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Duluth XC Ski Club Newsletters

Posted by David Kask at Oct 10, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Just in case you're interested, I've attached the Fall edition of the Duluth XC newsletter, "What's the Skinny?" It was sent out's also available on our website at in case any of your skiers may be interested
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New Menu Item

Posted by David Kask at Oct 10, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Check out the Ski New & Info menu item. It will contain news and information I receive from many sources that may be of interest to the area ski team members.
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FSx press release

Posted by David Kask at Aug 28, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
FSx -Team Today – Think Racing partner to raise money for US Skiing Fischer Sports, the recognized world leader in cross country ski equipment; Think Racing, a nonprofit organization that promotes and develops amateur athletes; and Team Today, an independent fundraising program run by athletes of the US Ski Team, have joined forces in an effort to change the current financial conditions of the sport in the US. “We all have the same goal - to help raise the level of the sport. Our methods are not identical, but similar enough that we actually complement each other” said Pete Vordenberg, Assistant US Ski Team Coach. “Think Racing and Team Today are non-profits working to support athletes. FSx is a professional racing team - also working to support athletes. Together we have created an opportunity for sponsors and donors to become involved in ski racing and we are a growing force for athlete and program support.” the USST budgetary problems in an effort to support athlete development. With the recent news of USSA budgetary problems, leading to a cut back on programs, there couldn’t be a better time to rally together to improve the situation. Within this new partnership, athlete development is the goal. The mission of Think Racing, Team Today and the FSx program is to increase the support for developing American Cross Country Skiers. “Within our programs 85% of every dollar goes to support athlete travel, and training expenses.” said Todd Carter, President of Think Racing. “I am excited to be working with Fischer, because they are not only the leading brands in the sport, but also the leaders in giving back to the sport.” The FSx program is the only professional race team in America that is made up entirely of domestic athletes. Eli Brown, Fischer Race Director commented, “I like that we have high level foreign athletes competing here in the US. This increases the competition, but USST needs our help!” In an effort to help raise the level of US Skiing, FSx will provide direct support to only American Athletes. The FSx Athletes and Ambassadors have a mission; to find additional opportunities to raise awareness and support for cross country ski racing in America. Already FSx Elite Team members have been identifying potential donors for not only the FSx program but Team Today as well. “As a group, we (Fischer, USST –XC, Think Racing, Swix and Team Today) have taken responsibility to get things to the next level. Instead of complaining and just taking what we’ve come to expect, we quit shrugging our shoulders and put them to the wheel. This is our opportunity and we’re not going to let it slip away.” Said Vordenberg. Fischer, Team Today, and Think Racing invite you to join the efforts to make America a stronger ski nation. Please contact Fischer Nordic Race Director, Eli Brown for more information,
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2004-2005 Team Awards

Posted by David Kask at Feb 28, 2005 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Team awards for the 2003-2004 season

Boys Girls
Max Jeronimus Megan Miller
Jason Kask Jenna Proctor
Ted LaFrance Anika Tideman

Most Improved:

Will Mitchell Alena Tofte

Most Valuable:
Jason Kask Stephanie LaFrance

Rookie of the Year:
Dan Rosen Marian Lund

Most Team Spirit:
Chris Choquette Hillary Boyce

Section Team
Max Jeronimus * Nellie Adams
Karis Jones* Sierra Jefferson
Jason Kask * Bria Kask
Ted LaFrance * Stephanie LaFrance*
James Larson* Caroline Lund
Will Mitchell* Karli Miller
Joe Tofte * Alena Tofte
2nd Place at State 3rd Place at Sections
* qualified for state meet

Coaches Association Relay:
Tim LaBerge CL
Tom Spehar CL
Chris Choquette FT
Karli Miller CL
Bria Kask CL
Caroline Lund FT
Nellie Adams FT
2rd Place

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Team Meeting - Wednesday, Feb. 23

Posted by David Kask at Feb 20, 2005 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
The team will be gathering at Snowflake for an afternoon of fun and a meeting too. The schedule will be as follows: 3:00 - Ski Games 4:00 - Hot Chocolate & cookies & team meeting Vote for team captains and team awards End of season survey Turn in training logs and lettering info. Turn in your ski suit (clean) If you haven't signed up for the banquet or turned in your money for coaches gifts please call one of the organizers (see banquet info. below) There is lots more racing to be done. We will have information on that too. See you all at Snowflake (I'll be there all week) Dave