flemming Park Field

G1 10:00 a.m. Honduras(LDY) 0 Yonkers Ukranians(EDSL-O) 2
G2 11:30 a.m. C.A. Tumi (PCSL) 2 Krajisnik(CNYSSL) 2 PK
G3 01:00 p.m. Ossining Portuguese(EDSL-O) 3 La Herradura (PCSL) 3 PK
G4 02:30 p.m. San Onofre (PCSL-O) 1 Olimpia (LDY) 1 PK

G5 04:00 p.m. Yonkers Ukranians(EDSL-O) 2 Krajisnik(CNYSSL) 2 PK
G6 05:30 p.m. La Herradura(PCSL) 3 Olimpia (LDY) 1

1-Jul-18 Flemming Park Field
10:00 a.m. Krajisnik(CNYSSL) La Herradura(PCSL)

Today at Fleming field the EDSL held their annual Champions cup quarter and semifinals games
Scheduled were 6 games, 4 quarter finals and 2 semifinals. Of the 6 games, 4 had to be decided by PK’s and only the first and last game was won in regulations time.
First game saw Honduras of the LDY division take on Yonkers Ukrainians of the Open division where the Ukrainians scored 2 goals to win a very competitive game.
The second game Tumi of the Port Chester division hosted Krajisnik of Central NY Soccer (Utica NY) the final regulation score was 2-2 and Krajisnik won 3-2 on PK’s
Third game Ossining Portuguese of the Open division took on La Herradura of the Port Chester division game was tied 3-3. 20 pk’s where taken by both teams for finally La Herradura to come out on top 4-3.
The fourth and final ¼ final saw San Onofre of Port Chester (a previous winner of the EDSL champion cup back in 2013) defeat Olimpia from LDY again on PK’s after a 1-1 draw in regulation. This time it took only 9 Penalties to decide Olimpia the winner.

The first semifinal saw Yonkers Ukrainians take on Krajisnik and again 2-2 was the regulation score. Krajisnik came out on top scoring 7 out of 7 pk’s while the Ukrainians missed their last Pk.
The 2nd semifinal La Herradura won 3-1 after falling 0-1 to Olimpia in the first half.
Next Sunday 7/1/18 at 10am the final will be again be held at Fleming in Yonkers where Krajisnik of Central New York will take on La Herradura of the Port Chester Division.
The 2 teams are already winners and will share a prize of $2,500 the champion will receive $1,750 and the runner up $750.


Posted by Eastern District Soccer League at Jun 22, 2018 12:32PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters of U.S. Soccer,

By now, you all know the great news—the FIFA World CupTM is coming to the United States, Mexico and Canada in 2026!
This is an incredible opportunity for soccer in America, and I want to share a few personal thoughts with you on how we won and why it’s so important to the future of the game in our country.

How We Won
Success was never guaranteed, and, at times, the question of who would host in 2026 became mixed with global politics. There were moments when some observers thought that our United Bid might not prevail.
But we stayed focused on our vision. Mindful that the 2026 tournament will be the largest ever, with 48 countries, we highlighted how our first-ever three-country bid could be a model for the future and bring more nations together around our sport than ever before—Football For All.
This was also the first time that the decision of who hosts a World Cup would be made by more than 200 FIFA member associations in a public vote. Over several months, we worked hard for every vote in every region of the world.
In addition to our world-class stadiums, we highlighted the enduring strengths of our three countries, which can sometimes get overlooked in the politics and rhetoric of the moment. We proudly celebrated the diversity of our three societies and how we welcome people from all over the world.

Our United Bid Presentation to the FIFA Congress
Our United Bid presentation to the FIFA Congress in Moscow on June 13 included speakers from each of our three countries. You can watch our full presentation here.
The campaign also gave us the opportunity to strengthen relationships with longtime partners and forge new friendships with associations around the world. It became clear that all countries—big or small, developed or developing—face similar challenges. We saw that, more than ever, we are truly part of a global football family and that we can share our experiences, learn from each other and work together to grow the game in all our countries.
In the end, our vision and message of inclusion and our relentless pursuit of every vote paid off with a winning coalition that included support from every region of the world. By an overwhelming margin of 134 to 65 on the first ballot, our FIFA family voted to give our three countries the honor of hosting in 2026. And we cannot wait to welcome the world!

Why It’s So Important
We have made it a priority to bring the World Cup back to the United States because it will be one of the best ways to transform soccer in America—not only during the tournament itself, but over the next eight years leading up to the kickoff as well as the years that follow. And you—our members at every level—will be a critical part of this journey as we work together to take soccer in our country to new heights.
The excitement around 2026 will inspire a new generation of youth and adults and bring more players into our ranks, especially from underserved and immigrant communities from other soccer-loving nations. Across our country, there are young, aspiring players who can now dream of watching—and maybe even competing in—a World Cup on American soil in eight years.
Bringing the most important soccer event in the world to North America will also help generate new revenue that we can invest to make soccer more affordable and develop the very best players, coaches and referees at all levels. It will attract even more fans, whose passion is helping to fuel the phenomenal growth of soccer across America.
In short, the tremendous energy and resources around 2026—the first World Cup in the U.S. in the digital age—will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring us closer to our goal of making soccer the preeminent sport in America. I know we can do it!
Winning our bid is also part of a new phase for U.S. Soccer. As I discussed with Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated on his Planet Fútbol podcast, we’re laying the foundation for the future. And just as we were relentless in the pursuit of our bid, we’ll be relentless in our work to grow soccer in America, especially at the grassroots.
As always, I’m honored to be on this journey with you, and I could not be more excited about the road ahead.

Carlos Cordeiro


O30 update and Championship
Sunday June 10, 2018
Germania 2 vs Mahopac 1
Czechoslovakia 2 vs E Fishkill 2 regulation
After PKs Czechs were the winner 3-2

Sunday, June 17th at the Germania soccer complex
Great day to be watching a soccer game live yesterday. I’m not talking about Germany vs Mexico…..
Especially if it was the championship final between the two top teams in our Over 30 division!Emoji
Germania and Czechoslovakia came out to play! And what a show they put on for the lucky
ones there on the side line. The battle started immediately after Rob Miller blew the starting whistle, near misses and shots stopped by the post on both sides. The Czechs got on the board with a ball in the net and Germania soon followed with a goal of their own to tie the game!
By half time, after scoring two more goals they went to break with a 2 – 2 tie score!
Another entertaining half was in store for us. Things got a bit heated at times between players.
On five occasions Mr. Miller had to show the the yellow card – nothing too serious, but the boys got the message and went back to play clean football! Matt Viggiano and Peter Fatol – the two coaches should get a lot of credit for keeping the boys in line.
Two more goals by the Czechs and two by Germania, one just minutes before end of regulation time, forced the game into extra time. The score was 4-4 at regulation time! Two 15 minutes half’s…. here we go!
First half of extra time saw both teams making numerous attempts to put the ball in the net. There was no score!
It was a different story during the second half of extra time. By the 7TH minute, Peter Trlica scored the goal that was going to win the game for the Czechs.
He managed, to stop a long ball on the right wing ( Which he had tried to do on many occasions during the game ), just outside the box and dribble past a defender to drive a hard left foot shot passed the keeper.
The next 8 minutes saw the boys from Germania marching toward goal to tie the game up one more time. But it was not to be!
A clear shot just outside the box that went high above the cross bar and two more that the keeper was able to stop was all that was left before Rob Miller blew the triple whistle!
After the game, everybody got together to enjoy some good food and a cold drink provided with the courtesy of our league!
A remark from the Germania side was all I needed to hear to make my work there complete.
The game yesterday, was much more interesting than the State cup game they played and won two weeks ago!
One more time, Congrats to Germania for Winning the NY State cup O-30 and
congrats to Czechoslovakia for winning the EDSL O-30 championship game 2017-2018
A Thank you to the rest of our clubs, Washingtonville, East Fishkill, Putnam FC. Lagrange and Mohopac. You were all a part of a successful and fun season.
Special thanks to Peter Pinori, Gallo, Cesar Aliaga, and Rob Miller for refereeing the game.
Proud to do the running of the league.
Now time to rest for the off season. Enjoy a safe and fun-filled Summer.

Story and pictures courtesy of John Palumbo