<u><b>Season 2010/2011 Winners</u></b>

Posted by John Jofre on Jun 10 2011 at 05:00PM PDT

SIFL League Championship

Winners -  Azzurri FC

Runners-Up -   Shanghai Puxi Lions FC


Winners - Shanghai Shooters AFC

Runners-Up - Orange FC


Hebiguchi Cup

Winners - Shanghai Puxi Lions FC

Runners-Up - Azzurri FC

SIFL Opening Tournament

Winners - Azzurri FC

Runners-Up - ?


Closing Tournament

Winners -  Krauts FC

Runners-Up - ?


SIFL Dream Team

SIFL Player of the Year

Steve Phillips (Azzurri)

SIFL Coach of the Year

Sebastian Becker (ReUnited)


SIFL Top Goalscorer

Yuji Minami (Japan)


SIFL Fair Play

Japan FC


1st Division Championship

Winners -   Shanghai Nomads FC

Runners-Up -  Happy FC


SIFL 1st Division XI

SIFL 1st Division Player of the Year


SIFL 1st Division Coach of the Year


SIFL 1st Division Top Goalscorer


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