Posted by Don Web on Jul 19 2014 at 05:00PM PDT

The 2014 HOOTS Connie Mack team added their own legacy to the programs history winning the North State Connie Mack Championship, going undefeated, winning two games on the final day to capture the title.   This was Back to Back Championships for the HOOTS and Coach Johns as they completed the tournament undefeated with a record of 5-0.  The HOOTS defeated the Head First Gamers in the earyl game 9-1.  Will Pickett pitched a complete game for the HOOTS to get the win.  Catcher Tim Susnara had a 2 run home run early in the game and the offense was led by Chris Williams, Matt Winnaker and Nick Moroney.  The always tough Sonoma County Rebels defeated EJ Warriors in the early game 6-3 to earn the tournament spot for the Championship.   

The HOOTS took an early 1-0 lead, then fell behind 2-1 thru the 3rd inning.  Three year HOOTS players Tim Susnara, drafted as a catcher for the SF Giants pitched a complete game for the HOOTS. The offense worked thru some difficult innings but gained the lead in the 5th inning on key hits by Brad Pluschell, Steve Nice and Nick Moroney. 

Manager Don Johns, "Sports and a legacy are measured by results. The Connie Mack Premier teams were all in the final 4 so good teams always make it to the end.  I told our HOOTS players this is their time, for them to achieve this for themselves will leave a great memory for them, myself, Coach Dan Ward and Coach Henry Cruz who have worked so hard to get our players to respond and improve how they play.  Very, very proud or our guys.  Tim Susnara has been with me for 3 years. This was his day and he led us as expected as a great leader.  I hope our young players paid attention!!!"

The HOOTS Begin play on Tuesday at the Connie Mack West Regional Championship in Southern California at 1:30PM at Golden West College.  8 Teams represent the Western United States.  The past 4 years the only two teams to advance to the World Series are the HOOTS and the Southern California Renegades.  The battle for the World Series will continue!

The HOOTS Connie Mack team won its 3rd game on Saturday July 19 at the North State Connie Mack Championship at Chabot College.  The HOOTS defeated EJ Sports Warriors 9-1.  The Northern California Championship now has 4 teams remaining to earn their way to the Western Regional in Southern California beginning on July 22. The regional championship will advance to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.

Kyle Graham pitched a complete game for the HOOTS to get the win.  Behind an offensive surge in the 3rd inning, Graham mixed his fast ball and off speed to control the Warriors offense who took an early 1-0 lead in the game in the 1st inning.  Steve Nice, Nick Moroney and Chris Williams led the HOOTS offense. 

Earlier in the tournament the HOOTS defeated Union City Connie Mack and Santa Rosa Connie Mack who remains alive in the tournament with one loss. 

The tournament continues on Sunday July 20.  The first game begins at 11:00AM.  The HOOTS will play at 1:00PM.  The Championship game or final 2 game would be played at 4:00PM.  The HOOTS remain the only undefeated team remaining


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