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Saint Theresa Parish Athletic Association
1300 Bridge Street
New Cumberland, PA 17070

Our Parish participates in the Harrisburg Diocesan Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Program and is governed by the policies and guidelines established by the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg as expressed in the most recent version of the "Girls and Boys Athletic Policies" handbook. Our Saint Theresa Parish Athletic Association administers and governs the following sports programs:

Boys & Girls Soccer (Grades 6-8) Fall Program (April/May Registration)
Boys & Girls Basketball (Grades 4-8) Fall/Winter Program (September Registration)
Cheerleading (Grades 2-8) Fall/Winter Program (September Registration)
Boys & Girls HS Basketball (Grades 9-12) Fall/Winter Program (October Registration)
Instructional Basketball - Boys & Girls (Grades 1-3) Late Winter Program (December/January Registration)
Boys & Girls Track & Field (Grades 4-8) Spring Program (January Registration)

Membership in the STPAA is open to all adult members of the Parish, including non-Catholic spouses, parents or guardian of any child eligible to participate in the athletic programs administered by the STPAA. Except for certain items identified in our STPAA by-laws, all actions are taken with the support of the membership.

Eligibility to participate in sports programs is defined by the Diocese of Harrisburg, our STPAA by-laws and by the League by-laws and administration of each sport. Eligibility requirements for Religious Education students require the student to have attended Religious Education classes in the prior year and to be registered to attend Religious Education classes in the current year.

Decision making is generally by consensus and occasionally by vote. The Executive Committee of the STPAA (Officers & Commissioners) consists of a ten member volunteer board that assists the Pastor in the Administration of the Athletic Program. The Executive Committee is responsible for coaching selections. Please refer to the "Board" tab of this web-site for the listing of the current volunteer board members.

These programs are self supporting and do not draw funding support from either the Parish or School budget. Instead, revenues are derived from registration fees, tournaments, and various fund raising events throughout the year. These programs exist because of the dedication and commitment of many volunteer coaches and parishioners who believe that athletics serve a purpose in the formation of young people. Our participants are taught the basics of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the benefits of winning and losing gracefully. They participate to HAVE FUN! They discover, learn about, develop and use the skills, talents, and gifts the Lord has given them.



Please go to for registration information and to register. 


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March 2011 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Brad Swidler at Mar 27, 2011 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
November 2010 Monthly Meeting cancelled due to Forty Hours.  Meeting was held on December 5,  2010 and served as the December 2010 STPAA monthly meeting.